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What Is a Lagun Table and Why Do People Love Them?

Have you ever heard of a Lagun table? Some RVers have tossed out their old tables for this fancy, swiveling system without any regrets. After all, it allows them to access storage, type comfortably on their laptop, and enjoy a meal with their families. But what makes the Lagun table so unique? 

This article discusses everything you need to know about the Lagun table, including what it is, how to install one, and why it’s taking the nomadic world by storm. Let’s begin. 

Lagun Table Dynamics - Considerations BEFORE you start drilling holes!

What Is a Lagun Table? (And How to Pronounce It)

A Lagun Table (pronounced “lah-goon”) is a mounted, swiveling table. You can maneuver it just about anywhere you need it to go. It comes with a bracket that you can install onto any solid vertical surface, a standard left-hand or right-hand leg, a 16” arm, and a table mounting plate. You can easily adjust all of these in various ways. 

The system, therefore, allows you to move your table out of the way to access storage or create more floor space. You can lock it into place and adjust its position based on your needs at any moment. 

Why Do Boaters, RVers, and Vanlifers Love Lagun Tables?

Why is the Lagun table so popular? Well, it feels like someone finally understood what it’s like to live in a small space. Each item in your boat, RV, or van needs to serve multiple purposes, including your table. 

It needs a desk, a dining room table, a coffee table, and it needs to disappear when not in use. The Lagun Table System seems to serve all those purposes and more. 

The arm can swivel 360 degrees, the table can rotate into multiple positions, and the leg moves up and down. Moreover, it can lock into place with a quick handle turn. 

Cait from Mortons on the Move sitting at RV table.
Space in an RV can be limited. A swiveling table can be a game changer!

How Do You Use a Swiveling Lagun Table? 

First, you’ll need to install the bottom bracket onto a solid vertical surface. Most people use a wall or part of a dinette seating area. Then, attach your existing tabletop to the table mounting plate. The Lagun Table System does not come with a tabletop. 

Then, simply adjust your table’s position by turning any of the three handles. The bottom handle will move it up and down, and the handle at the very top of the leg will allow the arm to rotate 360 degrees. Finally, the handle under the mounting plate will allow the tabletop to swivel into your ideal position. 

lagun table system overview
The Laguna System is designed to be used with your own table top and is very sturdy and adjustable.

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Table Stats: How Big and How Much Weight Can It Support?

According to the Lagun Table Leg System’s website, it can support up to 50 lbs. You’ll need to use caution when leaning on it. And don’t stand on it to reach something high.

You can choose from three table leg systems. The standard system measures 23.5” high from the bottom leg to the top of the table mount. It can move up and down 6” in both directions. 

You can also choose a system with a longer leg, which will give you an extra 8” of height. Moreover, Lagun includes an option for a leg with two adjustment handles. This gives you more downward adjustment, like for a coffee table. 

Lagun Table product shot from company website
Use your Lagun table as a desk, dining room table, or coffee table.

How Do You Assemble a Lagun Table? 

The Lagun Table System comes with an arm, a standard leg, a table mounting plate, the bottom bracket, and a hardware kit. The hardware kit includes one teak board, two wedges, four stainless steel bolts, four nuts, and four washers.

Thankfully, you can assemble it relatively easily. The arm will come already attached to the table mounting plate. Then you just need to worry about connecting the leg to the arm and the bottom bracket. These both slide into place and stay put with the adjusting handles. 

Considerations Before You Install

Once you have your Lagun Table System assembled, you can install it. Here are a couple of factors you’ll want to consider before you start drilling permanent holes. 

Lagun Table product shot from company website
Easily assemble your Lagun table yourself.

Test Your Table Dynamics

Before installing your tabletop, test out the swing and positions your table will be in. For example, when seated, will it swivel into a comfortable desk position that won’t leave your back hurting? Will it easily maneuver out of the way when you need it to? Will it accidentally scuff or hit any walls or furniture in the area?

To answer these questions, we recommend creating a cardboard template the same size as your tabletop. Then, pretend to use your table as you would in day-to-day life. For a great visual of this process, check out this video. 

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Small dinette in an RV
Don’t have a lot of space? Upgrade the awkward, bulky table in your RV to a sleek Lagun table.

Brace Your Support Leg

As we mentioned earlier, your Lagun Table Leg System will come with two wedges. These wedges help install your bracket into a secure, convenient position. 

For instance, do you notice your Lagun table tilting to one side? Does it seem wiggly or unsteady? If so, you’ll want to use these wedges to brace your support leg and make sure it’s in a solid position. 

Is a Lagun Table Worth It? 

So, is the Lagun Table System worth it? The Laguna table system is not an inexpensive upgrade. Fort hat price, many frugal RVers and Vanlifers would probably choose to deal with their factory-made table for a little longer. 

However, if you want to upgrade your awkward, bulky, or uncomfortable table, invest in a Lagun. This good quality system will make your life much easier. We think it’s definitely worth it. If you are building a new camper investing in this high-quality table system up front will be a great idea.

It works perfectly for full-timers whose quality of life is directly affected by the functionality of their space. And if you’re ready to throw your existing table out your window, we say, get it.

Do you think the Lagun Table is worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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