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The New Year – Kicking off 2016 in Jacksonville

Travel Stage:  After Jekyll, we headed to Jacksonville for a few days
Date Range:  Dec 30, 2015 – Jan 3, 2016
Summary: After our overnight in Jekyll Island, we boondock in Jacksonville over the New Year! 

After a hectic couple of days of hitting Hilton Head, Botany Bay, leaving Yemassee, a short but sweet stay in Savannah, and then overnighting in Jekyll Island, we really needed some downtime.

We arrived in Jacksonville on December 30 and stayed at an awesome Boondockers Welcome place. The people we super friendly and the spot even had electricity and water! We were very thankful for this, for it was warm and humid for the 5 days we were there, and we did end up running the A/C. It also enabled us to get a LOT of work done on the computer. 

​We didn’t even end up going into the city. We didn’t end up doing anything for New Years Eve, except run to the grocery store. We did pop open a bottle of champagne that we happened to have in the refrigerator, and celebrated everything that 2015 had brought and everything 2016 will be!

If you didn’t catch our Happy New Year video, It does a good job of summing up what we have done and where we have been so far!

Happy New Year! Recap of 2015 - The Year We Hit The Road

2016 Plans

As we start to make our 2016 plans more solid, we wanted to “ask the audience” what YOU would recommend! Many of our adventures are based off of some sort of recommendation – places to stay, things to do, places to eat. If someone liked it, chances are we will like it, too! 

High level, we are going to be heading back up north as the weather warms, and then out West aiming for Washington.

So, within the continental US:

Where would YOU go?

Where is the best place you’ve been?

Please leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page!

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