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Who Is Matt’s Off Road Recovery?

If you don’t know about Matt’s Off Road Recovery, you should! It’s especially beneficial if you love to take your vehicle into risky locations. Being stuck in a precarious position can be troublesome, but Matt’s Off Road Recovery specializes in getting adventurous drivers out of tight spots. 

Even if you don’t need to call Matt, watching him work is entertaining and informative. Let’s discover what he has to offer. We’ll also discuss what not to do the next time you test the limits in your favorite off-road vehicle. Let’s get started!

Who Is Matt’s Off Road Recovery?

Matt’s Off Road Recovery is Matthew Wetzel and his crew. They work hard and take some wild risks to recover vehicles, and they’re very skilled. Matt is a physics whiz, and it shows every time he pulls a car out of a tough spot. The recovery business is family-owned and operated, and many people know the crew for their excellent customer service. Customers love to watch Matt work. 

Jeep stuck in the mud in need of recovery
Companies like Matt’s Off Road Recovery help people get their vehicles unstuck from crazy situations.

Where Is Matt’s Off Road Recovery Located? 

Matt’s Off Road Recovery is in Hurricane, Utah. The company services southwestern Utah near Zion National Park. The area is a playground for off-road adventurers. However, there’s ample room for error while exploring such diverse terrain. 

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Matt’s Off Road Recovery YouTube channel is so famous because Matt is wild! The jobs he conquers are extreme. Without a thorough understanding of how the weight in a vehicle shifts, he would have died long ago. However, time and time again, he has proven himself knowledgeable in his craft. Vehicle recovery is a tricky trade, and it’s enjoyable to watch Matt problem-solve on the job. 

Pick up truck stuck in swamp
Getting stuck while off-roading can sure be a buzzkill on an adventure.

Matt’s Off Road Recovery Top YouTube Videos

Become a Matt’s Off Road Recovery spectator and take a few moments to see how Matt pulls vehicles out of the sketchiest spots. Here is a quick look at some of the channel’s more popular videos. 

There’s NO WAY you’ll recover that Chevy Truck!!!

This video will have you on the edge of your seat. Matt faces a challenge that two other recovery services have already attempted. 

A Chevy truck is stuck on the ledge of a steep dropoff, and there’s not much road leading to the truck. You’ll want to watch the whole saga to see Matt and the team ultimately rise victorious. 

There's NO WAY you'll recover that Chevy Truck!!!

You Took Your Hyundai WHERE?!!

The title of this entry says it all. You don’t take your Hyundai off-roading. It should be a rule. The client’s Hyundai (without four-wheel drive) is on a rocky road. Hyundai doesn’t make their vehicles for crawling over large rocks, and it shows. 

You Took Your Hyundai WHERE?!!

Jeep Swallowed By SINKHOLE!!

Another aptly-titled video from Matt’s Off Road Recovery documents when Matt and his team have to figure out how to get someone’s Jeep out of a deep sinkhole. The owner explains that he was driving when his Jeep sank in slow motion. 

The left side of the vehicle dips over the edge of this sudden drop in the earth. Matt gets the Jeep out in the end, but watching the process is the best part. 

Jeep Swallowed By SINKHOLE!!

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What Are Customers Saying About Matt’s Off Road Recovery? 

Customers don’t have much against Matt and his team. Most of the Google reviews on the company are positive. Above all, people note that the team is professional and friendly. 

According to the Google comments, Matt’s team is helpful and friendly even when you don’t need a tricky tow. One customer wrote a review thanking the team for taking the time to meet and take pictures with his little boy. It’s a heartwarming story.

Is Matt’s Off Road Recovery Reputable? 

Regarding the reviews and website, Matt’s Off Road Recovery is a reputable business. Unfortunately, if you dig a little deeper, there’s some questionable behavior.

In December 2021, officials charged Matt with insurance fraud for “misrepresentation of materials.” Matt asserts that the issue was a misunderstanding. His lawyer says it’s a simple case of someone trying to do a good thing but taking the wrong route to achieve the goal. The news widely publicized the case.  

Jeep stuck in the mud off-road
You would be shocked at some of the surprising spots people have gotten their vehicles stuck!

Ultimately, the court put Matt Wetzel on probation and ordered him to repay the claim’s payout. The good news is that this doesn’t affect his customers. He wasn’t doing inadequate business with his clients. Time will tell what this means for the recovery business, but so far, it’s doing well.

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