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7 Top Luxury Motorhome RV Brands You Won’t Believe

Are you ready to drive and sleep in luxury? Then, get ready to check out some luxury motorhomes you won’t believe! Size isn’t the only thing that puts these coaches over the top. 

It may surprise you what you can pack into a home on wheels, from tile floors to spas and dishwashers to motorized beds. We’ll show you the top seven jaw-dropping brands.

What Are Luxury Motorhomes? 

Luxury motorhomes take things up a notch. They have high-end features and amenities that you rarely find in an average RV. These include heated floors, dishwashers, thermal pane windows, residential-style appliances and furniture, and more. As a result, these motorhomes also come with a higher price tag.  

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Newell Coach Luxury Motorhome
Expect to find the unexpected in a luxury RV.

How Much Does a Luxury Motorhome Cost? 

Luxury motorhomes range from $600k to over $2 million. When choosing, you’ll want to weigh several factors, such as the brand, features, construction, and chassis. 

Prevost motorhomes, for example, are known for being some of the most expensive luxury coaches. A major contributing factor is that they’re on one of the safest and strongest bus chassis out there. You may feel that the assurance and longevity that comes with the best of the best make the cost worth it.

7 Top Luxury Motorhome RV Brands You Won’t Believe

It may surprise you to learn what’s inside some of the motorhomes you see driving down the road. The following six luxury motorhomes can arguably be nicer than many traditional homes. So let’s check them out.

1. Newell Coach

About the Company: Newell Coach is known for its custom-engineered body and chassis. Their luxury motorhomes have gained respect in the RV industry. The family-owned business, founded over 50 years ago, focuses on innovation, product quality, and exceptional customer service.  

Top of the Line Model: Their top-of-the-line model, the Newell Coach P50, measures 45 feet long with four slide-outs. It has a Cummins X15 diesel engine and an Allison transmission.

This massive motorhome comes with a bath and a half and residential-style furnishings and appliances. It has a mid-ship door with a living area in the front. Additionally, it has a lot of storage space throughout.

Most Luxurious Features: The Newell Coach P50 has more standard luxury features than you can imagine and many customizable options. It has four rooftop air conditioners, a stacked washer and dryer, a dishwasher, and a garbage disposal.

Other features include a 360-degree camera system, an electric shore power cord reel, and heated and cooling captain’s chairs. 

Tour a $2 Million Dollar Luxury RV! | 2019 Newell Coach Walkthrough seen at the 2018 Tampa RV Show

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2. Prevost Motorhomes

About the Company: Prevost is the ultimate bus. They construct the strongest and most durable chassis and body with a stainless steel upper assembly.

Their luxury motorhomes resist flex and deformation stresses like other types of RVs. Additionally, they use slide-out technology specifically engineered for each coach to fit perfectly.

Top of the Line Model: Prevost currently has two motorhome platforms that have fully customizable interiors: the H3-45 VIP and the X3-45 VIP. According to the company, “Both platforms are identically sound in structure and durability.”

The main differences between the two platforms are the specs, such as the interior and exterior height, the wheelbase, and the amount of storage space. For example, the H3-45 VIP has 505 cubic feet of underfloor storage, while the X3-45 VIP has 433 cubic feet of storage.

Additionally, both platforms have a fuel-efficient Volvo D13 engine and independent suspension systems, making these big rigs easier to handle.

Most Luxurious Features: Prevost’s motorhome converter partners offer customizations like real wood cabinetry, high-end residential furniture, heated floors, tiled bathrooms with elegant walk-in showers, and cedar-lined closets. Beyond the interior’s precise attention to detail, you can also expect high-tech features like RTI touch control panels and multiple 65″ 4K HDTVs throughout the coach.


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3. Foretravel Motorcoach

About the Company: Foretravel Motorcoach offers luxury motorhomes using unique technology. They use the Spartan K4 605 chassis and build their coaches in Texas.

Foretravel has existed for over 50 years. While not many know about this brand, its quality rises to the top of the heap. 

Top of the Line Model: The Presidential Series Realm FS605 is Foretravel’s top-of-the-line model. While each coach comes custom-made, all FS605 versions measure 45 feet long and have a bath and a half.

It also has custom laminate cabinetry, a motorized king bed in the main bedroom, and a queen-size air bed in the living room.

Most Luxurious Features: The FS605 has many luxury features, but some favorites include the premium custom full-body paint on the exterior. On the inside, you’ll find amenities such as electric fireplaces, tile, and more. But one of our favorites is the option of a main bathroom with a Kohler Underscore® Spa Bathtub.

🔥 Brand New 2024 Foretravel Realm Tour + Airstream/Pleasure Way RV!

4. Newmar Luxury Motorhomes

About the Company: Newmar motorhomes last, and loyal owners keep theirs for years or trade it in for a newer model. The RV brand implements a STAR Foundation — their steel superstructure designed to improve the chassis strength and durability.

Additionally, their premiere custom chassis on their Class A motorhomes set them apart from the competition. 

Top of the Line Model: The Newmar King Aire is their king-of-the-road model. The luxury motorhome measures 45 feet long and is built on a Spartan K3 chassis with a passive steer tag axle.

On the inside, you’ll find cozy decor with amenities like electric fireplaces, quartz countertops, and European-style cabinetry.

Most Luxurious Features: The King Aire has an innovative Comfort Drive™ steering system and a Mobileye® lane departure warning system. Additionally, it features OnGuard™ collision mitigation technology and automatic high-beam headlights. 

Luxury features you’ll find on the inside include full-height wardrobes, a passenger seat workstation, and cedar paneling in the bedroom wardrobe. It also has a massage feature on the captain’s chairs, a leather sofa, and more.

2024 Newmar King Aire 4596. The King, say no more.

5. Entegra Coach

About the Company: Entegra Motorhomes builds luxury Class A, B, and C motorhomes. In 2008, Jayco purchased them and continued to produce superior RVs. Entegra commits to quality and craftsmanship in each model they produce.

Top of the Line Model: Entegra’s luxury diesel Class A motorhomes have top-of-the-line features. The Entegra Coach Cornerstone is their best seller with a Cummins X 605HP engine.

It includes state-of-the-art entertainment systems and residential furniture and appliances. And with a lot of square footage, you can live in it full-time or use it as a vacation home on wheels. 

Most Luxurious Features: The Cornerstone has six floorplans, three of which have a large walk-in closet in the rear. Each has a bath and a half and a large master bedroom with a king bed.

They also have premium leather furniture and a central vacuum system. Additionally, the 45R floorplan has a bar area with a beverage chiller and a rain glass upper cabinet door with LED accent lighting.

2024 Cornerstone Walkthrough - Class A Luxury Diesel Motorhome - Entegra Coach

6. American Coach

About the Company: American Coach has been producing luxury motorhomes for 30 years. The company built a legacy around using state-of-the-art materials and construction.

They start with a strong foundation, a Freightliner chassis, then add layers of high-end features, building, in the company’s words, a “resort on wheels.”

Top of the Line Model: Their top model is a Class A diesel pusher called the American Eagle. There are two floorplans in their 2024 lineup: the 45E and 45K

Both models feature spacious living rooms with comfortable seating, large rear bathrooms with dual sinks and washer and dryer areas, plus a half bath in the center of the coach.

Most Luxurious Features: Every room in an American Coach offers luxury features, including power lounge seating in the living room, residential appliances in the kitchen, and a king-sized memory foam bed in the main bedroom. This brand also offers a multiplex electric control system so you can control your core motorhome functions from your smartphone.

Luxury RV Tour - 2023 American Coach American Eagle - Class A Motorhome

7. Monaco RV

About the Company: Monaco RV made luxury motorhomes for five decades. However, they recently stopped manufacturing RVs. Still, the brand has a rich history of premium craftsmanship and attention to quality assurance that’s worth your attention.

Most recently, they designed and produced Class A motorhomes, although they previously manufactured Class Cs. You may find a used Class C for sale; however, Monaco owners tend to hang on to them.

Top of the Line Model: The Monaco Signature was the manufacturer’s only model in production. It came in four floorplans with attention to detail on the inside and out.

Each has a large living area, a residential refrigerator and appliances, and a large main bedroom with a king-size bed. Additionally, three of the floorplans have a bath and a half.

Most Luxurious Features: Monaco cabinets, doors, and other pieces have real wood in either cherry or maple. And the luxurious amenities throughout include oversized bathrooms, tile, laundry options, an induction cooktop, Whirlpool appliances, and more. On the exterior, you’ll find full-body paint that has longevity. 

Did You Know: A double-decker bus makes for the ultimate luxury RV.

Luxury Living On Wheels: The Ultimate Tour of Our Customized Monaco Motorhome

Honorable Mentions:

We would be remiss not to mention two luxury RV brands no longer made, but you can still search for used ones. These are the Country Coach and Beaver Coach.  

Country Coach

Country Coach made luxury motorhomes for 50 years. The manufacturer declined in the early 2000s, and in 2015, Winnebago bought out their assembly and service centers in Oregon. If you can find a used Country Coach for sale, you’ll get a quality RV. 

The brand was built on the Dynomax Chassis and offered independent front suspension with bus-style air springs. Additionally, the interiors had luxurious features that rivaled Newmar and similar brands.

Country Coach
While no longer in business, RVers still seek out used Country Coach motorhomes to get luxury at a reduced price.

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Beaver Coach

Beaver Coach went out of business in 2009 when Safari bought it. Then Monaco Coach purchased Safari. So you may detect some crossover features from the Beaver in Monacos. 

Beaver sold luxury motorhomes such as the Patriot Princeton and Marquis Emerald. You can still find some used models for sale out there, but you’ll want to act fast. 

Beaver Coach
You can still find plenty of well-maintained Beaver motorhomes on the road.

What Is the Most Luxurious Motorhome?

Prevost likely wins the prize for the most durable and stable luxurious motorhome. They will last. However, Newmar and Monaco are well-known for their luxury features and amenities inside the coach. They often go over the top to make you think you’ve walked into a traditional house rather than a home on wheels.

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Is a Luxury Motorhome Worth the Investment? 

Luxury motorhomes are worth it if you have the budget and the need for such a large RV. But, let’s face it, the motorhomes on this list don’t come cheap. So your budget is a significant factor in deciding whether it’s a worthy investment. 

You also want to consider the size. You can have difficulty maneuvering or fitting in some campgrounds when your RV is 45 feet or longer. Additionally, similar to a vehicle, a motorhome will depreciate as soon as you drive it off the dealer’s lot.

If you can overcome those factors, a luxury motorhome may be worth the investment for you. You only live once, and these impressive rigs can help you travel in style and comfort.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find the least expensive Class As. While they may not be as fancy as their luxury counterparts, there are still plenty of reasons to love them. Here are the Cheapest Class A RVs on Sale Today.

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