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7 Best Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes for Increased Visibility

Keeping your truck bed organized is essential–but not at the cost of creating blind spots. Toolboxes can also get in the way of fifth wheels turning radius. A low profile truck tool box can increase visibility so you can drive without worrying about what or who is behind you. And if you’re towing a trailer, the more you can see what’s going on back there the better. 

In this article, we look at the best low profile truck tool box options. 

What Is a Low Profile Truck Tool Box?

A low profile truck tool box is a storage compartment that sits low in the front of the truck bed. That way, you have full visibility when looking in the rearview mirror because it doesn’t block the truck’s rear window, unlike other tool box designs. 

You can also use low profile truck tool boxes with a 5th wheel hitch since they’re low enough to clear the RVs front cap. This provides an additional storage compartment when traveling. And most tool boxes have locks, so you can rest assured that your equipment is safe even when the truck bed is open for a fifth-wheel hitch.

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Can You Have a Truck Bed Cover with a Tool Box?

Yes. Flat, roll-up Tonneau covers can fit a truck bed with a tool box. There are designs for low profile truck tool boxes that sit inside and over the bed rails. There are covers that will work with both types but most work withthe low profile boxes that sit under the rails. A cover is a great way to maximize your storage capacity and stay organized. 

7 Best Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes for Increased Visibility

There are many tool boxes on the market, but not all are equal. Let’s look at seven of the best low profile truck tool boxes. As you examine each model, review the dimensions to make sure the model will fit your truck. 

Truck driving through desert rocks
Keep your tools stored safely on the go in a truck box.

1. Weather Guard 131-5-01 Crossover Truck Box, 66 in W, Keyed, Black

About: The Weather Guard 131-5-01 Crossover is an aluminum low profile tool box. It weighs 5 lbs and is easy to install. The overall width is 66in, the depth is 20.25in, and the height is 18.625in. It has a storage capacity of 8.7cu-ft and a keyed locking system. 

Best Feature: The tool box only weighs 5 lbs. So you can remove it from your truck bed easily when needed. 

2. Dee Zee DZ8170TB Red Label Crossover Tool Box

About: The Dee Zee DZ8170TB Red Label Crossover Tool Box has a low profile design. It’s made of heavy-duty Brite-Tread aluminum with a textured black powder coat. And it has lockable stainless steel paddle handles. The tool box weighs 17 lbs and the dimensions are ‎74” x 25” x 17”.

Dee Zee DZ8170TB Red Label Crossover Tool Box
  • Package Dimensions: 74 L x 17 H x 25 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 71 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States

Best Feature: The crossover tool box has a divider in the middle to help keep your gear organized and easy to reach from both sides of the truck.

Price: $495

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Truck parked in front of RV
Keep your truck bed well organized while on the road with a truck tool box.

3. UWS TBS-72-LP-PH-MB Pull Handle 72-Inch Aluminum Truck Tool Box with Low Profile

About: The UWS TBS-72-LP-PH-MB low profile truck tool box is durable. It’s constructed of extra thick aluminum and weighs 61 lbs. The dimensions are 72” x 19.25” x 13”. It has stainless steel pull handles that provide more clearance with easy access from the truck’s sides. In addition, it comes with pre-drilled mounting slots and hardware for easy installation.

Best Feature: It has a foam-filled lid and micro sealed gasket to keep dirt and moisture out of the tool box.

UWS TBS-72-LP-PH-MB Pull Handle 72-Inch Matte...
  • RIGIDCORE LID. This truck bed tool box is built for maximum lid...
  • EXTRA-THICK ALUMINUM. UWS aluminum truck tool boxes are...
  • STAINLESS STEEL HANDLES. This truck storage box is equipped with...

4. TruXedo TL – TonneauMate | 1117416 | TonneauMate Toolbox

About: TonneauMate’s TruXedo TL Toolbox is versatile and can support heavy gear. It can mount under a truck bed cover and fits most full-size trucks. The low profile truck tool box is 54lbs and is ‎55” x 23” x 15”. 

Best Feature: Its box elevates off the floor, allowing extra storage space between the tool box and truck bed floor.

RealTruck TruXedo TL - TonneauMate | 1117416 |...
  • EXPANDED STORAGE | This versatile storage box can be used as a...
  • Made in the USA with Global Materials
  • STRONG & SECURE | The durable construction of this storage box...

5. UWS EC10451 69-Inch Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box with Low Profile

About: The UWS EC10451 Heavy-Wall aluminum low profile truck tool box is 55lbs and 69.875” x 20” x 14.75”. Its lid is filled with a solid foam to prevent binding, and the aluminum is extra-thick. The tool box has stainless steel handles, so it’s rugged and rust-resistant. 

Best Feature: The tool box has a tool tray inside and built-in screwdriver holders.

UWS EC10451 69-Inch Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool...
  • RIGIDCORE LID. This truck bed tool box is built for max lid...
  • EXTRA-THICK ALUMINUM. This truck utility box features a one-piece...
  • STAINLESS STEEL HANDLES. This truck storage box is equipped with...
Truck towing fifth wheel
Increase visibility while driving by using a low profile truck tool box.

6. Weather Guard Crossover Tool Box

About: The Weather Guard Crossover Tool Box has a high-security push-button locking system. It’s constructed of aluminum and is powder-coated in textured matte black ARMOR TUF® finish. It weighs 84lbs and is 72” x 20.5” x 18.5”. 

Best Feature: The crossover tool box is compatible with PowerSync™ interior lights and remote keyless entry accessories.

7. CamLocker S71LPRL 71 Inch Low Profile Crossover Tool Box with Rail

About: The CamLocker S71LPRL crossover low profile truck tool box is waterproof and insulated. It features a lock assembly through welded catches to secure the lid. The tool box is stainless steel, 51lbs, and the dimensions are 71” x 19” x 17”.

Best Feature: The CamLocker’s interior is carpeted on the side and has removable, washable carpeting on the bottom. This makes for easy clean-up and keeps the tool box from damage. 

Camlocker S71LPRL 71in Low Profile Crossover Truck...
  • SECURE & SAFE: Camlock's hefty chrome-plated carbon steel...
  • REMOVEABLE CARPET - Carpeted throughout sides and floor and can...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Heavy duty .063 gauge polished aluminum...

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Truck parked at campsite.
Low profile truck tool boxes are helpful tools to stay organized on your adventures.

Do All Toolboxes Fit All Trucks?

Check the dimensions of the tool box before purchasing. And measure your truck precisely. A lot of low profile truck tool boxes on the market fit most full-size trucks, but you’ll want to double-check. Also, the dimensions vary across brands.

To measure for a tool box, determine the width of your truck bed from the top of one side to the other. This will give you the width you’ll need for the top of the tool box that will sit on each side rail. Then, measure the height from the truck bed floor to the top of the side rails. You’ll need to find a toolbox with a base of this height or less. 

Measuring correctly is essential. If it doesn’t sit on the side rails correctly, it won’t fit securely in your truck bed. 

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Increase Visibility with the Right Tool Box 

Which tool boxes in our list do you have your eye on? Staying organized is essential for daily chores and road trips. A low profile truck tool box can make all the difference. 

Would you try one of these toolboxes? Let us know in the comments below!

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