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8 Top Luxury Fifth Wheel Campers You Won’t Believe (2023 Update)

When you think of a luxury RV, you probably think of a beautiful, shiny Class A motorhome made by Prevost or Newmar. You’d be right to assume these are high-end recreational vehicles, but you don’t have to spend half a million dollars to camp in style. In fact, some 5th wheel brands start at just under $100,000 for top-quality, luxury models. If you didn’t know that luxury fifth wheel campers existed, it’s time to learn about this growing market. You won’t believe your eyes!

What Is a Fifth Wheel? 

A fifth wheel is a special RV that connects to the bed of a truck instead of to the bumper of a tow vehicle. Travel trailers and pop-up campers use a ball and hitch to tow behind a vehicle. Fifth wheels have a special fifth-wheel hitch that provides more stability and a better turning radius.

Motorhome, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer For Full Time RV Life

Most RVers who have had both types of RVs prefer to tow a fifth wheel because of these advantages. Because more weight is in the back of the truck, they’re easier to maneuver than campers pulled at the end of a bumper.

Fifth wheels also tend to be bigger than travel trailers. Sometimes the interior space is actually larger than Class A motorhomes because there is no cab space. There’s more variety in the layouts and floor plans, and the addition of slide rooms creates even more interior space. Fifth wheels have become increasingly more popular over the last several years.

What Makes a Fifth Wheel Luxurious? 

Fifth wheels that fall into the upper echelon of luxury usually have distinguishing features that set them apart from the standard models. They’re better constructed. That means they’re heavier, have more residential finishes and features, and the customer service owners receive is top-notch.


As you’ll read in the list below, the framing and construction of luxury fifth wheel campers are much better than standard units. The insulation, sealants, and quality of materials are better.

SpaceCraft Luxury Fifth Wheel
Make memories for many years in a high-end fifth-wheel RV.

Because manufacturers use real tile and wood, most luxury fifth wheel campers are quite a bit heavier. This means heavier-duty suspension, six-point leveling systems, and double and triple axles. Most luxury 5th wheels are built for full-time use and can withstand years of travel.


The residential finishes are the biggest differences between what standard 5th wheels offer and what luxury units offer. A luxury fifth wheel might have crown molding, soft close drawers, handcrafted wood cabinetry, and residential furniture.

The kitchen is usually where you can notice a big difference, as luxury fifth wheels come with residential stainless steel appliances, the same type of appliances you’d see in a house. They’ll have a washer/dryer prep space, and some even include an RV dishwasher.

Customer Service

Because these models are built for the long haul, they usually come with a better warranty. Luxury 5th wheels aren’t cheap, so manufacturers expect them to last for years. They back up their products with solid warranties, including for full-time use.

The customer service experience is also top-notch. When owners call for service or need help, these manufacturers are there to assist. Some will even offer 24/7 customer service to owners.

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Redwood Luxury 5th Wheel
Enjoy all the luxuries of a sticks and bricks house while on all of your RVing adventures.

8 Top Luxury Fifth Wheel Campers You Won’t Believe

Although the layouts of these luxury fifth wheels aren’t going to be extremely different, you’ll still find variations to fit all types of campers’ needs. With amenities such as front living spaces, double bedrooms, and gourmet kitchens, there’s a floor plan for everyone. The main differences between these brands from standard fifth-wheel brands are the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Our list of the eight highest-rated fifth wheel campers is outlined below featuring the most luxury fifth-wheel brands: New Horizons, SpaceCraft, Luxe, DRV, Riverstone, Vanleigh, and, last but not least, Brinkley RV.

1. New Horizons Majestic

About: With a New Horizons Majestic rig, you can fully customize from the frame up. Choose one of the available floor plans or create your very own. There are 35 different layouts, ranging from 32 feet to 48 feet in length, with two to six slide-outs. Of the 35 different layouts, six are toy hauler options. 

Specs: The smallest unit, the M32RK2S, is 32 feet and starts at a base price of $219,000. Since owners can fully customize the interior, the weight can vary. But because of the heavy nature of the solid wood cabinets and residential furniture and finishes, a New Horizon Majestic will be much heavier than standard fifth wheels.

There are three 48-foot models. The M48RLMP5S features a mid-bunk room and an additional half bath. The base price is $283,000 but will increase with upgrades and customized options.

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Luxury Features: We believe that the New Horizons Majestic is just about the most luxurious fifth wheel trailer you can get. The all-steel chassis are made in-house, and crafted specifically for individual RVs. Standard equipment includes the MORryde IS axles and suspension. Once producing a fiberglass roof, New Horizons produces a radiused roof with XTRM PLY PVC roofing material for better water shedding and long-term sealant upkeep. The exterior features full-body paint with five different color choices.

The interior cabinets are made of natural wood, and there’s genuine hardwood flooring throughout the unit, including the slide-outs. You also choose to add an Onyx Collection shower and bathtub for a more residential feel. The furniture looks and feels like you’re walking into a high-end home.

MSRP: Base price starts at $219,000

2. SpaceCraft Mfg Fifth Wheels

About: Offering residential, office, and toy hauler options, SpaceCraft MFG can custom create the unit especially for you. Add features like a solar system, battery system, aluminum wheels, and automatic window shades. SpaceCraft MFG focuses on creating reliable, top-of-the-line luxurious fifth wheels for full-timers that will hold up for years.

Specs: These luxury fifth-wheel campers range from 35 feet to 51 feet in length. They’re on a custom chassis with one-piece welded aluminum side walls and a molded fiberglass ceiling.

One of the 51-foot floor plans features two bedrooms, one in the rear and one in the front of the unit. Each has its own bathroom. One of the smaller 35-foot floor plans features a 10-foot garage. Start with one of the available floor plans or create your own custom luxury fifth wheel camper that fits your needs.

Like the New Horizons units, these SpaceCraft MFG units are heavier than standard fifth wheels because of their residential finishes. But, also like the New Horizons units, the floor plan determines their weights, add-ons, and custom designs.

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Luxury Features: From insulated basements to custom-designed hardwood cabinetry, SpaceCraft MFG models are full of luxury features. Beautiful cedar-lined closets and wardrobe drawers are in the bedroom. Corian countertops, soft close drawers, and residential appliances make the kitchen feel like home.

MSRP: Base price starts around $125,000 to $150,000

3. Luxe Elite Fifth Wheel

About: With four floor plans, Luxe Elite is one of the top luxury 5th wheel brands. All units come with 3-inch vacuum bonded super composite sidewalls, 3-inch thick floors, and a seamless SuperFlex membrane roof. They’re great for four-season, full-time use.

Specs: The 39FB is 40-feet-10-inches, the 42RL is 43-feet-10-inches, the 42MD is 43-feet-2-inches, and the 44FL is 44-feet-11-inches. All of the models have a GVWR of 24,000 pounds. They also have an 80-gallon gray tank and a 100-gallon black tank. The hitch weights vary from 3,700 to 4,900 pounds.

Three of the four floor plans feature a front bedroom and rear living room. The 44FL flips the layout and puts the bedroom in the rear and the living room in the front. At 44-feet-11-inches, it also features a gourmet kitchen and half bath in the center of the unit.

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Luxury Features: Luxe puts 17.5-inch Goodyear H-rated tires on each unit, as well as a MORryde hitch pin, electric slide motors, and a tire pressure monitoring system. Each Luxe also features full body paint.

Inside, you’ll find residential finishes like tile flooring, marine-grade bathroom flooring, and residential sofa and theater seating. You’ll also find a water filtration system, a stainless steel 21 cubic foot refrigerator, maple hardwood cabinetry, and an I-Rest cool gel king bed.

MSRP: Base price starts at $193,000

4. DRV Mobile Suites

About: According to DRV, the Mobile Suites’ 15-inch triple box tube frame at 101 inches wide is the “largest, most rigid fifth wheel frame in the industry.” Each unit also features the six-jack level-up system, as well as 3-inch thick floors with tongue and groove plywood flooring and residential-rated R29 insulation. The sidewalls are three and a quarter-inch thick with a quarter-inch Monsanto Fome-Cor vapor barrier and residential-rated R16 insulation.

Specs: Each DRV Mobile Suites has a 100-gallon fresh water tank, 75-gallon gray water tank, and 50-gallon black water tank. The gourmet kitchen includes a stainless steel refrigerator, oven, convection/microwave, and dishwasher. The 16 floor plans range from 37-feet-2-inches to 44-feet-2-inches, with a max GVWR of 24,000 pounds.

All but two of the models have the bedroom and bathroom in the front of the unit. The 44 Nashville features a front living room, while the 44FKMB features a front kitchen. Other features of all units are a dinette with hidden leaf extension and washer/dryer prep space.

Walkthrough Tour 2017 DRV Elite Suites 40KSSB4 fifth wheel

Luxury Features: Like the Luxe units, DRV puts 17.5-inch Goodyear H-rated tires on each unit. The water lines are residential and feature an entire house water filtration system. The Mobile Suites are ready for camping all year round with forced heat ducting to the tanks. The 43-foot and 44-foot models feature three air conditioning units. The cabinetry is solid hardwood, and each model has crown molding throughout.

MSRP: Around $243,000

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5. Brinkley Model Z Fifth Wheels

About: New on the market just since 2022, Brinkley RV is looking to change minds and turn heads. These new fifth wheels have flashy exteriors and interiors with thoughtful customer-pleasing features. Their Model Z fifth wheels (and Model G fifth wheel toy haulers) have been much anticipated due to the amount of time they’ve spent on R&D and customer feedback.

Specs: The Model Z comes in two models, the 2900 and the 3100, that are both rear-living layouts. The 2900 measures 32 feet 11 inches long, has a GVWR of 14,495 pounds, and a hitch weight of just over 2,000 pounds. The black tank is 45 gallons, the freshwater tank is 75 gallons, and the gray tank is 90 gallons.

The 3100 measures 34 feet 11 inches long, has a GVWR of 14,995 pounds, and has a hitch weight of just over 2,100 pounds. The tank capacities are the same as the 2900. The primary differences between the two are the orientations of the primary bedroom and bathroom.

brinkley rv driving on road
Check out our deep dive profile on Brinkley RVs

Luxury features: Brinkley Model Z luxury fifth wheels come with residential appliances, solid-surface countertops, ample holding tanks, 7,000lb axles, H-rated tires, and flush floor slides. The features we particularly like are the electric dump tanks with auto black tank flush, carpetless slides, combined gray tanks, framed windows, telescoping grab handles, pull-out pet dishes, and floating stairs to place shoes under. Sometimes it’s the little things that put the luxurious finishing touches on.

MSRP: Model Z Fifth Wheels start around $102,000.

6. Crossroads Redwood RV

About: According to the website, Redwood RV provides luxury 5th wheels for the Baby Boomer market. They’re known for their heating and cooling efficiency and real temperature testing.

Each unit is built on the FIT 2.0 technology and features residential appliances and furniture. With a variety of paint schemes, owners can enjoy a Redwood with the black and blue design of the Beach Glass or the simple white and black of the Classic.

Specs: The Crossroads Redwood RVs range from 36-feet-8-inches to 44-feet-10-inches in length. The dry weights range from 13,500 to 15,800 pounds. They all have a 66-gallon fresh water tank except the RW4150RD, which has a 62-gallon tank. Each unit sleeps four to six people.

The award-winning RW4001LK is Crossroads Redwood RV’s most popular model. It features a large front ensuite with a king-sized bed, double vanity, wardrobe, and three dressers.

The U-shaped kitchen has plenty of countertops for meal prep, and a half bath is near the living space for guests to use. The floor plans feature 7-foot tall slide room heights, a washer/dryer prep space, and Redwood’s custom-fit 2.0 chassis.

Luxury Features: Each Redwood RV comes with a MORryde LRE 4100 suspension system and a MORryde pin box. The full-time living package includes a high-rise island with dedicated garbage cabinets, an oversized farmhouse sink, and residential soft-close hinges.

The water lines are enclosed and heated, and the holding tanks have heated pads for camping all year. Like the previous models, all the appliances, flooring, and furniture are residential and of top quality.

MSRP: Around $120,000

Super Luxurious Redwood Fifth Wheel RV! Crossroads Redwood 3401RL

7. Vanleigh Beacon

About: Tiffin’s only fifth wheel, Vanleigh, is another top-quality luxury fifth wheel brand. The Beacon has eight floor plans featuring various exterior colors and interior decor options. The interior looks more like a custom-built home than an RV. The handcrafted solid wood cabinetry is beautiful. Choose from a front living floor plan or a front bedroom ensuite floor plan, whichever better suits your needs.

Specs: Currently, among the luxury fifth-wheel campers, this is the smallest unit at 34-feet-8-inches and has a GVWR of 18,000 pounds. It features a 4,480-pound cargo carrying capacity.

The 42RKB and 42RDB are both the longest units at 42-feet-6-inches and have a GVWR of 18,500 pounds. The 42RDB has a much lower cargo carrying capacity at 2,100 pounds. All units have a 70-gallon fresh water tank, 90-gallon grey water tank, and 45-gallon black water tank.

Vanleigh by Tiffin - Luxury 5th Wheel Tour (RV Living) | EP18

Luxury Features: For full-timers, Vanleigh builds each slide room by framing, insulating, and laminating every side, including the floors. Each luxury 5th wheel features spacious wardrobes, residential appliances, and king-sized beds to make your home on wheels feel like home.

No matter which floor plan you choose, you’ll enjoy the gourmet kitchen with plenty of countertop space and cabinetry. The 41LKB, 41FLB, and 39FBB models feature an additional half bath for guests.

MSRP: Around $145,000

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8. Forest River Riverstone

About: The Riverstone line has five luxury fifth-wheel campers. They all feature a king-sized bed in the primary bedroom and four to five slides for lots of interior space. Each unit comes with MORryde entry steps and dual pane frameless windows.

The side walls, including the slide rooms, have R16 insulation, while the roof and floor have R38 insulation. RV News named the Riverstone the 2022 Luxury Fifth Wheel of the Year. RV Business awarded the line 2022 Must-See RV.

Specs: The 39RBFL is the smallest unit at 41-feet-5-inches and has a GVWR of 19,085 pounds. It features a front living room and a rear bedroom. The 39RKFB is 42-feet-7-inches and has a GVWR of 19,084 pounds. It features a huge front master bedroom and bathroom ensuite. 

The 391FSK is 42-feet-8-inches and has a GVWR of 18,555 pounds. It features a front kitchen and a rear bedroom. The 419RD is 43-feet-2-inches and has a GVWR of 21,000 pounds. In this unit, the kitchen is sunken. The steps lead up to the front bedroom and the rear living area. 

Additionally, the 442MC is 44-feet-4-inches and has a GVWR of 21,000 pounds. This unit has an additional half bath and a drop-down queen-sized bed in the living area.

Amazing Rear Kitchen - Forest River Riverstone!

Luxury Features: The kitchen features upgraded Calcutta solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances including a dishwasher, residential soft-close hinges on cabinet doors, and a residential tile backsplash.

The bedroom features a 10-inch thick memory foam mattress. Outside, the Riverstone comes with a six-point hydraulic level-up system, 17.5-inch H-rated Cooper tires, and a Trail-Aire Road Armour suspension system.

MSRP: Around $95,000

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Is a Luxury 5th Wheel Camper Worth It?

If you desire to camp in luxury, these luxury fifth wheel campers certainly have everything you need. Not only are the amenities top quality with residential finishes and appliances, but the construction is top quality, too. You know you’re getting a fifth wheel designed to last for years. When you’re spending over $100,000 on an RV, you expect to get more. And you do with these luxury fifth wheels.

If you don’t have the budget, there are cheaper units out there. However, you’ll sacrifice quality and amenities at a lower price. If you can afford the price tag, head over to your nearest dealer and check out some of these models in person.

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Redwood Luxury Fifth Wheel Camper

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