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Who Makes Monaco RV Motorhomes?

Owning and running an RV manufacturing business can be risky, especially in times when non-essential purchases decrease as a result of the economy. Monaco Coach Corporation is one RV brand that found itself in that risky territory. However, despite the economic circumstances, Monaco continued turning out high-quality motorhomes. It went from facing financial challenges to becoming a well-respected brand.

Have we piqued your interest? Read on to learn more!

About Monaco Coach Corporation

This brand began RV life in 1968 as the Caribou Manufacturing Company. Originally, it produced truck campers, and the most popular model was called the Monaco. But within nine years, the company had earned its new name, Monaco Coach Corporation, and was producing high-quality, stylish Class A motorhomes

Monaco Dynasty Motorhome
Monaco motorhomes are luxury coaches that range in size from 40′ to 45′ long.

At its peak around 2004, Monaco RV sold $1.2 billion worth of Class A motorcoaches and had more than 6,000 employees. They had gathered several business divisions to build their brand. That included the Roadmaster Chassis division of Chrysler and the Holiday Rambler division of Harley Davidson. But in a few short years, the country experienced a significant decline in recreational vehicle sales.

Monaco Coach Corporation found itself in bankruptcy during the 2008 recession, and its assets were purchased by Navistar International. They were then sold to Allied Specialty Vehicles, which eventually morphed into today’s manufacturer, REV Group.

REV has continued the long-held tradition of building luxurious Monaco coaches through 2017 when they stopped production altogether.

What Is a Monaco RV? 

Monaco RVs are Class A motorhomes for the discerning camper. Monaco owners enjoy superior craftsmanship, powerful chassis, and meticulously designed interiors. Of course, these coaches command respect, with top-of-the-line finishes and quality materials, all built on decades of experience.

Motorhomes of Texas 2019 Monaco Signature C2963

Each Monaco motorhome has a diesel engine. They also include premium appliances, solid tile or hardwood flooring, cherry or maple cabinetry, porcelain tiles, and concrete and leather accents.

Pro Tip: Before you choose a motorhome brand, you need to decide what kind of engine you want. Learn more here: Diesel Pusher vs. Gas Motorhome: Which Class A RV Type Is Better?

Floorplans start at 40′ in length. All include king-sized beds, sleeping spaces for four to eight, and one-and-a-half baths. These rigs also have enough electronics to fill an old Radio Shack! 

In fact, every floorplan offered has a minimum of three TVs. Additionally, they come standard with in-motion satellite service, under-bay lighting, and leather seating. You will definitely feel like a legend in your own Monaco RV. 

Are They Still in Business? 

After struggling through the financial downturn of 2008, Monaco has emerged to maintain its brand under the REV Group. The brand has evolved from making truck campers to luxurious motorhomes.

Now, Monaco offers high-end coaches. And for RVers looking for a unique motorhome with personalized touches, they’ll also design a custom coach from the ground up.

Interior of Monaco Dynasty Class A
Monaco RVs have beautiful hardwood accents, residential appliances, and high-tech features.

Pro Tip: Monaco isn’t the only brand that builds custom RVs. If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill rigs, consider purchasing a custom home on wheels. Find out: How Much Are They and Who Builds Them?

Who Makes Monaco Motorhomes?

What started out as the Caribou Manufacturing Company quickly became Monaco Coach Corporation. The manufacturer went from producing pickup campers in 1968 to motorhomes by 1971. Junction City, OR, was the birthplace, and as sales grew, Monaco established a network of dealers in the Pacific Northwest.

This growth brought on constant changes when the company took on several companies that would aid in the quality construction of these luxury coaches. Placing emphasis on handcrafted detail, Monaco produced only 1,000 motorhomes in 25 years! 

While Monaco Coach Corporation intended to turn out luxurious, dependable coaches, another company focused on creating specialty vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, and recreational vehicles. Allied Specialty Vehicles liked the Monaco brand and purchased its assets after the company came out of bankruptcy in 2013. 

Tour and Test Drive of Monaco Signature Series with Detroit Diesel Series 60

Within two years, Allied had added several affiliate brands, so it changed its name to represent them more accurately. Thus, the REV group was born. Brands under this group include Monaco, Renegade RVs, Holiday Rambler, Fleetwood RVs, American Coach, as well as Lance.

Who Makes Monaco RV Chassis? 

Unlike other manufacturers who use passenger bus chassis, Monaco builds their own chassis specifically designed for motorhome use. It’s called the Roadmaster and it supports the walls, floors, plumbing, and electrical elements of the coach.

This chassis gives the company a head start on creating a structurally sound RV. It accepts the extra weight and function of slides, water tanks, residential appliances, and furniture. Those things aren’t found in a passenger bus. Moreover, by designing their chassis in-house, the build process is more straightforward. 

monaco chassis literature
This is a snippet from a Monaco brochure touting the benefits of their custom chassis.

Monaco RV Motorhome Models 

In earlier days, Monaco Coach Corporation produced seven brands of recreational vehicles. That included Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Beaver Motorcoaches, Safari, McKenzie, R-Vision, and Roadmaster Chassis.

However, after restructuring, the company now offers only one new model under the Monaco name: the Signature. This model has four floorplans. Each is spacious, with subtle but elegant styling and finish work. 

Beaver Motorcoach
Beaver Motorcoach was a former brand under the Monaco Coach Corporation.

Is a Monaco RV for You?

Monaco motorhomes are for those who enjoy traveling in comfort with a hint of splendor thrown in for good measure. The Roadmaster chassis will feel like riding on a cloud. Not to mention, you’ll be fully prepared to camp with every amenity at your fingertips.

If you revel in relaxation and dream of bringing a bit of home with you on every camping trip, a Monaco coach is for you!

Morton's Class A motorhome at night

As we were shopping for a used coach, Monaco checked all the boxes on our must-have list. Want to know what was important to us? Here are the 10 Things We Looked for When Buying Our Used Class A Motorhome.

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Not all Monaco's were diesel, some were gas. And they started at 36 ft for diesel motorhomes, not 40 ft.


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Welcome to the Monaco family. Monaco's are great coaches but like all RV's they have their own quirks and issues. As a fellow Monaco owner (2005 Safari Cheetah 40DST) I recommend you join Bill D's Monacoers (no cost at and also the Monaco group. Both have very helpful owners with great knowledge about the Monaco brand coaches and Class A's in general, especially helpful if you do a lot of your own maintenance and repair. Last month we were at a BDMonocers Gathering in Tampa FL. Learned about something I did not know specific to Monacos that prompted some preventative work that if not done would have lead to some very expensive repairs.


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