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7 Best Mid-Bunk Fifth Wheels With Extra Sleeping Space

Choosing a fifth wheel can start to feel overwhelming. There are so many choices between the various brands, models, and floor plans. One way to narrow down your search is to decide on which features are most important to you. For many people, a big priority is extra sleeping space, making a mid-bunk fifth wheel one of the best options.

If extra beds for kids or guests are a priority for you, keep reading. We’re looking at seven mid-bunk fifth wheels we think you’ll love.

What Is a Mid-Bunk Fifth Wheel?

A mid-bunk fifth wheel is an RV where the bunkroom is in the middle of the unit. Often bunkrooms are located in the back of campers, making mid-bunk units unique in their design. With the bunk placed in the middle, it frees up the rear of the RV for additional living space. And with space at a premium, having room for sleeping and living is an attractive feature. 

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite
Mid-bunk fifth wheels are an excellent choice for families with children.

What Are the Benefits of a Mid-Bunk Fifth Wheel?

While both mid-bunk and aft-bunk room models work well for families, mid-bunks allow for more open living space at the back of the fifth wheel. With rear bunks, the living, kitchen, and dining space can feel like an afterthought and cramped. 

Many mid-bunk fifth wheels also feature a loft above the bunk room. This area is often used as an additional sleeping area and can hold more than one child. If the extra space isn’t needed for sleeping, it also makes a great storage area. 

What Size Are Fifth Wheel Camper Bunks?

Like most other aspects of RVs, there is no standard size for RV bunks. Typically, if there is a bunk in an RV, it’s between 28″ to 35″ wide and 75″ to 80″ long. For comparison, a standard residential twin mattress is 38″ wide and 75″ long. RV bunks are generally smaller than a residential twin, though most twin bedding will fit on an RV bunk. 

Pro Tip: Read What You Need to Know About RV Mattress Sizes for a full rundown of RV beds.

RV Bunks
Most fifth wheel bunks will be similar in size to a twin bed; however, some RVs do have full-size bunks.

7 Best Mid-Bunk Fifth Wheels With Extra Sleeping Space

There are many fifth wheel layouts, and it can be tough to find what you want. Here are a few of our top suggestions for mid-bunk fifth wheels to get you started with your search.  

1. Grand Design Reflection 31MB

About: The Grand Design Reflection 31MB is a 36′ 2″ mid-bunk fifth wheel. The mid-bunk room has two beds. The bottom bunk is 44″ wide, and the other is a 36″ flip-top bunk. There are under-bunk storage drawers and a desk and wardrobe for additional storage. 

The living room has a 78″ theater seating couch and a U-shaped lounge featuring a table for dining. The on-demand water heater is great for giving the whole family hot showers. The large picture windows in the living space allow campers to enjoy the destination before them. 

MSRP: $82,479

2022 Grand Design Reflection 31MB | Walkthrough

2. Jayco North Point 377RLBH

About: The Jayco North Point 377RLBH is a large fifth wheel with plenty of space. At 43′, it is one of the longer fifth wheels on the market. The mid bunk in this model has a fold-up 30″ x 62″ inch top bunk with a tri-fold sofa underneath. Also, in the bunkroom is a desk with a TV installed above. A closet and removable table round out the large room. 

Above the mid-bunk room is a loft for extra sleeping space. The large main bedroom features a long closet complete with washer and dryer hookups. You can also find a large open floor plan at the rear of the RV. There are two sofas in this mid-bunk fifth wheel, one of which folds out into a bed. 

MSRP: $118,283

Luxury Full Time Mid Bunk or Office!! 2023 North Point 377RLBH

3. Jayco Eagle 355MBQS

About: Those looking for a mid-bunk on the longer side with plenty of storage will love the Jayco Eagle 355MBQS. This mid-bunk model has a 30″ x 62″ fold-up bunk above a tri-fold sofa. There is a built-in desk with cabinet storage in the bunk room. 

A large loft is above the bunk room. The loft has plenty of sleeping space, potentially for three small children.

The theater seating and tri-fold sofa in the living room allow everyone to have a comfortable seat. Plus, your guests can use the tri-fold sofa for sleeping. Overhead cabinets are abundant, so you can bring along everything your family needs on your camping adventures. 

MSRP: $91,382

Awesome Family Fifth Wheel! | All-new 2023 Jayco Eagle 355MBQS

4. KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ

About: The KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ is a 42′ 5″ long fifth wheel with a rear patio. The bunkhouse features a flip-top bunk with a hide-a-bed underneath, allowing the room to sleep three. There is also a built-in desk in the bunk room and a TV mount. 

Additionally, you’ll find a queen-sized loft above the mid-bunk room, which is large enough to sleep two to three children.

One of the best features of this fifth wheel is the rear patio. This patio is a great place to have your coffee in the morning or even have a nice meal in the evening. It also gives little ones the ability to have some outside time without wandering too far. The patio is accessible from the spacious rear living room. 

MSRP: $155,000


5. Keystone Sprinter Premium 31MB

About: If you are looking for a shorter fifth wheel that still offers a mid bunk, the Keystone Sprinter Premium 31MB is a great choice at 35′ 11″ in length. The mid bunk works very well as extra sleeping quarters and office space for those needing to get some work done on the road. There is a top bunk with a fold-out sofa featuring a queen-sized memory foam topper

The opposing slide-out living area feels very roomy. The tri-fold sofa adds even more sleeping room for guests. Multiple storage opportunities make it easy to bring along all of the supplies needed for a family getaway. A forward main bedroom has direct access to the bathroom and gives campers extra closet space. 

MSRP: $70,522

2021 Keystone Sprinter 31MB | This Is The Oddest Floor Plan We Have EVER Reviewed | Thoughts?

6. Coachmen Chaparral Lite 30BHS

About: The Coachmen Chaparral Lite 30BHS is a great bunk option in the mid-size range. At 37′, this mid-bunk fifth wheel has everything you need to have a great family trip. The 30″ x 74″ dual bunks give plenty of space, even for taller campers. Because there is no mid-bunk slide, you can access the entire bunk room without opening a slide. 

The living area is spacious, and the tri-fold sofa provides both a comfortable lounging area and extra sleeping space. An island makes the kitchen feel very residential as it frames the kitchen area. The forward main bedroom has a shared slide with the bathroom, opening up the space and giving an abundance of wardrobe and linen storage.  

MSRP: $89,000

Chaparral Lite 30BHS 2023 | Easy to Tow Mid Bunk Fifth Wheel

7. Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2887MB

About: This compact mid-bunk fifth wheel has a surprising amount of space in its 36′ 6″ length. With only two slides, you get a lighter-weight fifth wheel. This means you’ll have more options when choosing a tow vehicle.

The mid bunk offers a 32″ x 72″ top bunk with a sofa bed. However, the real star of this mid-bunk RV is the massive closet. This closet provides plenty of room for both clothes and other camping necessities. 

The rear kitchen has a large pantry, allowing long camping trips without needing multiple trips to the store. The theater seating provides a comfortable place to relax with a good movie.

The main bedroom is at the front of the fifth wheel with an optional king bed upgrade. Plus, you get a large master closet with washer and dryer prep. 

MSRP: $83,976

2022 Rockwood Ultra Lite 2887MB. In Depth Walk Through

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Can You Live Comfortably in a Fifth Wheel?

Yes, you can live comfortably in a fifth wheel. These RVs have residential-style interiors and offer a wide variety of layouts to fit any need. You’ll also find high ceilings, multiple slide-outs, large holding tanks, and plenty of storage space. Fifth-wheels are also a good option if you travel with kids, as bunkhouse models are common.

Is a Mid-Bunk Fifth Wheel Right for You?

Families, especially those with multiple kids, often prioritize sleeping space. If there isn’t enough sleeping space, it can make the whole trip uncomfortable.

Setting up makeshift beds on the floor can make a fun camping trip quickly turn frustrating. A mid-bunk is great for families because it prioritizes both sleeping and living space.

Sometimes you need more than a bunkhouse to keep everyone happy and comfortable while camping. If your kids need their own rooms or you’d like to have an in-law suite in your RV, check out these mind-blowing 3-bedroom campers!

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