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Learn How to RV Travel with RV Masterclass

Learn How to RV Travel with RV Masterclass

The Boston Herald has dubbed this year “the year of the RV,” claiming that in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the recreational-vehicle will serve as the ultimate social-distancing travel method of choice.   

While we have been ingrained in the RV Life since 2015, we realize many others are just starting to look at this mode of travel, or maybe have had plans to go full-time RV accelerated as jobs have become more remote-friendly.  

This is one of the reasons we’ve partnered with 4 other full-time RVers to launch RV Masterclass – an RV education platform to answer all your RV newbie questions you didn’t even know to ask about buying an RV, boondocking, transitioning to full-time RV life, and more.

RV Masterclass Signature Courses

RV Masterclass currently offers three signature courses. They offer each class individually and offer a bundle package.

  1. RV Buyers Bootcamp: This comprehensive course teaches you about RV-types, floor plan advantages, and negotiation strategies. From buying new to restoring a vintage RV, six instructors share their personal experiences and lessons learned.
  2. Boondocking 101: We’ll teach you the fundamentals of free camping. Then we’ll dive deep into step-by-step training on how to find the best boondocking sites and the safety strategies we use.
  3. Preparing to Full Time RV: This is the ultimate guide to becoming a full-time RV traveler. All five instructors have personally made the transition to full-time RV life and teach these lessons with real-world solutions. Providing timelines and budgeting outlines, this course puts your RV dream into action.
  4. The Signature Bundle includes all of the courses listed above.

Learn How to RV Travel

If you’re just starting out or are a seasoned RVer, the learning curve to RVing is ongoing – we’re still learning new things and the environment we travel in is constantly changing.

What RV should You buy?

There are a myriad of options out there, along with features, accessories, and upgrades that you might not even know exist! If you need help getting through the RV buying process, we’ve condensed all the important stuff down for you – from the RV basics, to layout pros and cons for your lifestyle, to negotiating the best deal.  Learn how to buy an RV with confidence in RV Buyers Bootcamp.

Where to Camp?

Campgrounds around the country are currently trying to figure out whether or not to reopen, how much, and what policies to enforce for safety. Boondocking, or dry camping without hookups, can seem a daunting alternative to someone unfamiliar with the public lands use codes or the systems of an RV for off-grid camping. Learn how to boondock properly and to find the best campsites with the Boondocking 101 course.

How Do You Go Full-Time RV?

Whether you’ve been dreaming of RV retirement for years or are hitting the road with a new remote job, we’ll walk you through the entire process so your path – and timeline – are clear. We can say from experience that this isn’t an easy process, and between the 6 of us we have tales of caution and success stories alike to share with you! Find your full-time RV freedom with our Preparing to Full-Time RV course.  

Meet the Instructors

We are a team of 6 full-time RVers who have first hand experience, a personal drive for knowledge, and a love of sharing lessons learned. We have over 12 years combined full-time RV life experience in 6 different RVs, from brand-new fifth wheels to vintage Airstream trailers, from small Class Bs to truck campers. 

We are Kyle and Olivia from Drivin’ & Vibin’, Jason and Rae from Getaway Couple, Tom and Caitlin from Mortons on the Move.

We’ve teamed up to bring you the best possible courses to help you learn how to RV, boondock, transition to full-time RV living, and more!

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About Mortons on the Move

Tom & Caitlin Morton of Mortons on the Move gave up the stationary life for one where they are constantly on the move. They are full-time travelers, television hosts, and digital media producers.
They left their jobs, sold their house and possessions, and hit the road in September 2015 in their full-time “home on wheels”. Since then they have traveled the US, Canada, and even internationally by RV.
Now, they are Discovery Channel & PBS TV Co-stars of The RVers, producers of “Go North” on Amazon Prime, co-founders and instructors of RV Masterclass, and contributing authors for and an Arizona travel guide.

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Thursday 3rd of June 2021

Hi,I am considering rving long term.I just sold my home without having a place in line, due to my indecisive behavior which by the way is new. I am female, single and almost 55 years old. I have never been on or driven an rv before however I use to drive larger trucks for work, and moving. I am a type 1 diabetic and I will have my cat with me and unsure if I should tie my suv or sell it to buy a smaller class c.? I prefer both so r there class c RV’s that can tow up to 3000-5000 lbs, & should I get diesel ? I want to b able to park anywhere for the next year minimum then decide if I love this life or hate it! I have many fears being alone,so I was wondering if u have met many who travel alone? I don’t want to have to work for anything as it will stress me out because I’m not strong, so what is you suggestion; should I get a newer RV or older that is in good shape? Should I stick to the parks and RV camp sites or will I be ok boondocking?? Finally, is there any solar energy panels out there at affordable price. I don’t have much $$!so I need to be picky yet I need my RV to be easy ,must have internet access and a lot of it, along with th ability to change the water when needed so would a compost toilet b wiser? I know I have many questions but I’m desperate and Ned to buy ASAP because staying with family members isn’t ideal after owning my ow place for 20+ years. I didn’t do my homework about the housing market so I’m in need of a roof over my head, therefore, I must know all the details of owning an RV. I’ve always wanted to travel so doin this is a god idea, I just want don't want to make too may mistakes!

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

Many RVers travel alone, so it's perfectly doable if you get an RV you can handle. You could purchase a used RV if you're looking to save some money. However, we recommend getting an RV inspection before buying the rig if you go the used route. You can read more about that here: Boondocking is our favorite way to camp and is a good option for saving money as well. We've written more about boondocking here: Lastly, we recommend checking out our Class C article to decide if that's the right choice for you: Good luck with your RV journey! :)