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LOKI Basecamp: Cool-Looking 4-Season Truck Bed Campers for Extreme Adventures

LOKI Basecamp: Cool-Looking 4-Season Truck Bed Campers for Extreme Adventures

If you enjoy off-road adventures, it’s hard to beat a truck bed camper. The LOKI Basecamp is one of the best truck bed campers for extreme adventurers. It’s trendy and allows you to adventure any time of year comfortably. While LOKI Basecamps are excellent RVs, are they worth the premium price? Let’s find out!

The History of LOKI Basecamp 

LOKI has been fabricating, designing, and engineering products like mobile pop-up stores and shipping container offices for over 15 years. However, they recently entered the truck camper business to combine their personal and professional interests and expertise.

LOKI Basecamp Icarus 8 - Specifications

LOKI had the shipping and logistics down but needed a location for their subsidiary to manufacture their new product. They settled in Quebec City, Canada, to avoid distractions and fuel their passion for the outdoors. They plan to launch their second facility in Colorado in 2022.

LOKI Basecamp is very new and taking reservations for production slots. Build times are estimated to be 3-4 months. Reserving a slot requires a $5,000 refundable deposit that goes toward the final purchase price.

We will see how customers actually like these products once they become available and delivered.

What Kind Of Truck Campers Does LOKI Basecamp Make?

LOKI Basecamp aims to make luxury truck campers several steps above the average truck camper. We’ll look at their two lines and what makes them unique so you can decide whether they fit your adventure style. Let’s dive in!

Icarus Series

The Icarus Series from LOKI Basecamp has a compact design that pushes the limits of adventure by going off-grid, no matter the weather or season. These campers fit 6.5 foot or 8 foot pickup beds, and weigh

With a fiberglass construction, these units are lightweight and compact. LOKI Basecamp uses double-density synthetic composite insulation so you can control the climate easily. The Icarus Series is up for the challenge whether you want to camp in cooler or warmer locations.

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Icarus Series Truck Camper
The LOKI Icarus is a lightweight, compact fiberglass truck camper.

Remote travel requires self-sufficiency, and the LOKI Basecamp Icarus Series means business. You can have up to 300W solar power, a 600Ah lithium battery bank, and a 2000W inverter and charger. You’ll have abundant energy during your travels. 

Customers can configure their build with a long list of upgrades and options. LOKI Basecamp works directly with the customer to ensure the final product will help them accomplish their travel goals.

Falcon Series

The second offering from LOKI Basecamp is their Falcon Series. This slide-in truck camper is one of the most versatile four-season truck campers on the market. It’s for 5-,6.5- or 8-foot pickup beds and weighs up to 3000lbs dry.

After a day of exploration, you can return to your LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series and enjoy onboard heating in cooler months, air conditioning in the summer, and throw open the windows for optimal air circulation the rest of the year. Once you take a warm bath in the removable shower, you’ll likely want to start thinking about your next meal.

Falcon Series Truck Camper
The LOKI Falcon offers state-of-the-art engineering.

The Falcon Series has a dinette space with a stainless steel sink, providing ample space for preparing meals. Enjoy your meals at the convenient bench seating, then wash your dishes in the stainless steel sink. You can then head to the queen-size bed and rest up for your next day of excitement.

Selling Features of a LOKI Basecamp Truck Camper

While the LOKI Basecamp campers are still relatively conceptual at this point, there are many interesting and attractive things about what they are trying to accomplish. Let’s look at several things customers may find particularly cool.


Self-sufficiency is the name of the game when you enjoy off-road adventures. If you enjoy being self-sufficient, a LOKI Basecamp truck camper may be for you. With the potential for solar power, a big lithium battery bank, and an inverter from the factory, you can enjoy extended off-grid trips without worrying about power.

The Icarus Series can store 15 gallons of fresh water and 13 gallons of gray water. However, the Falcon series can carry 30 gallons of fresh and 20 gallons of gray water. That’s enough water for an individual or couple to live comfortably off the grid for several days.

LOKI Icarus roof rack and solar panels
Solar power will increase your self-sufficiency off-grid.

Modular Design

Having a modular design provides infinite possibilities for configuring your truck camper. The LOKI Basecamp is one of the few truck campers with a mud room area for equipment to dry, extra storage, and showering. When you factor in the roof rack, you have plenty of room and storage options.

The use of a lagun table with multiple connection points allows you to customize your space for the task at hand. The expandable bed allows for more space when you need it for sleeping or waking hours.

Quality Materials

LOKI Basecamp claims to use some of the finest construction materials for their double-density synthetic composite-insulated fiberglass campers. This results in a superior product that can keep you comfortable all year and last an extended time. LOKI Basecamp describes the quality of the construction as follows, “All materials used in a LOKI Basecamp are selected with care to deliver a travel experience that measures up to the highest standard.”

LOKI Basecamp truck camper interior
From the modular design to the innovative technology, LOKI truck campers are one-of-a-kind.

Innovative Technology

LOKI Basecamp and other premium truck camper manufacturers are doing their best to be innovative. Items like a removable shower, swing arm tire carrier, and a mud room are just a few of the advanced pieces of technology you’ll find in a LOKI Basecamp for more versatility and options.

Induction cooktops, UV water treatment system, and 12V heated floors are some of the other optional features we like about the LOKIs. They also offer 12V air conditioning, with an electrical system to support it.

The LOKI Basecamp Falcon 8 windows are specially designed for extreme conditions. These are toughened double-paned, high-insulation DOT-certified windows. While innovative, we’d love to see these available for more of the models.

LOKI Basecamp is also working on several innovative projects, including an EV Series for the upcoming electric trucks, a 45ft Class A Motorhome, and collaborating with a Canadian Class B Motorhome manufacturer called Norva.

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How Much Does a LOKI Basecamp Truck Camper Cost?

With so many good things, there must be some less than ideal news. The only downside of the LOKI truck camper is its cost. These campers start at $69,000 for the Icarus Series and $95,000 for the Falcon Series. This starting price doesn’t factor in upgrades or customization costs.

Falcon Series Truck Camper
The LOKI Falcon Series starts at $95,000.

Is a LOKI Basecamp Truck Camper Worth It?

LOKI Basecamp offers advanced options in a factory-built unit without the need for significant modifications for extreme overland truck camping. Many of the design elements, while at a premium price, have already been thought out in a unique and sleek package. While not for everyone, the LOKI Basecamp will meet many people’s requirements for an awesome adventure vehicle. Will you use a LOKI Basecamp on your next journey?

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