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What’s So Special About a Kimbo Camper?

The Kimbo Camper may be the new kid on the block, but it’s quickly making friends. People who love truck campers have taken notice of this rugged yet simple design. And with the ability to choose only the interior amenities one needs, buyers get what they want. 

Let’s dive into the details and see what makes a Kimbo so special.  

What Is a Kimbo Camper? 

A Kimbo Camper is a minimalistic, lightweight truck camper for midsize trucks. These rigs are durable, functional, and designed for exploring the outdoors. Every Kimbo is manufactured from start to finish at a facility in Bellingham, Washington.

Kimbo campers. A new age of outdoor living

How Much Does a Kimbo Camper Cost? 

The Kimbo 6 Base Camper starts at $20,999. The interior of the base model provides only the most critical features for camping. You’ll get a “mudroom” area with a gear closet, two cushioned benches, a loft bed measuring 54 by 75 inches, dimmable LED lighting, and a three-speed reversible vent fan.

This unit also offers double pane windows with screens and blackout shades. You’ll find a propane storage bay, 120V power connection, solar perimeter lights, a side ladder, and removable jack lifts on the exterior.

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You have to order all Kimbo Campers from the manufacturer and it requires a 33% deposit. 

Kimbo Base Model
The base model has minimal interior features, perfect for weekend campers who just need a warm place to sleep.

What’s So Special About a Kimbo Camper? 

While Kimbo campers don’t have the residential feel you get in big-name truck campers, they still manage to pack all the essentials for an outdoor adventure in a space just under 11 ft long. And with the minimalistic interior, you won’t feel cramped.

The other thing that makes this adventure camper unique is customizing each unit with different modules. For example, if you mostly travel in warm climates, you can opt for an AC unit. On the other hand, if you spend most of the year in colder areas, Kimbo offers a propane fireplace instead. Or, you can always get both. That’s the beauty of this camper — you get only the features you need. 

Other options include a foldaway shower, a kitchen with a sink, a solar module with or without a 12V refrigerator, a wooden storage unit and table, a 30 lb propane tank housed in an insulated storage bay, and a folding bed for extra sleeping space.

Kimbo Model With Options
Kimbo offers many upgrades, turning the simple base model into a full-time adventurer’s dream rig.

What Are Kimbo Campers Made Out Of? 

The exterior of this rig is brushed aluminum. It is frameless, sealed, and held together by rivets. The interior is lined with brushed fabric, giving it a warm and cozy feel. In a Kimbo Camper, you’ll stay comfortable all year long with its R-5 insulation value.

Do Kimbo Campers Have Toilets? 

No, Kimbo campers do not have toilets. It is not an option either. However, you could easily fit a portable camping toilet into this space if needed. Many well-known camping brands, such as Dometic, manufacture portable toilets. You can purchase one for as little as $150, making it an affordable aftermarket addition.

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Specs of a Kimbo Camper

We said this camper is lightweight and can fit on a midsize truck, so what does that mean in terms of numbers? The Kimbo base model weighs 1,020 lbs dry. It is 78 inches tall, 77.25 inches wide, and 131 inches long. The portion of the unit that slides into the truck bed is 72.88 inches long. 

Toyota Tacoma
While some RVers do carry their Kimbos on larger trucks, it’s also possible to fit one on a midsize truck like the Toyota Tacoma.

What Kind of Truck Do You Need for a Kimbo Camper? 

Almost any midsize truck would work for the Kimbo base unit. The Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, and Ford Ranger are popular choices. It can even fit in a short bed truck with the tailgate down.

Keep in mind, though, any add-ons and your cargo will increase the weight of this camper. Always check your vehicle specifications to be sure you tow within your limits.

Are Kimbo Campers Good for Off-Roading? 

Kimbos are great for off-roading. The fact that you can tow them on an agile, midsize truck means you can squeeze through tight areas larger trucks can’t. And with an overall height of only 78 inches, it’s nearly 2 ft shorter than the average truck camper. 

Plus, the insulated aluminum shell can withstand sun, rain, snow, tree branches, or anything else nature throws at it. In a Kimbo, you won’t have to worry about rust, delamination, or scratching your paint. You can go wherever the road takes you and beyond.

Are Kimbo Campers Built to Last? 

According to Kimbo, their “camper is designed to outlast traditional campers, to be easily repaired when damaged, and to be highly functional and modifiable when the need arises.”

Because these models don’t have intricate plumbing and electrical systems like you find in other truck bed units, they’ll have minimal maintenance and repairs. Additionally, you can expect the aluminum construction to hold up well over time.

Kimbo Camper Boondocking
Kimbo offers a solar module, which is a popular option for those who like to boondock.

If you want a minimalistic truck camper that’s as rugged as it is comfortable, a Kimbo Camper could be a good fit. Whether you camp in the wilderness or plugged in at a campground, you’ll have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Could you see yourself in a Kimbo? Drop a comment below.

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