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What Is LiquidSpring and How Does It Work?

What Is LiquidSpring and How Does It Work?

You want a smooth ride on a road trip that lasts for hundreds or even thousands of miles. It’s easy to underestimate the impact a quality set of springs can have on your driving experience. Whether you’re RVing from campground to campground or overlanding, LiquidSpring has game-changing technologies you should consider. 

Today, we’re looking at what LiquidSprings are, how they work, and why you should consider them. Let’s get started!

Liquid Spring Demo

What Is LiquidSpring?

LiquidSpring makes custom smart suspension systems for motorhomes, emergency vehicles, commercial vehicles, and vehicles used for overlanding. These unique suspension systems automatically adjust the stiffness of the spring and damping for each wheel based on the current driving conditions.

Air suspension has been the primary way large vehicles have obtained this kind of control in the past. Liquid spring is bringing this level of comfort and control to any type of vehicle.

These suspension systems help create incredibly smooth rides over rough terrain and enhance stability during turns and other maneuvers. Once installed, there are no adjustments the driver needs to make to take advantage of the system. That’s because it’s entirely automatic.

We Test Drive a LiquidSpring RV at FMCA in Wyoming! Its JAW DROPPING! | Adventurtunity Family

How Does LiquidSpring Work?

The LiquidSpring smart suspension system uses a five-link suspension configuration, compressible fluid struts, and computerized controls. They monitor the driving conditions. Importantly, the LiquidSpring system processes signal data at every wheel as the vehicle travels down the road. The system takes this data and adjusts the stiffness and damping. It smooths out the ride to maintain control of the vehicle. As a result, it creates one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides possible.

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liquid springs suspension
Enjoy a smooth road trip in your RV by using LiquidSpring.

Benefits of Using LiquidSpring

LiquidSpring can transform your driving experience in multiple ways. Let’s look at a few benefits and reasons you might consider using LiquidSpring on your rig!

Reduced Road Shock

One of the largest benefits of using LiquidSpring is the superior ride. The system automatically adjusts based on the road and driving conditions. Due to this, you can enjoy a smooth ride no matter where you’re driving. Gravel, dirt, and roads filled with potholes can feel like you’re driving on a brand-new highway.

Having a smoother ride is not only comfortable but also helps avoid abusing the structure of your vehicle. Those in RVs are likely to avoid plumbing and other issues that arise from the constant bouncing with standard suspension systems.

LiquidSpring suspension model from website.
Make driving big rigs easier with a LiquidSpring suspension system.

Improved Handling

A disadvantage of large and heavy vehicles is the lack of handling. However, with LiquidSpring, you may be driving a large motorhome, but it’ll feel like you’re driving a luxury sports car. The system automatically adjusts to help maneuver, corner, and handle sharp turns. Additionally, onboard computers and processors make necessary adjustments to help you navigate your large vehicle.

Fights Wind Sway

If you’ve ever tried driving a large vehicle in the wind, it can be a painful experience. LiquidSpring helps prevent wind gusts from blowing a vehicle back and forth on the highway. You can focus on the road and less on the wind gusts when using this system.

However, it’s not just mother nature that will cause a vehicle to sway on the road. Large semis passing by can create an opposing force that can cause large vehicles to sway. Thankfully, LiquidSpring technology makes the necessary adjustments to minimize these forces.

This concept is not new and is used on some air suspension systems as well to stiffen airbags depending on sway. However, with the liquid, the control is much greater and they can offer more suspension control.

Liquid Spring expansion tank
Similar to a ping tank in a air suspension system Liquid spring needs to have a large tank / reservoir for the fluid to flow back to.

Less Maintenance

One thing many LiquidSpring users love is their minimal maintenance. Aside from checking the torque and inspecting for leaks, there’s very little maintenance required of the owner. The last thing RVers need is another item on their rig that requires their constant attention. Having LiquidSprings on your motorhome means more time enjoying the things you love and less time spent on maintenance.

Can Control Ride Height

Extra height can be highly beneficial for those who enjoy taking their vehicle off-road. LiquidSpring allows drivers to raise and lower the height of their vehicles based on the conditions. Due to this, your RV will have more clearance to help avoid rocks, ruts, and other uneven terrains. These can all have you searching for a mechanic and leave you with an expensive repair bill. Having the flexibility of adjusting your vehicle’s height can be a huge benefit.

Even for class A motorhomes, a large benefit for some diesel air systems is the ability to raise or lower the coach for clearing steeper road inclines. With liquid spring they bring this capability to and motorhome.

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Overland Truck With liquid Spring
While not all RVs are compatible with LiquidSpring, there are many options that will work with the device.

Can LiquidSpring Be Installed on Any RV?

LiquidSpring is available for a variety of RVs. For example, they are compatible with GMC, Ford, Ram, Chevy, International, and Freightliner chassis. However, not all RVs are compatible. Reach out to LiquidSpring or one of its approved installers to confirm whether they can retrofit your specific RV with their upgraded suspension.

LiquidSpring product shot from website.
LiquidSpring helps to reduce vehicle vibration, increase comfort and can also lower maintenance cost!

How Much Does LiquidSpring Cost?

One of the largest obstacles for many to upgrade to LiquidSpring is the cost. If you want to upgrade to this suspension system, expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. Premium results typically come with a premium price tag, and LiquidSpring is no exception.

Upgrading Our RV Suspension...And We Almost BLEW It! LiquidSpring Install | Adventurtunity Family

Is LiquidSpring Worth the Money?

LiquidSpring is very expensive but does provide a superior ride. It can be a great option for those who log thousands of miles each year in their vehicle or are sick and tired of the abuse from rough roads. However, for most drivers, it’s not a cost-effective option. 

The insanely high price tag simply is unattainable for a majority of drivers. Not to mention, removing much of the factory suspension system makes it difficult to know the vehicle’s payload capacity, especially for overlanding vehicles

Would you consider investing in a LiquidSpring system for your vehicle? Tell us in the comments!

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