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Mobile RV Repair Service vs. RV Service Centers: Which Is Better?

When you own an RV, it’s only a matter of time before something breaks or begins to malfunction. Many RV owners do a lot of maintenance and repairs themselves, but sometimes a professional is needed. But where should you start? Today we’ll look at the difference between having your RV serviced using a mobile RV repair and an RV service center. 

What Is Mobile RV Repair?

Using a mobile RV repair service means a technician will come to your location, and you won’t have to take your RV to a service center. Typically, mobile RV repair companies will talk about the repairs or maintenance with you before arriving. This allows them to come prepared and avoid multiple trips for parts.

Whether your RV is towable or driveable, using mobile RV repair is a great option. If you may find your RV is inoperable, your only option may be a mobile RV tech.

mobile rv repair

What Kind of Services Are Offered by Mobile RV Repair Techs?

RV repair techs can complete a wide variety of repairs. It’s common to expect mobile RV repair techs to make simple repairs such as windshield replacements and flat tire repairs. However, some additional services include window treatments, holding tank cleaning, appliance repairs, slide adjustments. Different RV service techs will have different capabilities so giving them a call is the best way to find out if they will be able to meet your needs.    

In addition to repairs mobile RV services also include maintenance. Many times oil and fluid changes can be performed as well as winterization and de-winterization.

More extensive repairs or ones that require heavy machinery are typically not available through mobile service. This includes, roof replacements, advanced engine and driveline repairs, delimitation or water damage issues and frame or suspension repairs.

Mobile RV Service vs. RV Service Centers at a Glance Comparison

With the option of either a mobile RV service or an RV service center, how do you know which route to go? Let’s take a look at what each option has to offer so you can make the best choice for your situation.


Mobile RV service provides a great deal of convenience for those who can’t or prefer not to take their RV to a service center. Typically, it requires no more than one or two days to get a mobile repair. Any repairs that take longer often require a trip to a service center.

Mobile RV service is also excellent for full-time RVers. When your RV is your home, you’ll likely need to make other living arrangements while the RV is in the shop.

rv repair

However, by dropping your RV off at a service center, you won’t deal with techs on your property. You also won’t have to take a day off of work while techs work on your RV. Weekend warriors, or those who still have a traditional home, may find this the more convenient option. 


With convenience comes a higher cost. Calling in a mobile RV repair service will likely cost you more than an RV service center. You may pay travel fees as well.

There may be smaller mobile RV repair companies that are more affordable. These small operations are unlikely to have as many overhead costs as those with a service center and mobile tech option. These companies often pass the savings on to their customers. However, large RV repair service centers can sometimes offer steeper discounts due to partnerships and bulk ordering. 

Services Provided

RV service centers often have everything they need at their disposal. If they don’t currently have it, they can usually acquire it quickly. Large facilities mean space for less frequently used tools as well. Additionally, RV service centers typically have an entire staff ready to handle an array of issues. 

RV Service Center

Mobile RV repair services can be limited. A mobile tech can only carry so many tools and supplies in their truck. It’s almost impossible to prepare for all situations and circumstances with limited carrying space. You also only get the expertise of one tech rather than a whole crew.

Safety or Risks

When you drop your RV off at a service center, you know it’s not going to stay in one place. Your RV will move in and out of the service center and from one parking spot to another. There’s always a risk of an accident when moving an RV. Many RVers receive phone calls from service centers informing them of damage. While the service center’s insurance will likely cover repair costs, damage to an RV is never good.

Having a mobile RV repair service is not only more convenient but safer as well. You’re able to keep an eye on valuables and your RV for the duration of the repair. 

Mobile RV Service vs. RV Service Centers: The Winner

While both options are great choices, we do think there’s an overall winner. In a perfect situation, you’d have both the convenience of a mobile RV repair company and the cost and reliability of an RV service center. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get the best of both worlds, so let’s look at what we think is the best option. 

RV tire Center

Best Overall: RV Service Center

RV service centers may be less convenient, but they offer the best overall experience. You can take your RV directly to the source and allow them to get to work. RV service centers have access to everything they need, and if they need to order parts, they’ll usually store the RV for you until they arrive. 

Plus, when a technician finds themselves stumped, there are others who they can consult. You want the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians working on your RV. 

Best for a Desperate Situation: Mobile RV Service

Those traveling full-time or who can’t bring their RV in for service will be more likely to opt for mobile RV service. The convenience of someone coming directly to you is invaluable during these situations. Full-time RVers will find it difficult to drop their RV off at a service center.

Mobile rv techs-Are they worth it?

How to Find a Reputable Mobile RV Service Near You

While using Google can help you find mobile RV services near you, nothing beats a personal recommendation. Ask local RV owners for recommendations. If you’re at a campground, ask the host as well.

It may be a good idea to contact your RV dealership and manufacturer, especially if your unit is still under warranty. They likely have a list of preferred and vetted techs who will not only do a good job but are authorized to submit your warranty claim. 

If you cold call Mobile RV repair companies, ask for a list of references or their training and certifications. A reputable mobile RV repair company will be happy to provide you with this information. 

RV Resealing

No one wants to deal with repeated repairs, which is why in-depth research on your repair company can be so important. Thankfully, the RV community is excellent at sharing their experiences. For your situation, which makes more sense when it comes to repairs, a mobile RV tech, or an RV service center?

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Tom Archuleta

Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

When leaving your RV at a service center remove any valuables such as jewelry, guns, any cash, even hand held radios etc. I know that is known ,but at times under difficult circumstances we just need helpful reminders I’m a graduate from school of hard knock’s

John Carston

Monday 14th of February 2022

I appreciate that you explained the importance of considering your situation when planning to have a repair. I have a cousin who has an RV and he is hoping to find a service because he's not able to use his RV due to a transmission problem. Thank you for the tips on how he can find a service that can help him with his concern, I'll tell him the advice that I learned so that he can use his RV again.