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Top 11 Fun and Impressive Features We Find in Luxury RVs

Sometimes, we like to dream. While most of us aren’t NASCAR drivers or movie stars, it’s still fun to check out the flashy and sometimes ridiculously impractical features in high-luxury RVs. You might even be surprised to find that some of the coolest features might be available in your price range.

Join us as we share some of our favorite luxury RV features!

Tour a $2 Million Dollar Luxury RV! | 2019 Newell Coach Walkthrough seen at the 2018 Tampa RV Show

Luxury RVs Are Full of Bucket List Features

As we might expect, these luxury RVs come with pretty hefty price tags. These bucket list features can cause RVs to easily cost over $300,000, but some of the most luxurious rigs are well over $2 million.

Some of the most popular motorhome brand names in this category are Prevost, Newell, Foretravel, and Newmar. For fifth wheels and travel trailers, we’ll find that Luxe, New Horizons, DRV, and Living Vehicle are frequently top of the pile. Even the new Pebble Flow trailer boasts some impressive features.

11 Awesome Features We Can Find on Luxury RVs 

So what sets these brands apart from the more economical alternatives? Well, in addition to having many of the fun features we outline below, they often have higher-quality building practices, better materials, and more customization. They frequently take longer to build, and turn out far fewer RVs per year than other factories.

This slower pace and attention to detail can result in some cool innovations.

1. Heated Floors

If you’ve ever walked across a cold RV floor in the morning to get your coffee, you’ll appreciate heated flooring. We’re typically only going to find this type of flooring on high-end motorhomes that can handle the increased weight. Heated flooring makes staying comfortable in these RVs much easier, especially if we spend time in colder climates.

These systems help evenly disperse heat throughout the RV, which is the opposite of how normal furnace vents function. Depending on the type of heated flooring, very little maintenance is typically needed to keep the system working correctly.

Did You Know: We can DIY our own heated RV floors! Find out how to keep your toes toasty in your RV!

RV heated floors
Luxury RVs have heated floors to keep toes warm all year long.

2. Big and Wonderfully Fancy Bathrooms

Just like many homeowners, RVers often enjoy nice bathrooms, too. We see rigs with multiple bathrooms, showers with multiple showerheads, and even bidet toilets in these big and fancy bathrooms.

While we may find cheap plastic toilets in less expensive rigs, we’re going to find porcelain thrones in these bathrooms.

At the 2024 Florida RV Supershow, we even toured a Foretravel motorcoach with a TV in the full-sized bathtub!

3. Real Granite and Tile, With Detailed Work

Most RV manufacturers do a relatively poor job creating faux granite and tile. It’s pretty obvious and a relatively poor substitute most of the time. However, if we’re willing to pay up when it comes to price, some RV manufacturers put real granite countertops and tile throughout the RV.

It’s important to note that this is another feature typically only found on motorhomes. This is largely because tile and granite are incredibly heavy and add a tremendous amount of weight. Towable RVs often have a limited carrying capacity compared to motorhomes, which means we wouldn’t be able to bring as much gear with us.

newell motorcoach bathroom with tile
We were obsessed with the tilework in this 2024 Newell bathroom!

4. Residential Appliances and Furniture

We won’t find the typical RV furniture and appliances in these luxury RVs. Instead, we’ll find custom-made residential couches, counters, and appliances just like in a nice apartment or home. We aren’t surprised when we see “Italian leather” or European appliances that we literally can’t get here in the US.

We always look at the dishwashers, washers, and dryers in these luxury RVs. We almost never find the standard Splendide, Lippert, or Dometic units. Looking around these RVs, we see brand names like Fischer Paykel, Asko, and Café, for example.

cait sitting on luxury rv couch
Cait falling in love with a coach outside of our price range 😉

5. Flush Sealing Slide-outs

Not just flush, but perfectly flush. Normal slides have a lip, but when these luxury slide-outs move out, they settle downward to match up evenly with the main floor. The result is an almost seamless floor without any carpet or vinyl flaps. Oo la la!

6. Dynamic Cruise Control and Driving Assist

If you’ve ever driven a standard passenger vehicle with dynamic cruise control or lane assist, you know how truly helpful they can be. These safety features allow us to set the cruise control at a certain speed, and it will adjust based on the traffic conditions in front of us. This allows us to keep a safe distance to the vehicle in front of us and ensures we have plenty of room to stop when needed.

Lane assist is also a common feature on many luxury drivable RVs. This helps us avoid drifting side to side and alert us when we get too close to the dividing lines. This is one luxury RV feature we hope to see become more common even in more economical RVs.

tom in the drivers seat of a luxury rv

7. Electric Window Shades and Awnings

While many RVs come with electric awnings, luxury RVs often include electric window shades. This can allow us to raise and lower the shades in the RV with the press of a button. Some of the most advanced systems even allow owners to control their window shades and awnings via an app on mobile devices.

Can it possibly get any more luxurious than sitting by the campfire and controlling an RV from the palm of our hand? This is one luxury feature that will make us feel a bit more like George Jetson.

8. Camera Monitoring System

We can never take safety and security too seriously. A camera monitoring system can help us all stay safe while driving down the highway and when set up at a campsite. We never know when someone will come onto our campsite and try to walk away with your precious camping gear and supplies.

Some of these systems record data and auto-back it up to an online database or allow you to view and monitor your cameras remotely.

Camera monitoring systems can be hugely beneficial while driving too. They not only help reduce our blind spots when changing lanes, but also when backing into a campsite. Many of these units will record while driving too, which can be helpful should we be involved in or witness an accident.

Pro Tip: Always take RV safety seriously. Step up your security game with these 13 Most Important RV Safety Devices You Need.

9. Fancy Paint Jobs

We love the paint jobs on these RVs! These full body exterior paint jobs are flashy, bold, and really cool. Full-body paint is a premium feature because it last longer and provides more protection to the wall materials. If we were going to drop a million dollars on a RV, we would want it to look great for a really long time.

10. On-Demand Hot Water (and Large Tanks)

Running out of hot water or water is something we wouldn’t want to worry about as much in a luxury RV. These rigs come with on-demand water heaters, which means a seemingly endless supply of hot water whenever we need it.

Combine that with the fact that some of these rigs can carry approximately 100 gallons of freshwater, and we won’t have to worry about running out of water either. Taking a long hot shower in an RV hasn’t been easier! 

11. 12,500-Watt or Larger Generators

Some of the most luxurious Class A motorhomes have massive generators. This means they can power multiple air conditioners and practically any other appliances that we might need to use while enjoying the rig. The larger the generator, the more items we can power and the easier it is to recharge the battery bank.

This is important because the luxury RVs are notorious power hogs. With all those residential appliances and electronic features, they use a lot of electricity! Even if nothing is really running. If they’re in between locations or parked for a bit without hookups, they can still use all their features.

Pro Tip: Some luxurious RV features no longer exist, like RV Saunas! Find out what happened to them!

The Downside to Big 10k-12.5k QD Quiet Diesel Generator - Full Maintenance Walkthrough

Are Luxury RV Features Worth the Extra Cost?

It’s important to remember that while all of these luxury RV features sound great, they’re also risky. If we know anything about RVs, we know that they’re prone to breaking and typically aren’t cheap to repair. Even the most luxurious RVs will still experience issues, and there’s no such thing as the perfect RV. 

Any of us could spend hundreds of thousands, or even a couple million, dollars on an RV and still experience issues. No matter how expensive the RV is, it’s crucial that we can also afford to maintain it when something breaks or malfunctions.

Which of the luxury features would you want most in your next RV? Tell us in the comments!

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Marc Goldstone

Wednesday 18th of January 2023

We purchased an entry level 37' Diesel Pusher (Sportscoach 339DS) and during the last 2 years I have made several improvements normally found only in high end coaches: 1) Hot water recirculator for the shower so no water waste while waiting for hot water. 2) Macerator pump with discharge/black tank recirculation valves to get rid of PooPyramids. 3) 2KW solar, 24V 400AH Lithium batteries and two Victron Quattro inverter/chargers 4) RO water purifier with waste (higher TDS) return to the fresh tank while Boondocking 5) GUTA TPMS 6) Garmin RV GPS 7) Front camera and display to assist with lane centering 8) SeeLevel tank monitor system 9) Dish TV Hopper 3, and Weingard Traveler antenna 10) GPS tracker 11) WeBoost Cellular booster 12) King WIFI booster 13) DVD players 14) WIFI Laser Printer 15) Notebook computer 16) Softstart units on both 15,000BTU heat pumps 17) SimpliSafe Cellular connected alarm system 18) Steersafe steering stabilizer ...

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Monday 23rd of January 2023

Wow, thats quite a list! But Im sure everyone has made RV life just that much better!