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Little Guy Campers: Vintage-Inspired Teardrops for Modern RVers

Have you noticed how everything old has become popular again? The RV industry is no different, seeing a trend in vintage camper sales. Little Guy has been producing old camper designs in new and exciting ways for twenty years.

Inspired by post-World War II teardrop trailers, Little Guy campers are sturdy, well-built units that mimic the unique shape of those wartime vehicles. Their designs include strategic storage, top-of-the-line appliances and amenities, clean lines, and lightweight construction.

Mini Max Interior
Little Guy doesn’t skimp on features. You’ll find kitchens, wet baths, and queen beds in their large teardrops.

Let’s dive into how these teardrop trailers entice modern-day travelers to partake in a bit of nostalgia as they camp. 

Who Makes Little Guy Campers?

Teardrop campers are not a new idea. The first teardrops were designed after World War II out of surplus airplane parts, steel tubing, and Jeep tires.

In 2002, Joe Kicos reintroduced the aerodynamic trailers to the ordinary camp enthusiast. He enlisted his brother to help him design and build the first Little Guy camper in his garage in North Canton, Ohio. They produced twenty in their first year and found that they could barely keep up with the demand. 

Little Guy Mini Max Camper
Little Guy teardrops may look vintage, but they’re loaded-out with modern amenities.

The brothers moved their manufacturing out of their home and into Uniontown, Ohio. The company became Liberty Outdoors, and massive marketing and social media campaigns developed brand loyalty for Little Guy Trailers. The campers became a hit with those who enjoyed the maneuverability and easy towing requirements of these teardrop RVs.

It became apparent that Liberty Outdoors needed additional support and funding. In 2019, Xtreme Outdoors purchased the company, moving manufacturing to Somerset, Pennsylvania, and partnering Little Guy Trailers with the MyPod, Teardrop Shop, and Rover brands. They added facilities in North Carolina, and Joe Kicos is now their managing director of sales and marketing.  

The Pros of a Little Guy Camper

There are several different models of Little Guy campers. All but the MyPod have beautiful solid wood cabinetry, curved window casings, a well-stocked kitchen with a gas stove, refrigerator and microwave, and a queen bed. RVers appreciate the attention to detail, with integrated shelving, fiberglass showers, and the meticulous use of space.

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Mini Max Kitchen
The kitchens in Little Guy campers have solid wood cabinetry and plenty of storage for your cookware.

Because of their teardrop design, a Little Guy camper is more aerodynamic than most travel trailers, giving drivers more bang for their buck when it comes to fuel economy. These lightweight campers are easy to tow and can go almost anywhere, making off-road travel to boondocking sites almost mandatory. 

The tiny MyPod model opens up camping to those with a smaller vehicle at their disposal. This minimalist trailer can be pulled by almost any car, even a Volkswagen Beetle!

The Cons of a Little Guy Camper

The biggest drawback to a Little Guy camper is its size. From the MyPod to the Max, Little Guys measure 11’ to 21’ long. This does not leave much space for storage. The curvature of their teardrop shape cuts down on interior headroom, mainly in the bedding area.

Cost can be another negative. Little Guy campers range in price from $10,000 to $40,000. That can be high for a lightweight travel trailer. However, loyal customers rave about the company’s customer service and the quality of construction.

Little Guy Camper Interior
The curvature of teardrop trailers often limits your headroom as you move to the back of the camper.

Little Guy Camper Models

Little Guy has cut their model offerings down to four basic units. Each unit has the brand’s signature teardrop shape and solid construction, with size being the primary difference.

Little Guy Max

About:  The Little Guy Max is the company’s largest model at 21’ long. Its dry weight is 3,010 lbs, leaving room to add up to 750 lbs to its GVWR.

The Max has a queen bed with a built-in main bedroom, entertainment center, a full kitchen with a two-burner stove, a full pantry, a 4.0 cu. ft. refrigerator, and a microwave. A glass door separates the wet bath, and the floorplan includes a dinette that can transform into a single bed. 

Key Features:  The bedroom area has built-in shelves with an entertainment center and a curved window that functions as a skylight. With a 20-gallon fresh water tank, campers can enjoy time off the grid without worrying about water.

Pro Tip: If you love the Little Guy Max but think you’ll need more than 20 gallons of fresh water, consider investing in an RV water bladder.

Is the Little Guy Trailer WORTH IT? // Owner Tells ALL!

MSRP:  $40,000

Little Guy Mini Max

About: The Little Guy Mini Max packs all your camping needs into a sleek 17′ 2″ trailer. A dry weight of 2,320 lbs leaves room for up to 900 lbs for supplies.

There’s still room for a queen bed and a stand-alone kitchen unit with a stainless steel sink, a 5 cu. ft. 3-way refrigerator, and a two-burner stove. This model also has a wet bath behind a stylish glass door.

Key Features:  With its shorter length, many SUVs can pull the Mini Max. This model also sports windows on every side, giving this small teardrop an open feel.

The New 2021 Mini Max from Little Guy!

MSRP:  $30,000

Little Guy Micro Max

About: This Little Guy camper is just under 16’ long and sports enough beds to sleep three. There is a shelved wall unit to separate the queen bed from the front door and offer a bit of privacy.

The Micro Max has a fully equipped kitchen with everything necessary to produce a five-star meal, including a vast stone-like countertop. There is storage beneath the dinette and along the wall of the main bed and a cleverly hidden cassette toilet. The trailer weighs 1,785 lbs—small enough for most mid-size trucks and SUVs to tow it to your campsite.

Key Features:  The Micro Max is large enough to hold all your camping supplies yet still fit inside your garage! It also has a handy outdoor mount to place the interior Lagun table for outdoor dining or cooking needs, and a unique curved awning is available.

Little Guy-Micro-Max -

MSRP:  $22,000

Little Guy MyPod

About:  The most miniature model in Little Guy’s arsenal, the MyPod, was created with the minimalist traveler in mind. It lives up to its name as a “pod,” providing an egg-shaped container with a full-size bed and entertainment wall that offers a television, speakers, and a charging station. You can also add a screen room tent to the exterior for bug-free dining or lounging outdoors.

Key Features:  This traveling respite is perfect for short and simple camping trips. During camping season, you’ll enjoy the built-in AC and 3-speed Fantastic Fan. Plus, Little Guy offers a roof rack for carrying your adventure gear.

The Worlds SMALLEST Travel Trailer!

MSRP:  $10,000

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Why Are Little Guy Campers So Expensive?

If you were to compare the attention to detail, the high-end finishes, and the amenities of a Little Guy camper to other travel trailers, it’s apparent this manufacturer has very well-built campers. Most of their models include solid maple cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, double pane windows, Azdel sidewalls, seamless fiberglass roofing, premium tires, and LED lighting.

Their clientele can’t say enough about Little Guy’s products and customer service. Campers keep coming back for more!

Do Teardrop Campers Hold Value?

Demand for Little Guy campers is unending. This is most likely due to their solid construction and high-quality materials. Trailers made of single-piece fiberglass molds and solid hardwoods should last a lifetime.

Azdel Panel Sticker
Features like long-lasting Azdel panels add to the value of Little Guy RVs.

People seek teardrop campers as a whole because of their convenience, style, and ease of towing. While all campers depreciate, teardrops tend to hold their value better than traditional travel trailers likely because of their popularity.

Keep in mind, though, the quality of some brands may not be as sound as the Little Guy line of products, so take care when selecting your next teardrop.

Is a Little Guy Camper Worth It?

Little Guy campers are worth their weight and more! Loyal customers state time and time again that they are pleased with their Max, Mini Max, Micro Max, and MyPod purchases. The company quickly responds to questions and concerns and build their trailers with quality in mind.

With owners this happy, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll see more Little Guy teardrops on the road in the future.

Little Guy Campers
Enjoy the added insulation of dual pane windows on the Max, Mini Max, and Micro Max trailers.

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