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7 Best Micro Campers Designed for Big Adventures

Bigger isn’t always better; that’s why micro campers have become so popular. These very small campers get you out camping and adventuring without the stress of maneuvering a big vehicle or taking on a big financial investment. They’re even able to get to places some larger rigs aren’t able to.

Let’s learn more about these tiny campers and how they enable big adventures, despite their size.

What Is a Micro Camper?

The term “micro camper” can be used as a catch-all term for very small campers. This includes small, lightweight trailers (often of the teardrop variety) that are easily hitched up to smaller tow vehicles. It also includes small SUVs and cars converted into campers. Some even consider camper vans and minivan conversions as micro campers.

Bushwhacker teardrop camper
If big rigs aren’t for you, try a micro camper.

These small campers are a step up in convenience and comfort from tent camping. They also make great entry-level vehicles for RVing since they generally don’t require an upgrade of your current commuter vehicle.

If you’re not familiar with micro campers, you should know that they’re typically not the answer for the whole family, and are often used in conjunction with tents. A micro camper is generally suitable for two people, but some can shelter up to five. 

Micro campers aren’t known for their luxurious amenities. You won’t find a kitchen or even a bathroom. They’re a basic solution to traveling on a budget. Micro campers are a convenient and affordable alternative to motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. You simply attach your micro camper to the tow hitch of your vehicle, and off you go. 

How Much Do Micro Campers Weigh?

If you’re going to tow a micro camper behind your vehicle, you need to make sure your transmission can handle the weight. Do the necessary research to determine your vehicle’s towing capacity and GVWR if you don’t already know it. 

Micro camper trailers can weigh anywhere from a few hundred pounds all the way up to the 2,000-4,000 pound range. The weight of any particular micro camper depends on the size of the camper and the luxuries included. 

However, some are so small that you’ll be able to move them around in your yard or garage by hand!

Camping In A 4x8 Runaway Micro Camper

How Much Do Micro Campers Cost?

If you’re trying to figure out how much it will cost to get yourself a micro camper, you must first decide what you need. Micro campers can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $40,000, depending on the specs. If you’re doing your own conversion, your budget range is really up to you.

In general, a smaller micro camper, brand new, will cost you in the range of $5,000 to $10,000. A midsized micro camper will carry a price tag of $10,000 to $15,000, and a large micro camper starts around $15,000. 

Do Micro Campers Have Toilets?

Most micro campers do not have plumbing or holding tanks, so generally, you won’t find a traditional RV flush toilet in these rigs. However, you don’t have to go without this necessity. Many travelers carry portable camping toilets for those times when a vault toilet or campground restroom isn’t available.

Pro Tip: Curious how a portable camping toilet works and if it’s the right option for you? We uncovered Portable Camping Toilets: What They Are and How They Work.

7 Micro Campers Meant for Big Adventures

Micro campers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also popular DIY builds. However, RV manufacturers realized the desire to have an easy-to-use, easy-to-move camper, and several pre-built campers have become available to get you on the road quickly and affordably.

Here’s a quick breakdown of a few of the best micro campers on the market. Check it out! 

Caitlin from Mortons on the Move in a nuCamp T@G
If you want to RV camp on a budget, a micro camper is a great option.

1. Timberleaf Pika Camper

The Timberleaf Pika Camper only weighs 1,025 pounds and has a 54 by 96-inch frame. The Pika also comes with a great suspension and lift package so that you can take it almost anywhere. 

In addition, you’ll find a galley on the back end. It has a large countertop, four USB ports, an accessory port, a 110-volt outlet, lights on the hatch, and a handy switch to control power to it all. 

The sleeping cabin of the trailer is cozy but basic. You can sleep two people comfortably in the cabin. Two windows, two doors, a fan, USB ports, storage spaces, and a cool skylight make the cabin super inviting and easy to enjoy. 

MSRP: Starting at $14,750

Timberleaf Trailers | Overland Expo Mountain West

2. TAXA Cricket

The Cricket micro camper from TAXA is another great choice in the smaller range of campers on the market. Cricket is lightweight at about 1,800 pounds. You can fit this 15-foot camper nicely in your garage at home. 

The galley is in the cabin of the Cricket, but there’s still plenty of room for two adults and two kids to sleep in this camper. You’ll get heat, air, and two burners on which to cook, so this little camper is more than sufficient for a camping trip with the family. 

MSRP: $47,000

Taxa's Secret Weapon: Cricket Overland - Sleeps 4 & Fits in a Garage

3. NuCamp TAG

If you’re looking for a really nice mid-sized micro camper, the nuCamp TAG is a great place to start. This camper is homier than some of the other smaller campers. Even with all the nice additions, the cabin is pretty spacious. 

You can choose to get the XL version of the nuCamp camper, and you’ll have a little more room to sleep. Both sizes weigh fewer than 1,400 pounds and are 13 feet 7 inches long with battery power, heating and air capabilities. 

MSRP: $27,000

2023 TAG Teardrop Trailer Tour: Updates by nuCamp RV

4. MeerKat Trailer

The MeerKat micro camper has lots of seating and sleeping space, storage, a galley area, and even a porta-potty inside. It’s a bigger micro camper, so expect to pay a little more for this model. 

Pay attention to the add-ons, though, as they can up the overall price pretty quickly. You can opt for a refrigerator, added bed space, an extra side room, and even an awning. It’s 13 feet long but weighs only 900 pounds.

MSRP: $29,000

STAND UP CAMPER That Fits In Garage: Meerkat Trailer Tour

5. Little Guy MyPod

The Little Guy MyPod is the smallest micro camper on the list, weighing in at only 760 pounds. You won’t need a V8 to tow this guy, but don’t let its small stature dissuade you. 

There’s plenty of room for two adults to have a great camping experience. The Go Little Guy MyPod comes with 12-volt/110-volt power, air conditioning, and a one-year (base) warranty. It’s 11 feet 6 inches long.

MSRP: $21,000

Pro Tip: If you love the MyPod but want something a little bigger, check out your other options from the Little Guy brand: Little Guy Campers: Vintage-Inspired Teardrop Campers for the Modern Explorer.

2023 Xtreme Outdoors Little Guy MyPod XT

6. Happier Camper

When you get a Happier Camper micro camper, you get the chance to customize it. The floorplan is fully customizable, and the lightweight design makes it easy to tow. Choose between the 13- or 17-foot models, which weigh 1,100 or 1,800 pounds, respectively.

Happier Camper comes with a set of ADAPTIV cubes that can serve multiple functions for you as you camp. The size and adaptability of this micro camper mean you can travel with the whole family. 

MSRP: Starting at $29,950

2023 Happier Camper HC1 Studio Special Edition | RV Review

7. TrailLOFT

SylvanSport’s micro camper, TrailLOFT, is an ultra-lightweight, 352-pound micro camper that can be towed by almost any car, truck or SUV. The TrailLOFT has three package options, the base, essential, and ultimate options to ensure you have all you need for big adventures in your small rig.

This tiny rig takes only a minute to set up and is designed to sleep two people. In addition to sleeping in it, use the TrailLOFT to haul boats and bikes or store extra gear for your adventure.

MSRP: Starting at  $5,195

SylvanSport TraiLOFT Essential Micro Camper –...
  • MICRO CAMPER - sleeps 1 to 2 people and also can haul 2 kayaks or...
  • EASY ACCESS - sitting 36″ off the ground, TraiLOFT is the...
  • POP IT UP PACK DOWN: 4 hydraulic assist arms allow you to open &...
Kayak Trailer + Roof Tent - SylvanSport Reveals Its First Rooftop Tent: The LOFT

What Kind of Tow Vehicle Do You Need for a Micro Camper?

Before you pick out the perfect camper, you need to find out the towing capacity of your vehicle. If you own a truck or an SUV, you can pretty safely assume that you can tow any micro camper you like.

Vehicles like the Honda Accord or Chevy Malibu can only tow about 1,000 pounds safely. If you have a vehicle similar to the Jeep Cherokee or Kia Sorento, you can tow about 4,500 pounds safely. 

DIY Micro Campers

Because of their small size and simplicity, micro campers are a popular option for people who want to build their own camper. You often skip complex installations, like plumbing and appliances, making DIY builds more accessible to the average person. If you want to learn more about building your own micro camper, we suggest reading Can You Really Build Your Own DIY Teardrop Camper?

DIY Micro Camper Plan

Are Micro Campers Worth It? 

Micro campers are a solid choice for those who don’t need the added luxuries of larger RVs. If you just need a safe place to lay your head at night, these little rigs will suit you just fine. After all, when you’re spending most of your time enjoying the outdoors, how much space do you really need? The cost and versatility of today’s micro campers make them more than worth it for avid nature lovers, so start planning your next big outdoor adventure today.

Can you see yourself traveling with a micro camper? Drop a comment below!

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