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5 Best Minivan Camper Conversions That Will Blow Your Mind

Can you imagine traveling in a minivan camper? You just might after you see some of these fantastic conversions. We found five that check a lot of boxes, including style, practical features, and innovation. Keep reading as we guide you through a few video tours of these minivan camper conversions.

minivan overlooking lake and mountain

What Is A Minivan Camper?

A minivan camper is a regular minivan converted into a place to sleep and live while camping. The concept is similar to a Sprinter van conversion but smaller.

A minivan may not look like much from the outside, but these five van buildouts highlight that looks can be deceiving. Minivans have more space to sprawl out and even cook in than you may think! 

Tour These 5 Amazing Minivan Camper Conversions

Join us on a tour of some minivan camper conversions we love. Let’s go!

Happy couple and dog laying in their minivan camper.
Minivan conversions offer the flexibility of driving in a smaller vehicle while giving you the same travel freedom as an RV.

1. Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Tiny Home 

Kyle and Madison Travel converted their 2007 Honda Odyssey into a minivan camper. This farmhouse-style tiny home on wheels features reclaimed wood and a running sink.

The kitchen countertop even extends outside through the second sliding door. Kyle and Madison walk you through the interior and mechanics in their video tour.

MINIVAN CAMPER CONVERSION | Van Tour of Minivan Converted to Unique Tiny Home

2. Insulated Stealth Minivan Camper Upcycle  

Ryan Kodak Brown has a no-build minivan camper that he lives in full-time. It has a crash pad, stove, cooler, heater, lap desk, bucket toilet, and climbing and biking equipment.

Ryan powers his electronics with a battery bank charged by portable solar panels. He lives minimally and cheaply and explains it all in his video tour.

Simple, No Build Minivan Camper Conversion // Full-time #VANLIFE // 8+yrs on the road

3. Toyota Sienna Camper for $350 with Bathroom and Kitchen

YouTuber RenkLife converted a 2000 Toyota Sienna into a minivan camper for a friend. It took him 20 hours and cost just over $350 to build it out!

The van has a couch that folds out into a full-size bed and a toilet with a curtain for privacy. Additionally, it also has an electric ice chest upfront and an outdoor kitchen with pumped running water in the rear.  

Minivan Camper Conversion, 3 days, $350, BATHROOM and KITCHEN. Toyota Sienna

4. Camper Van That Sleeps 3 

Lilli Mai designed a minivan camper that sleeps three people. She converted her 2020 Honda Odyssey to take her husband and son out on long road trips. It has a kitchen with running water and a Dometic portable fridge. 

The toilet for liquids is a Nestle Coffee-Mate tub and a toilet seat with a plastic bag for the solids. She gives a tour and explains how she built it all in her humorous video.

5. 2016 Honda Odyssey Gets a Recreational Upgrade 

Leslie Kalk built out the inside of her 2016 Honda Odyssey. It has an innovative couch and bed conversion that will likely impress you.

Most importantly, she smartly made it so none of the materials are permanently attached to the van. Therefore, she can take out the build to transform it back into a regular minivan.

Plus, the kitchen area compares with many full-size camper van conversions. Finally, she also added a roof rack for kayaks and a basket for equipment. 

My minivan camper REVEALED! Full in-depth conversion van tour

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How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Minivan to a Camper? 

It can cost as much or little as you want to convert a minivan to a camper–after all, RenkLife built a minivan camper for under $400, but depending on how high tech and which features you want, you could spend a lot more than that. The more you can DIY and be scrappy, the cheaper the build will be.

Purchasing items from places like Ikea or shopping sales help the expense and finding reclaimed wood or recycled materials is also a creative way of cutting costs.  

Pro Tip: When doing any kind of renovation you’re bound to find a lot of hacks online to help, however, not all of them work. Some might be worth the time, but these are 9 Purported RV Hacks That Just Don’t Work.

Woman working from inside her minivan camper.
Minivan camper conversions offer great budget flexibility when building them out.

Which Minivan Makes the Best Camper Conversion? 

Each minivan comes with different, useful features. Depending on the user certain features will be more useful. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Person sleeping in minivan camper with feet up.
From the outside, your camper will appear to be just a regular minivan which will give you more privacy when parking overnight.

Toyota Sienna is known for living into high mileage, outliving many other minivans. Plus, the seats are also easy to remove, and the roof is flat enough to add a roof rack.

Nissan Quest has a significant width, making it great for double beds. In addition, it also gets 27 miles to the gallon!  

Mazda 5 is compact making it easy to park almost anywhere and with a 4-cylinder and aerodynamic roof, it has great fuel efficiency.

Chrysler Pacifica has side storage in the rear of the vehicle plus a false bottom in the back for extra gear storage. 

Kia Sedona is one of the larger options for a minivan camper conversion. It has ample cargo space for a build and a flat roof for gear. Plus, the seats lay down. Therefore, you can remove them or lay them down for sleeping.

Honda Odyssey is a popular model. It offers plenty of natural light with several windows. Most importantly, you can find Odysseys with sunroofs which will provide even more light.

Dodge Grand Caravan is also a long-time popular model. It’s tough and durable for the long haul. It comes with either a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder is more fuel-efficient. Plus, the Grand Caravan has a 20-gallon gas tank ideal for a long drive.

Ram ProMaster City is a budget-friendly minivan. The side panels are almost entirely vertical, which is the perfect scenario for a conversion.

Mercedes-Benz Metris has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. You could tow a tiny travel trailer or cargo trailer behind it.

Happy couple and dog laying in their camper van
Minivan camper conversions are an affordable way to travel and camp around the world.

Is It Worth Turning Your Minivan into a Camper? 

If you want an affordable way to go camping, a minivan conversion is an excellent option. Firstly, you will save on purchasing an expensive RV. Secondly though, you may also save on gas and insurance. Further, with a minivan camper, you can park in a regular parking spot and get into places other RVs won’t fit.

We think a minivan camper is a fun idea for road trips. It keeps a camping trip minimalist while still having convenience you might not have in a tent.

Have you converted your minivan into a camper? Drop a comment below!

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