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We’re In “Living the RV Life” – New Book Release by RV Love

The book “Living the RV Life” by Marc and Julie Bennett of RV Love is now on sale and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a bookstore near you! And we are so excited to be a part of it.

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​The authors of “Living the RV Life,” Marc and Julie Bennett of RV Love, have a wealth of knowledge and a talent for teaching.
Their RV Success School ] has been leading people to RVing success long before this book was even an idea!
They’ve done extensive research on all types of RVs, numerous factory tours to understand how they are built, taken courses in RV technicals, and have interviewed and spoken with countless full-timers in their years of travelling to compile an absolute treasure trove of best practices, lessons learned, and tips to prepare for (or even skip!) most of the big bumps one might face in the transition from stationary to RV Life.



When we were asked in the spring of 2018 along with several other RVers to contribute a case study to be featured in the book, we were incredibly humbled by the request, and even more so when it was selected for inclusion in the final draft! We were so excited to finally get to hold the finished product in our hands last week, and have already read it cover to cover.
​The book is divided into 3 parts: Getting Started, Emotional Considerations, and Practical Considerations.
Part 1 will intro you to Life on the Road, if you aren’t already acquainted by a friend or family member. Everything from what full-timing is, common myths and misconceptions about the RV Life, to the research, preparations and planning that should go into considering if the lifestyle is right for you. They even go over how to choose the right RV setup for you!

Part 2 will cover the emotional side to this big life change – because it is a big life change! This is something that is often underestimated in the excitement of the epic adventures to come. The book will guide you through the transition, how to stay connected to friends and family on and off the road, and how you stay fit and healthy on the road.



Part 3 gets into the practicalities – how to work from the road, how to set up your domicile, mail voting, banking, and taxes, as well as how to actually plan where to go and where to stay!

​Interspersed throughout this book are Case Studies of real-life people already out there living the RV life that are applicable to each section. You’ll be inspired about RV Freeda who is solo-traveling the USA with her 2 dogs at the age of 71, the Braga family whose RV enables a controlled travel environment for their daughter despite her severe food allergies, as well as the stories of familiar full-time RV faces like Less Junk More Journey, the RV Geeks, Technomadia, and Always on Liberty told in a new refreshing light. We have the great privilege of being featured as a Case Study too (page 23)!

What’s not to love?!

LIVING THE RV LIFE – Live Call Series

Marc and Julie hosted a series of live calls around the release of the book. The RV Geeks, Technomadia, Less Junk More Journey, and we were featured in these calls. If you missed the calls, they were recorded for sharing – check out for more information!




How We Met Marc & Julie of RV Love

​We were just 2 months on the road in November 2015 when we pulled into a Thousand Trails campground in North Carolina in the pouring rain (link to blog post). It was our first time in the Thousand Trails system (we got a year zone pass for free with the purchase of our RV) and for the past 2 months on the road we had been staying on family properties. 
In the Thousand Trails system you reserve a spot, not a particular site. So we drove around the campground in the fading light and pouring rain and picked out one of the campsites that seemed to have a smaller puddle than the others and got situated.

The next morning after the rain had stopped, we went outside and noticed a Class A motorhome right across the aisle from us with decals all over the front that said “RV Love.” Being new to RVing, we hadn’t heard of these folks before and hopped on Instagram to look them up and send them a message to see if we could meet them.
​Later that day, as we were scraping off the old Mobile Suites logo off the front cap of our RV, Marc and Julie Bennett of RV Love decided to go for a walk and strolled by our rig. We got to talking, and little did we know that it was the start of something big.


​Fast forward 3 years: we’ve met up all over the country, they are part of the Road Gear Reviews YouTube channel with us, we’ve been in RV Nomads the Movie together, and now they’ve published a book with Simon & Schuster called “Living the RV Life” that we have the great privilege of being featured as a Case Study (page 23)!

Road Gear Reviews team, from L to R: Caitlin & Tom Morton of Mortons on the Move, Kyle & Olivia Brady of Drivin’ and Vibin’, Kali & Josh of The Freedom Theory, Julie & Marc of RV Love

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Marc and Julie

Friday 21st of December 2018

Great review guys! Thanks so much for your contribution to the Living the RV Life and RV Success School! You are such a great resource for the RV community and we truly value your friendship.

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