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5 Best King Pin Locks to Prevent 5th Wheel RV Theft

While we’d like to think that fellow campers have only good intentions, you should take precautions. There are many things you can do to keep your RV and belongings secure. When you’re away from your RV, you likely already close the windows and lock the door. While you’re at it, consider adding a king pin lock to keep your fifth wheel RV from being stolen.   

What Is a King Pin Lock? 

The 5th wheel king pin is a round steel shaft fixed to the front of a 5th wheel. This steel shaft slides into a truck bed hitch, securing it to the tow vehicle for transport. 

You secure a lock onto the king pin itself, preventing anyone from successfully locking it into place on a tow vehicle. Without the ability to secure the 5th wheel to a hitch, no one can move the trailer. 

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Why Do You Need a King Pin Lock for Your Fifth Wheel? 

Without a king pin lock, anyone with a 5th wheel hitch in the bed of their truck can pull up, hitch up, and be on their way with your RV. Most onlookers wouldn’t even think twice about it.

The most significant risk of 5th wheel theft is when your RV is closed up and stored away. This situation can make for a leisurely getaway for an already travel-ready unit. 

Placing a king pin lock on your 5th wheel can prevent theft, or at the very least, slow them down enough for someone to notice the suspicious activity. There are virtually no fail-proof anti-theft products, yet thieves like easy targets. Having a well-installed lock will likely deter a would-be thief, encouraging them to move on to an easier task.

Keep your 5th wheel RV safe with a king pin lock
Placing a king pin lock on your 5th wheel can prevent theft

Pro Tip: Safety is key when on the road. Check out this story on Catalytic Converter Theft: Why People Do It And How to Prevent It.

The 5 Best King Pin Locks to Protect Your RV

You have a lot riding on the quality of your king pin lock, so choose wisely. With various installation types available, decide what style you want to install. The last thing you want is to cease using the lock because it’s frustrating to use. 

Check reviews for its durability and lifespan, and look for a lock that will last for the duration of your RV’s life. Also, research prices to avoid overpaying for the lock. Here are some excellent options to help you start your search. 

King pin lock prevents theft when your 5th wheel RV is closed up
Prevent theft when your 5th wheel RV is closed up and stored away with a king pin lock

1. RoadPro RPKPSL-2 Heavy Duty Steel King Pin Lock

The RoadPro RPKPSL-2 prohibits the king pin from engaging with the 5th wheel hitch via a slide bolt. When locked, the pin slides into the groove on the king pin, preventing anyone from removing the lock. 

This product comes with two keys and a bright yellow warning tag affixed to a 12-inch chain that warns you the lock is present. This tag is easy to see and a well-known sign that a king pin lock is present. The very sight of it might deter thieves while ensuring that you don’t accidentally damage your hitch trying to hook it up with the lock still attached. 

Reviewers give this lock 4.5 stars on Amazon. Those who like the product feel it’s a good deterrent that feels secure when locked in place. A few critiques mention it’s prone to rust.

RoadPro RPKPSL-2 Heavy-Duty Steel King Pin...
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with chrome plating.Note: Measure...
  • Covers entire king pin and prohibits engaging with the fifth...
  • Bright yellow warning tag with 12" steel chain

2. BOYISEN 5th Wheel King Pin Lock 

Those who want an obvious lock will appreciate this BOYISEN model. It’s bright yellow, so you won’t forget it’s there, and ill-intentioned people will know your RV won’t be easy to take. Each lock uses a key with a blossom lock featuring two unique keys. 

Reviewers give this product 4.7 stars. They love the ease of locking up their 5th wheel with a single move. One reviewer states that it gives them peace of mind as they travel. 

Some owners shared concerns about it being slightly loose while locked, but it’s still a highly effective unit. 

BOYISEN 5th Wheel King Pin Lock Solid Steel Anti...
  • More Convenient with Handle, Compared with other kingpin lock,...
  • Keyed Unique, no worry about another BOYISEN kingpin lock owner...
  • Heavy Duty Construction: This Trailer Lock is made of solid steel...

3. Curt 23255 5th Wheel Trailer Lock 

Curt is a well-known and trusted brand in hitches and towing accessories. This model is an easy-to-operate lock that installs with a bar that blocks a 5th wheel hitch coupling. It features a two-inch diameter opening, making it fit virtually any two-inch king pin.

Reviewers gave the Curt 23255 5th wheel trailer lock 4.7 stars. Owners like the simplicity of attaching the lock and the ease of removing it. Some would like to see a different color than black so it’s more visible. 

CURT 23255 5th Wheel Trailer Lock for 2-Inch King...
  • DEPENDABLE SECURITY. To protect your 5th wheel trailer from theft...
  • EASY TO OPERATE. This 5th wheel lock easily installs on the king...
  • VERSATILE. With a 2-inch diameter opening, this 5th wheel trailer...

4. Trimax TFW55 Ultra Tough 5th Wheel Trailer Lock

Trimax TFW55 Ultra Tough lock will keep your 5th wheel right where it belongs. This bright yellow king pin lock installs in just seconds, and the color will remind you the lock is there before you try to hitch it to your tow vehicle. 

It’s one of the more lightweight locks weighing only 1.1lbs. The lock mechanism has a sturdy metal construction that won’t easily break, and it includes two rugged keys.

Reviewers rate the Trimax TFW55 at 4.5 stars, stating that the lock easily snaps into place and that the design makes it difficult to break. Some reviewers have had issues with it fitting their specific 5th wheel king pin. 

Trimax TFW55 Ultra Tough 5th Wheel Trailer Lock ,...
  • great product
  • Installs in seconds
  • Includes 2 Rugged Keys

5. WAR-LOK Heavy Duty Conical Trailer King Pin Lock 

This heavy-duty lock isn’t going anywhere. The WAR-LOK Heavy Duty Conical Trailer King Pin Lock is perfect for securing trucks, boats, and RV trailers featuring a king pin. It can even work on some cargo trailers. It wraps entirely around the king pin, and the makers claim that it’s nearly impenetrable.

The reviews average 4.7 stars for this model. Reviewers love that it fits snuggly without removing the lube plate, but some owners would like to see a keyhole cover to prevent debris and moisture from gathering there. 

WAR-LOK TKP-10 5th Wheel King Pin Lock, Anti-Theft...
  • Designed for dropped/untethered trailers. Perfect to secure...
  • Deflects the fifth wheel plate of a thief tractor. Our lock lock...
  • WEIGHT: 5.044 lbs DIMENSIONS: 12 × 9 × 2.875. Conical shape....
Redwood RV fifth wheel
Without king pin lock stops anyone with a 5th wheel hitch in the bed of their truck can pull up, hitch up, and be on their way with your RV.

How to Use a King Pin Lock

Securing a 5th wheel pin lock is slightly different for each model. Consult the manufacturer’s directions before installing your lock, but most 5th wheel locks work by wrapping around the king pin itself before it locks into place with a key or combination. 

They’re affordable and very easy to use. A 5th wheel is a significant purchase worth protecting–why wouldn’t you use a quality lock to keep it safe? 

Do you have a high-quality king pin lock you’d recommend to a friend? Drop a comment below.

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Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

some of these locks look good, but all are junk do to using cheap cores. is there any company out there that uses a superior cores that is very pick resistant and drill resistant.


Sunday 8th of August 2021

Fort Knox makes great lock and casing for Anderson hitch. What's a bumper pull hitch picture doing in this article?

Ron Seidel

Wednesday 4th of August 2021

Hi Tom,

I appreciate a lock and always used them on my TT. We store ours in our driveway so not concerned about it getting stolen from there. My concern would be Boondocking on BLM lands and being gone for the day cycling or sightseeing. That said, my fifth wheel has auto leveling. So if we were set up and leveled it unlikely a truck could get under the king pin without breaking into the pass through where the auto leveling controls are located. Beyond that I always put wheel chocks on both sides and lock them with a master lock. Lastly we cover our kingpin with a soft cover so we don’t bump our heads or other body parts on it…so anyone eyeballing our rig from the road would know what’s under the cover and that might also be a deterrent.

What are your thoughts? Still recommend a lock?

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 4th of September 2021

No I think you are correct, its highly unlikely that someone will be able to operate the controls. I do recommend adding an electrical locking disconnect on the power line to the hydraulic pump if you are concerned about it. Then if someone did break open the control panel they still wouldn't be able to move it without troubleshooting the electrical. I have done this many times for people using a simple disconnect like this. . Simple and highly effective.