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What Are MCD Shades? (Hint: Your RV May Have Them)

Let’s look at why you should look into purchasing MCD shades for your RV!

What Are MCD Shades?

MCD Innovations is the leader in RV window shades. Their product lineup includes roller shades, screen door shades, and interior windshield shades for motorhomes. These shades roll up into a cylinder at the top of the window and are frequently hidden by a valence of some sort.

MCD has manufactured shades for RVs in McKinney, Texas, since 2003. A few years later, the company introduced its flagship product, the American Duo Roller Shades.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your RV window shades to MCDs or another type, check out our in-depth buying guide: The Best RV Window Shades and Why They’re Important.

MCD Shades
MCD shades are some of the most popular RV window products on the market.

After growth in sales, the company moved to a 9.6-acre campus with 56,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled manufacturing and office space. MCD also implemented a machine shop, a complete fabrication department, and a 24/7 testing process. 

Who Makes MCD Shades?

MCD is an Airxcel brand. Airxcel has been making accessories and specialty products for RVs since 1991. Airxcel might manufacture your heating and cooling system. They might also make your cooktops and kitchen appliances. The Airxcel family of brands includes Aqua-Hot, Cleer Vision Tempered Glass, Dicor, and MaxxAir, to name a few. In September 2021, Thor Industries acquired Airxcel, so now it is part of the Thor family of companies, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of RVs.

What Types of MCD Shades Are There? 

MCD shades can be valance fabric or roller materials. You could also have day-night roller shades custom-made for your rig, as well as RV door shades and windshield shades designed for motorhomes. Let’s take a closer look at each type of MCD shade manufactured by Airxcel.

MCD by Airxcel logo
MCD is owned by Airxcel, a manufacturer of trusted RV products and accessories.

Day-Night Roller Shades

The MCD day-night roller shades provide blackout and light dimming options. Day shades are available in various colors, and all have UV protection and privacy with the black solar screen. Night shades are also available in a variety of colors. Because MCD made them with 100% blackout materials, you’ll receive the privacy you want when the sun goes down.

You can order manual, switch electric, remote electronic models, or a combination. For example, you might want your night shades to be remote electric, so you can easily close the shades at the touch of a button from your sofa. Whether manual or electric, the shades can be lowered and retracted to any level.

Impulse “All-In-One” Roller Shades

Impulse shades are attached to a valance for an “all-in-one” design. You can easily switch out your valances whenever you want a new look or upgrade to a new design. When you purchase these MCD shades, you get to choose from MCD sunscreen or 100% privacy/light blocking shade materials. You can also select the valance fabric and end cap colors. These shades are only available with manual operation.

RV bedroom window
The “All-In-One” Roller Shades include the valance.

Screen Door Shades

Many RVs have a window on the entry door. The window is great for letting in natural light but can be a burden when it’s hot outside or when you want privacy at night. The MCD pull-up door shades attach easily to any door frame. You have the same choice between the sunscreen and privacy shade materials you get with the Impulse shades. These are also available in various colors and only with manual operation.

RV Windshield Shades

Finally, motorhomes with large windshields provide great views but limited privacy and protection from the sun. An MCD windshield shade creates a full side-to-side visor when driving and complete coverage when parked. These MCD shades have the day solar screen and 100% privacy/light blocking shade materials. They’re also available in multiple colors.

Some RVers also invest in windshield covers to protect the glass from the outside and provide an additional layer of insulation. Learn more here: 5 Best RV Windshield Covers to Protect You and Your RV From the Sun

MCD windshield shade
Day and nightshades are options for the windshield too and can be partially lowered while driving to block sun from your eyes.

Pros & Cons of MCD Roller Shades

The pros of MCD shades are UV protection, nighttime privacy, and ease of use. RVs can get quite hot during the day, which increases air conditioning usage. Sunlight can also damage furniture. At night, no one wants the neighbors looking into their RV while they’re getting ready for bed or watching a movie. Roller shades are easy to install and use even with manual operation. 

Class A motorhome windshield
Adding a windshield shade to your Class A provides additional privacy so passersby can’t see into your coach.

However, even with all of the positives of MCD shades, there are a couple of cons. Even though the manual operation is easy, it’s not as convenient as motorized shades. If you’re in bed reading, you don’t want to have to get back out to lower the shades. Is it possible? Of course. But it’s not as convenient as pushing a button.

MCD shades are also non-returnable and non-refundable. It’s up to the owner to measure and send in the correct information. Creating custom shades for your rig is a plus, but it also means you’d better get your measurements right.

Manual vs. Motorized Shades

Windshield shades are made with motors. The all-in-one and screen door shades are only available with manual operation. The day-night roller shades are available in manual or motorized models. This means that the manually operated shades must be raised and lowered by getting up and walking over to the window. The motorized or electric shades can be opened or closed by pushing a button.

Electric MCD shades are controlled by a 433Mhz radio signal similar to a wireless garage door. This is a convient design because it makes automating the blinds easy. With a simple Broadlink device we are able to remotely control our shades or ask our google or amazon to close them for us.

Motorized roller shade in Monaco Dynasty Class A
Our Monaco Dynasty Class A motorhome has motorized roller shades that are controlled with a remote.


If you’re considering purchasing MCD shades, you might share a few questions that other RVers have asked. Since you can’t return the shades or ask for a refund, let’s get to the bottom of these common questions.

How Do You Adjust the Tension on Your MCD Shades?

The newest manual version day-night shade system has adjustable wheels. Turn the gray adjustment wheel counterclockwise to stop the shade at a higher point. Conversely, turn the wheel clockwise if you want the shade to go lower.

This innovation also allows you to change the speed. If you want the shade to raise faster, turn the black adjustment wheel clockwise. If you want the shade to rise slower, turn the wheel counterclockwise.

How Do You Remove Roller Blinds From an RV?

This is relatively easy to do. First, if you have a child safety device, make sure to undo it by removing the clip. Then turn the large clear wheel on the opposite end of the chain counterclockwise. The pin will go inward, and the blind will slide out of the bracket. Now, you’re ready to install new MCD shades.

RV Blinds Repair//How to Fix MCD Innovations RV Shades

How Do You Fix MCD Shades?

When the MCD shade isn’t rolling straight, this is also called coning. Extend the shade until you can see the fabric attached to the roller. Grab a piece of tape and put it on the tube on the opposite end of the coning section. Then retract the shade completely. If you have severe coning, you may need to apply several pieces of masking tape.

If you have problems with the remote-controlled motors, first check the voltage. When the voltage is low, you’ll need to charge the chassis or coach batteries. If the shade isn’t rising, reset the motor by pressing and holding the learning button.

You can find other troubleshooting tips on the MCD website.

Are MCD Shades Worth It?

MCD Innovations is a famous window shade company. They’ve been around the RV industry for years and develop quality products. If UV protection and nighttime privacy are pivotal to you, investing in MCD shades might be worth it.

If you own a motorhome, the windshield shade might be an essential accessory to add to your traveling gear. Are there other companies that manufacture roller shades? Certainly! But you know you can trust MCD Innovations to provide quality shades and excellent customer service.

Blackout roller shades in RV bathroom
MCD shades are a good investment for bathroom windows.

What about window insulation? Whether you’re trying to keep your RV warm or cool, these tips on How to Insulate Your RV Windows can help!

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