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This Unique Trailer Is Called a MeerKat

This Unique Trailer Is Called a MeerKat

Camping and living life on the road is great, but storing your camper or trailer once you return home can be a challenge. A MeerKat camper trailer is unique because it’s small enough to fit in any standard garage, but you also have enough room inside to stand up straight. 

If you love to explore nature, having a camper just seems like the right move. However, having the right camper for your personal travel needs is the key. Take some time to look into what the MeerKat camper is all about, and consider whether or not it’s right for you and your favorite travel partner. 

What Is a MeerKat Trailer?

A MeerKat trailer is a small trailer you can tow with almost any four-cylinder vehicle on the road. It’s a one-axle camper that will sleep two grown adults comfortably. It has simple facilities like a pump sink and a seating space for dining or just hanging out. 

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The MeerKat isn’t right for everyone. You have to think about all the things you need most when camping and consider whether or not this little trailer fits the bill. Young couples, older couples, or the solitary traveler might be best suited to what the MeerKat has to offer.  

Who Makes the MeerKat Trailer?

Little Guy Trailers makes the MeerKat. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Little Guy Trailers is a company responsible for selling all sorts of small camper options for outdoor enthusiasts. 

About the MeerKat Camper

The MeerKat camper is a small rectangle-like travel trailer. It has a pop-up on the top to give campers more head space on the inside of the trailer. When you extend the pop-up, you feel a little like a MeerKat peeking its head out of its hole. 

You can get a variety of color choices for the outside of the MeerKat camper, and the company will give you several color choices for the seat covers in the trailer. If you really want to customize the interior of your MeerKat, you have the option to bring your own materials. 

Meerkat camper trailer parked at gas station
Go on big adventures from the comfort of a small MeerKat trailer.


The MeerKat trailer is 13 feet long and 5 feet wide on the exterior. It has one axle with a suspension that allows each wheel to function independently of the other. That gives you better control on rough terrain. With the height extension closed, the MeerKat is 77 inches high. When the extension is engaged, it’s 88 inches high. The curb weight is 900 pounds. 


The floorplan of the MeerKat is super simple. When you walk into the camper, your refrigerator, sink, and butane burner are on the right. On the left, you’ll see a wrap-around seating area with a table fixed in the middle. 

The table is removable, and a pullout slat setup transforms the seating area into a bed. There’s a three-way fan in the ceiling. There are two or three windows around the small camper and lots of storage space inside the cabin. 

MeerKat trailer layout from company website
The MeerKat comes with a simple floor plan that is practical for small trailer living.


The MeerKat has 5-gallons of fresh water storage below the sink. There’s a 12-volt and 110-volt power system inside the MeerKat. You’ll get blinds for all of the windows in the camper, and interior LED lighting will keep everything illuminated after the sun goes down. 

There’s also a small portable cassette toilet included with the camper. Additionally, you can opt for an awning, bed extender, side room tent, wheel covers, and/or an all-weather cover. 

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Does the MeerKat Trailer Have Air Conditioning? 

No, but there is ample airflow inside the cabin. When you turn on the fan and open the windows, it’s like a small wind storm. Parked in the shade, you should still be able to stay pretty cool inside the camper when it’s warm outside. Otherwise, a low-powered portable air conditioning unit and a generator might be helpful. 

Meerkat trailer customization screen from company website
Customize your MeerKat trailer to fit your needs and style.

How Much Do MeerKat Trailers Cost? 

What your MeerKat costs has everything to do with the options you choose. On average, you’ll pay between $22,000 and $24,000 for a new MeerKat trailer. If you buy it from an individual or used, you might find a much cheaper deal floating around. 

What Type of Vehicle is Needed to Pull a MeerKat Camper?

Almost any four-cylinder vehicle can tow the MeerKat. If you have a hitch, your vehicle is probably just fine to pull this little guy. Of course, any larger vehicle can also carry the MeerKat with ease. Just make sure the vehicle has a reliable hitch and a towing capacity that’s great enough to handle the 900 pounds of trailer. 

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Is a MeerKat Trailer Worth It?

MeerKat trailers are quality for what they are, and what they are is quaint. There’s no fancy frill with this cozy camp spot. If the MeerKat design offers just what you need and want in a camping trailer, it’s probably “worth” a buy or a second look, at least. The versatility of such a portable and storable trailer may be just what you’ve been looking for in a camper. 

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