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Living Vehicles: The Ultimate Off-Grid Experience Without Sacrifice

Are you looking for a sustainable, clean-living, off-grid RV as a full-time residence? Do you have a budget of $300,000-400,000 for a luxury vehicle? This price may seem high for a travel trailer, but when you look at all the high-end features and technological advancements of the Living Vehicle, this trailer might be worth the splurge over a luxury Class A motorhome.

Let’s dive in and look closer at what makes this RV so special.

See Inside Their OFF-GRID Traveling Home - Living Vehicle Trailer Full Walk Through

What Is Living Vehicle?

Living Vehicle is a luxury, off-grid, eco-friendly travel trailer. There aren’t many vehicles like it in the RV industry right now. With a commercial platform and marine-grade materials, these are high-quality trailers that seek to combine function and comfort. Let’s take a closer look at this vehicle!

How Did Living Vehicle Get Started?

Matthew and Joanna Hofmann created Living Vehicle in 2017 because they needed a full-time and sustainable space. They hope to one day create a completely self-supporting, net-zero trailer.

Joanna’s holistic health background has shaped the Living Vehicle’s overall design. She wanted a residential kitchen with pantry storage, ample clothing and yoga/exercise gear storage, and a spa bathroom.

Matthew co-founded Prospect Hotels, which launched Autocamp. His background in architecture and small-space innovation has played a prominent role in the success of the company.

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Living Vehicle Trailer
Living Vehicle makes luxury, off-grid, eco-friendly travel trailers.
Source: Living Vehicle

What’s So Special About the Living Vehicle?

One of the most significant features of the Living Vehicle is the TRA Green certification. This comprehensive ranking system evaluates RVs based on sustainable materials and renewable resources, energy efficiency, water conservation, and indoor air quality.

The Living Vehicle parent company practices responsible manufacturing. As a result, they meet LEED certifications for buildings. You won’t find this eco-friendly focus in many other travel trailers.

The Living Vehicle isn’t just TRA Green certified; it has achieved the highest level: emerald off-grid status. It scores 125% on water conservation, thanks to its Watergen water-air generator. It also scores 90% on resources and energy and 94% on indoor air quality. It’s unlikely in the RV industry for trailers to perform at this high level of eco-friendly consciousness.

The company also has a different approach to production. This RV focuses on marine quality and sustainable living. That focus requires new technology and a green approach to manufacturing.

For example, the Watergen water-air generator is a unique advancement in the RV industry. The technology extracts water from the air using food-grade materials and a multi-stage cleaning and filtration process. This means you have a basically unlimited water supply wherever you are; no water hookups are required.

Let’s look at a few other ideas that make the Living Vehicle unique!

Interior of Living Vehicle
A Living Vehicle is impressively spacious.
Source: Living Vehicle

Automotive-Grade Power

These rigs have a stand-alone powerhouse, making living off-grid comfortable. With automotive-grade lithium technology, this company offers four energy systems—Eco, Cor, Max, and Pro—depending on your power needs.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Anticipating their customers’ interest in electric vehicles, the Living Vehicle has two levels of charging systems. Because of the abundance of solar energy, the trailer becomes a resource for charging your electric vehicle. The Level 1 system is standard and provides 120V power for all basic electrical charging needs. The Level 2 system is an upgraded 240V power system.

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Dual Solar Awning

These impressive travel trailers have a state-of-the-art dual solar awning system that slides two wings of solar panels horizontally out to either side of the trailer. When you extend them, the 48-inch aluminum planes effectively double your solar power. All the rooftop equipment is in the trailer basement. The dual solar awning is available on the Pro series only, while the Max just has a single plane on the entry side.

Living Vehicle in the Snow
Living Vehicles have impressive solar systems to help you have power no matter where you roam.
Source: Living Vehicle

What’s the Difference Between the Living Vehicle Travel Trailers?

In 2024, there are two travel trailers available for purchase. The HD24 and HD30 provide sustainable, clean living and are available in four trim levels; Eco, Cor, Max, and Pro.

Living Vehicle HD24

The Living Vehicle HD24 measures 24 feet long and will come with varying features depending on the trim level. The HD24 Eco has 4,800Wh, the Cor has 21,600Wh, the Max has 43,200Wh, and the Pro has 72,00Wh of lithium energy. The solar watts range from 600 in the Eco package to 3,400 in the Pro package. The Eco, Cor, and Max packages have 100 gallons of fresh water, while the HD24 Pro has the Watergen technology.

The layout of the HD24 includes a rear convertible lounge to a queen bed, an optional drawer dishwasher, a moveable kitchen island, a folding patio deck, a 13 cubic-foot solar fridge, an optional washer and dryer, and other residential features to make your trailer feel like a home. The front can have bunk beds, a workstation, or an open garage for gear storage.

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Living Vehicle HD30

The Living Vehicle HD30 is similar to the HD24 but larger. The Eco package features 4,000Wh of lithium energy and 600 watts of solar. The Cor package features 21,600Wh and 2,000 watts, the Max package has 43,200Wh and 3,000 watts, and the Pro has 72,000Wh and 4,400 watts. Like the HD24, the HD30 has 100 gallons of fresh water for the Eco, Cor, and Max trim levels and the Watergen technology for the Pro package.

The layout of the HD30 is more spacious and includes a front king or queen bed with a dresser at the foot of the bed. Other features are similar to the HD24, like an optional washer and dryer, a 13 cubic-foot solar refrigerator, a folding patio deck, a moveable kitchen island, an optional drawer dishwasher, and a rear convertible lounge.

Awesome Solar Trailer! The Epic New Living Vehicle HD30 - Full Tour

What Is the 2024 Living Vehicle GT Series?

A brand new product is coming soon from Living Vehicle. The GT Series is the launch of a fifth-wheel trailer with a gooseneck hitch. The GT-32 and GT-38 have similar layouts with a rear living space and kitchen, a folding patio deck, and a front king suite bedroom. The GT-38 is larger and has more room, featuring a workstation. These fifth wheels are available for order now.

How Much Does a Living Vehicle Cost?

The new GT series fifth wheels start at around $349,995. The HD24 starts at about $299,995, and the HD30 starts at approximately $399,995. The upgraded trim packages will increase the price, with the most expensive option as the Pro trim level with the Watergen technology and advanced energy system.

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Living Trailer with bike rack
A Living Trailer is a hefty but worthwhile investment if you have the budget for the luxury rig.
Source: Living Vehicle

Is a Living Vehicle Worth the Investment?

The Living Vehicle was in Robb Report’s “Best Travel Trailer to Live In” in 2022. It was also the Skift IDEA Awards 2021 Winner in the Spaces and Places category and the Rethinking the Future 2021 Winner for the first-ever Architectural Innovation of the Year. It’s making headlines and earning a reputation for a high-quality, live-in-ready, environmentally-friendly trailer.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, off-grid, luxury package, it doesn’t get any better than the Living Vehicle. This trailer has some serious advantages over the million-dollar coaches from the likes of Newmar, Newell, and Prevost that combine luxury with off-grid capability unseen anywhere else.

We’re extremely excited to see the new fifth wheel model, as the larger space will likely make these trailers feel even more homey.

Do you think these RVs are worth the cost? Let us know in the comments!

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