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Are Lance Travel Trailers Good Campers? A Prospective Buyer’s Guide

There aren’t many RV companies that have been around as long as Lance. For almost 60 years, Lance has been manufacturing recreational vehicles. While originally a truck camper manufacturer, they added travel trailers to their lineup in the mid-2000s to great success. Today, we want to look more at these Lance travel trailers. 

What Types of Campers Does Lance Manufacture?

Lance truck campers and travel trailers are made by Lance Campers. There are nine truck camper models with options for short-bed and long-bed trucks. They range from 2,061-4,318 pounds. The Lance travel trailer line includes 12 floorplans including bunk beds, a rear kitchen, a rear main suite, and swivel reclining chairs. With this variety, it’s likely that if you’re in the market for a travel trailer, you might find a Lance to suit your needs.

Lance travel trailer at dealership
Lance has made reliable rigs for almost 60 years.

How Long Has Lance Been Making Campers?

If you’ve been in the RV world for any length of time, you’ve likely heard of Lance Campers. The company has been manufacturing truck campers since 1965. It’s one of the oldest brands in the industry.

Before the 2008 recession, they luckily expanded from truck campers to include more economical and more highly-demanded travel trailers, a move that shielded them from the downturn many RV manufacturers faced. As a California-based producer, strict state regulations also shaped their production and building standards.

REV Group purchased Lance Campers on Jan. 12, 2018, switching it from a privately-owned company to a subsidiary of a much larger publically traded one. While the original founders entrusted REV Group to continue to uphold the quality legacy they had over the years, we’re always sad to see a quality independent brand get bought up by a larger mass-producing company that may be more beholden to shareholders than its customers.

Where Are Lance Travel Trailers Made?

Lance Campers has its headquarters in Lancaster, California, with a 141,000-square-foot, 22-acre main campus including the marketing, sales, product development, warranty and service, and manufacturing departments. The company recently expanded to include assembly and warehouse facilities in Decatur, Indiana. With operations on the West Coast and Midwest, Lance can reach more customers and deliver more products across the country.

Lance travel trailer in parking lot
Choose from the 12 Lance travel trailer floorplans to get the perfect RV for your needs.

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The Lance Travel Trailer Lineup

The 12 Lance travel trailer floorplans include nine units with a slide-out, one unit with two slide-outs, and two units with no slide-outs. They range from 3,225-6,830 pounds and include single-axle and double-axle models. Let’s look more closely at each option.

1. Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

This single-axle Lance travel trailer is 19 feet 8 inches long and weighs 4,500 pounds. The Lance 1475 has no dinette because customers requested two comfortable chairs instead. The two chairs are across from the kitchen, which includes a stainless steel oven, a 3-burner range, microwave, a 5 cubic-foot Norcold refrigerator, and a stainless steel sink with a residential faucet. The corner dry bath is in the rear, and the queen mattress is in the front. All three holding tanks have 26-gallon capacities.

Additional features of the Lance 1475 travel trailer include a Truma Combi Eco Plus water heater and furnace, insulated and heated holding tanks, day screen and night blackout shades, tinted Thermopane Euro windows, and a power awning.

2. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

The second single-axle option among the Lance travel trailers is the 1575 model. It features a “super slide” U-shaped dinette and measures 20 feet 5 inches and weighs 4,600 pounds. The front queen mattress is similar to the 1475 trailer. The dry bath is in the opposite rear corner because of the placement of the dinette. This space also provides an additional 54 by 78-inch sleeping area when you convert it. The standard features and appliances are the same in 1575 as in the 1475 trailer.

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer | 2023 model

3. Lance 1685 Travel Trailer

The Lance 1685 is the shortest of the dual-axle travel trailers at 21 feet 5 inches. It weighs 6,300 pounds and also has the “super slide” U-shaped dinette. The dry bath returns to the driver-side rear corner. There’s additional storage along the opposite corner. Across from the dinette is the kitchen with the same appliances as the previous two models. The front queen mattress also has overhead storage.

The freshwater tank is 45 gallons, while the gray and black tanks are 40 gallons. Additional features of the Lance 1685 trailer include a MorRyde pull-out storage tray, a portable folding table, and a 6-cubic-foot Norcold refrigerator.

Lance Travel Trailer - Owner Review / Long Term Update

4. Lance 1875 Travel Trailer

The Lance 1875 is a new model, featuring a larger bathroom than the 1575 unit, a 40-inch Smart LCD TV, and a front walk-around convertible queen bed/sofa. The trailer is 23 feet long and weighs 7,000 pounds. This unit sleeps up to four people when the dinette converts into another sleeping area.

Across from the slide-out dinette is the dry bath, and the center has all the kitchen appliances. These appliances and the other features and tank capacities of 1875 are the same as the 1685 unit.

Lance 1875 - 2023 model

5. Lance 1985 Travel Trailer

Another Lance travel trailer with a walk-around north-south convertible queen bed/sofa is the 1985 model. Like the 1875, it also has two wardrobe closets on either side of the bed. But the most significant feature of the Lance 1985 is the wall-to-wall rear bathroom. It’s a huge space with another wardrobe closet. On the other side of the bathroom wall is an entertainment center, which faces the U-shaped dinette.

The kitchen is still in the center and has the same appliances as the 1685 and 1875 models. This travel trailer measures 23 feet 8 inches long and weighs 7,000 pounds.


6. Lance 1995 Travel Trailer

The Lance 1995 is a more spacious version of the 1685 unit. It features a walk-around queen bed with overhead storage. Most everything else in this unit is the same as the Lance 1685 travel trailer. However, with more length at 24 feet 1 inch, it offers much more interior space. The Lance 1995 weighs 7,000 pounds and has the same tank capacities, kitchen appliances, and other features as the 1985 model.

2023 Lance 1995 | RV Review

7. Lance 2075 Travel Trailer

If you need a longer travel trailer but don’t want slides, the Lance 2075 may be an option. It offers a panoramic view along the length of the rear wall where the dinette sits. Can you imagine the views over dinner? This is the first travel trailer with a rear dinette. The dry bath is across from the kitchen in the unit’s center, and the queen bed with wardrobe storage is the same as other models. This Lance trailer measures 25 feet 1 inch long and weighs 6,800 pounds.

I found the perfect compact RV! Lance 2075

8. Lance 2185 Travel Trailer

The Lance 2185 is the first of the travel trailers with bunk beds. You can reconfigure the rear triple bunk beds as a garage for bikes or toys. A small dry bath is next to the bunk beds for easy access for the kids. A slide-out with a U-shaped dinette sits across from the kitchen, and the front queen bed with wardrobe storage is the same as most of the other larger Lance trailers. This option is 26 feet 1 inch long and weighs 7,900 pounds.

14 Things We LOVE About Our Lance Travel Trailer | Lance 2185

9. Lance 2285 Travel Trailer

For travelers wanting a sofa and a dinette, the Lance 2285 may suit your needs. The sofa and U-shaped dinette sit across from each other near the center, while the kitchen lines the rear wall. This floorplan also features one of the most spacious kitchens in the Lance travel trailer line.

The dual entry provides access to the living room and the master suite. The Lance 2285 is 27 feet 6 inches long and weighs 8,000 pounds. There’s ample entertaining space to invite friends over for a game night or to watch a sporting event.

NEW 2023 LANCE 2285 TRAVEL TRAILER Dodd RV Walkthrough Solar Rear Kitchen

10. Lance 2375 Travel Trailer

Another unique floorplan is the Lance 2375 trailer. It’s 28 feet 5 inches and weighs 8,400 pounds. It features a rear lounge with rocker chairs or a convertible J sofa option. Instead of a U-shaped dinette like in other travel trailers, the Lance 2375 has a smaller booth dinette in a slide-out across from the kitchen. This is a homey floorplan with the dinette, kitchen, and lounge area together. The dry bath and the queen bed are toward the unit’s front.

Four seasons Lance 2375 Travel Trailer Feature Review

11. Lance 2445 Travel Trailer

The Lance 2445 is another bunk bed option that offers larger bunks than the 2185 model. These bunks measure 50 by 70 inches and 50 by 66 inches. They’re in the passenger side rear corner, and the dry bath is in the opposite rear corner. A slide-out with a U-shaped dinette provides plenty of seating for a family and sits across from the kitchen. The front bedroom is the same as the previous units. The Lance 2445 measures 29 feet 10 inches long and weighs 8,700 pounds. Although the tank capacities are the same, there are two gray tanks.

Lance 2445 Travel Trailer - What makes it better?

12. Lance 2465 Travel Trailer

The last of the Lance travel trailers is the 2465 unit. It’s the only model with a rear suite and two slide-outs. A California king bed faces east-west and sits in a slide-out in the rear of the trailer. The slide-out makes room for a dresser at the foot of the bed. Moving to the center, you’ll find a dry bath opposite a workstation. In the front of the Lance 2465 is a large convertible J sofa. A second slide-out holds the booth dinette, which sits across from the kitchen. The Lance 2465 is 29 feet 10 inches long and weighs 8,900 pounds.

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What Is Lance’s Four Seasons Comfort Technology Package?

The Lance Four Seasons Comfort Technology Package isn’t an add-on. It comes standard on all Lance travel trailers. It features a ducted heating system with insulated holding tanks, a water heater bypass, insulated hatch covers for vents and skylights, and ultra-lightweight dual-pane acrylic Euro windows with built-in screens and black-out shades.

This is one of the reasons that Lance trailers are generally more expensive than some other big brand names out there. They provide some great features on all their trailers, like Truma appliances and better insulation, which costs more. These trailers are for a bit more serious camper, and offer a decent mid-level travel trailer that will generally stand up better to temperature swings and more miles.

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Lance travel trailer at RV dealership
A Lance travel trailer is the perfect exploration rig in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

What Kind Of Truck Do I Need to Tow a Lance Travel Trailer?

Since the weights of the Lance travel trailer line vary, you won’t want to tow the Lance 2465 with the same truck you would use to tow the Lance 1475. The 2465 is almost double the weight of the 1475.

Therefore, it’s essential to know the towing capacity of your vehicle and the GVWR of the trailer. Never exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. It’s best to follow the 80/20 rule of towing and stay under 80% of the towing capacity. This leaves room for human error and prevents damage from wear and tear on your brake system, engine, and transmission.

Generally, most SUVs can tow the 1475 and 1575 Lance travel trailers. The longer and heavier trailers will require at least a 9,000-pound tow rating, which exceeds most SUVs. Some light-duty trucks can’t tow the heavier models either. You can read more about what Lance recommends on the company’s website.

Lance travel trailer hitched to truck
Know your truck’s towing capacity before you hitch up your Lance trailer and hit the road.

What Customers Are Saying About Lance Trailers

Typically, the reviews of Lance and its travel trailers are positive. Customers wrote on RVInsider, “The Lance 2285 is our 9th RV owned over the past 40 years and is by far the best quality build, fit, and finish…What separates Lance from others is the quality of construction for things they control. RVs take a beating just going down the highway, and from my experience with two different Lance models, they are well constructed…I would highly recommend.”

“Our 2019 Lance 1685 twin axle has been free of problems since we bought it back then. Very solidly built, no leaks, no failures, and no surprises other than how well it’s built and how much room there is inside this compact trailer. It tows easily behind our GMC Yukon SUV…The four-season package and double pane windows mean we haven’t seen condensation on the windows.”

However, some customers have mentioned poor customer service after the sale. Like many manufacturers, Lance may be lacking enough employees to handle the customer service needs. But pay attention to these comments, too, as it gives a broader picture of Lance and the RV industry in general.

Overall, Lance has been around for decades and is a brand many trusts. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a retired couple, or a family of five, there’s a Lance floorplan that might suit your needs.

Will you purchase a Lance travel trailer in the future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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