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Kingstar Campers: Get to Know This Up-and-Coming Brand

When it comes to up-and-coming camper brands, Kingstar Campers is one name to watch. While there are several well-known and respected RV brand names releasing quality vehicles, it’s exciting to see newer brands making an impression. We visited Kingstar manufacturing in northern MI and In this article, we will provide the rundown on Kingstar and touch on some of the essential features of these campers. Let’s get started!

Who Is Kingstar?

Kingstar is a brand of campers relatively new to the RV market. Two brothers from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, Marcus and Cal Niemela, started the company in 2018. The company focuses primarily on truck campers and horse trailers. 

Truck Camper Rig Tour - Kingstar Camino \ Would You Live In This Truck Camper?

Where Are Kingstar Campers Manufactured?

Kingstar manufactures its campers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in Houghton. The Niemela brothers are partial to the area of the country they call home. They were intentional about ensuring that their products gave back to the place where the company began. 

kingstar factory
One of the Kingstar factory buildings

The History Of Kingstar

Marcus and Cal Niemela started making Kingstar campers in 2018. While working in equestrian sports, Marcus realized how challenging it was to transfer horses to and from events. The trailers he worked with presented several logistical issues when feeding and watering the horses. Marcus believed he could solve those issues with modifications to a standard trailer design.

Upon realizing this, he enlisted the help of his brother Cal and the brothers began designing a trailer to solve the problems they encountered with existing models. They set out to revolutionize horse camping trailers. Then, they had the idea to create a more efficient and customizable truck camper with Kingstar campers.

Tom and Cait from Mortons on the Move with the Kingstar team
Kingstar is run by two brothers with a clear vision on how to reinvent the truck camper industry.

What Products Does Kingstar Manufacture?

Right now, Kingstar only focuses on horse trailers and truck campers. Horse trailers come in a standard model. However, the truck campers are available in standard and customizable models. 

The Kingstar Frame

Current Kingstar campers are built with a wooden frame that is stapled and glued together. They asked us not to show any pictures of their proprietary framing design but I can tell you it’s impressive. While some shy away from wooden RV frames they have their benefits.

Wood can flex a bit without cracking welds which is great for a camper that will get bounced around off-road. Wood also is a thermal insulator compared to metal frames. This makes a significant difference in keeping warm and cool.

The campers are finished off with a single-piece metal front cap and structural metal corner molding that helps strengthen the entire structure. These metal finishes not only look great but will protect the corners and front from the potential damage of tree branches that could cause a leak.

Finally, the entry is finished with a custom metal deck/stair entry that will make other truck campers jealous.

Kingstar Entry

Kingstar Truck Camper Layout Options

Perhaps the most popular model of Kingstar campers is the Camino-88 truck camper. This line comes in four models: Couch/Bunk Bed, Lounger, Dinette, and Open Range. It builds each model around the same basic structure: a bed, indoor toilet, couch/bunkbed, and kitchen dinette. Let’s learn a little more about each model and see how they make the build.

Couch/Bunk Bed: This model measures 7.6 feet wide x 9.2 feet in length. It features a north/south layout and has a 32-gallon freshwater tank. This camper sleeps four adults with its convertible couch/bunk bed system. The bed in the over-cab comes with a six-inch Green Tea memory foam mattress. This model also comes with an indoor and outdoor shower. 

kingstar layout

Lounger: The Lounger is the perfect camper for two. This model capitalizes on the area’s space to create a relaxing and comfortable place to relax. The floor comes with carpet and includes a skylight for natural soft lighting. For warmer days, this camper also has an 8k BTU Wall Mount Air Conditioner. 

Dinette: The Dinette model is unique as the only model that comes with a dining table-turned bunk bed in its standard build. This model can sleep up to four adults, and the dinette can comfortably fit them when you set up the table. The kitchenette has a 3.2 cubic feet Vitrifrigo AC/DC refrigerator, a 12 V/LP/20k BTU Suburban Furnace, a built-in spice rack, and ample cabinet space. 

Open Range: The Open Range model is the most spacious in the Kingstar line. Able to sleep two, the main cabin area transforms into a spacious seating area. It includes two pull-out tables and camping chairs that you can take outside to enjoy a campfire atmosphere. This model also features a north/south design and retractable steps for easy access.

Kingstar truck camper installed on a truck.
Choose from four layout options when designing your Kingstar camper.

How to Build Your Own Kingstar Camper

Kingstar has made the option to build campers incredibly easy. Their website has a section allowing you to create and order your custom camper from the comfort of your home. In the process, you select whether you are building a camper or a trailer.

From there, you can pick the model you are most interested in using. You will choose from several color palettes for the interior and exterior of the camper. The final step is selecting the add-ons and accessories that will help make the trailer genuinely feel like yours. 

Interior shot of a Kingstar camper
Customize the interior of your Kingstar camper to fit all your exact wants and needs.

Standard Features in Kingstar Campers

Kingstar builds each model around a standard camper structure. They all contain a kitchenette, bathroom, bed, and living area. The size of each area varies depending on the model, but they maintain the same basic design. LED lighting, 32-gallon freshwater tank, Formica countertop, roller shades, and exterior porch lighting are only a few standard features of all models.

Living room and kitchen dinette area in Kingstar camper
All Kingstar campers come with a kitchenette, bathroom, bed, and living area.

Optional Add-Ons and Accessories

The add-ons for the Kingstar campers are pretty impressive. While adding on a microwave, three burner cooktop, pull-out trashcans, skylight, fish and ski lockers, or an additional 15-gallon water tank may seem expensive, these additions only add to the comfort and versatility of the camper. The Kingstar website displays the cost of each expansion, so there are no hidden fees. 

kingstar ski locker deck
The exterior aluminum deck options are impressive on the Kingstar units

How Much Does a Kingstar Truck Camper Cost?

As a base model, Kingstar campers come in at $50,960. While the add-ons and accessories can add a few dollars, the starting price still delivers a quality product. However, if you were to add on every available modification, your final camper would cost you over $95,000. While these prices reflect the extremes of the price range, your trailer will likely land in the middle.

Kingstar Camper Walkthrough: Our New Home on the Road

Are Kingstar Campers Good Campers?

Now that we have glimpsed into the world of Kingstar Campers, it’s time to answer the question: are Kingstar campers worth it? Our answer: Yes! Though they may not be as well-known as others, their short time on the market has proven that they are an exciting up-and-coming brand. Given their limited production compared to other manufacturers, we have found they put a great deal of pride and detail in each rig they produce.

If you are in the market for a smaller camper and want more control over the design and features, don’t be afraid to consider Kingstar. These small campers might surprise you. 

What kind of modifications would you make to your new camper? Tell us in the comments!

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