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My Magic Carpet: Easily Washable Rugs That Will Change Your Life

No matter if you live in a house or an RV, dirt happens. Normal area rugs are subjected to dirt shoes, spills, accidents, and more, and when they get dirty they can be a real pain to clean. Enter: My Magic Carpet washable rugs.

After switching to these washable rugs in our RV, we don’t think we’ll ever go back. Why? Keep reading to find out how these rugs have simplified our lives, plus a 20% coupon code!

What Is My Magic Carpet?

My Magic Carpet is a patent-pending lightweight, washable rug. It is made out of 100% microfiber polyester with a waterproof lining made of polyurethane. It has been designed so that it fits into any standard-size washing machine – and so that it won’t come apart when washed numerous times.

put my magic carpet directly into your standard washing machine
My Magic Carpet goes directly into your washing machine

The “magic” of this carpet is its simplicity and hassle-free nature. No extra non-slip material is needed because it has its own 100% polyester coating and PVC dots. No intense cleaning procedures are needed, as you can use your normal mild laundry detergent and fabric softener. And there are many colors and designs to choose from for the perfect look in your home or RV.

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How Do You Clean My Magic Carpet?

My Magic Carpet is a one-piece washable rug, meaning you simply toss the entire rug in your washing machine. It is also made of materials that are naturally stain-resistant.  This is by far the best thing about this rug!

No fancy rug cleaners are needed; just use your normal laundry detergent. Even the large rug size fits surprisingly well into a normal household washing machine! 

Wash the rug separately in cold water on a delicate cycle. A fabric softener is also okay to use and can help remove any wrinkles. However, you should not use bleach.

We personally recommend vacuuming the carpet to remove loose dirt, hair, and dander prior to throwing it in the washer. In the case of mud or pet accidents, we also choose to take our rugs outside and hose them off to help in the cleaning process. Because of My Magic Carpet’s waterproof lining, they’ve come very clean very quickly with this process!

my magic carpet being washed at laundromat

Why You Need An Easily Washable RV Rug

Every home has traffic from dirty feet, pets, and playful kids. When you’re out camping, you get even closer to the outdoors…and the dirt. The easier your RV rugs are to wash, the better! 

My Magic Carpet is also a very lightweight and moveable rug. We personally travel with multiple rugs since they take up so little space! This allows us to swap out when one needs washing. Not only does this keep a rug on our floor, but changes up the decor in our RV living room periodically.

my magic carpet washable rug in rv fifth wheel
One of three rug designs we have from My Magic Carpet

What Rugs Are Washable?

My Magic Carpet isn’t the only washable rug out there, but it just may be the superior one. If small enough, normal rugs can be washed in a laundry machine. However, they have been known to come apart, fold weirdly, or fray in as little as the first washing. 

putting washable rug in laundromat
Washing our My Magic Carpet rug at a laundromat

There are several brands of machine-washable rug brands out there. Some of the most popular ones are Ruggable, ReaLife, Yome, Well Woven, Mylife, Shacos, and HEBE. 

For the sake of this article, we’ll compare My Magic Carpet to the popular Ruggable washable rug brand.

My Magic Carpet Vs. Ruggable Washable Rugs

Ruggable and My Magic Carpet are both washable rugs. They both have the benefit of interchangeable designs, are easy to vacuum, and will not slip on your hard floors.

Ruggable is a two-part rug system while My Magic Carpet is a one-piece rug. There are pros and cons to each system, and the best one will be up to you. On one end, the Ruggable two-piece system offers a “classic” or “cushioned” backing that stays in place on your floor and does not get washed. The designed top layer is what goes into your washing machine. This layer is known to curl.

The one-piece My Magic Carpet design makes it possibly a little bulkier to put in the washing machine (which doesn’t really affect it) and a little thinner underfoot. It measures 1/4″ thick. However, reviews have noted that the Ruggable also has a thinner feel than normal rugs.

It has a stitched edge, and we’ve experienced no issues with edge curling.

How Much Do My Magic Carpets Cost? (vs. Ruggable)

Let’s talk a little bit about price. My Magic Carpet 5’ x 7’ Area Rugs cost about $150 (20% off when you apply our special discount code “ONTHEMOVE”!). A Ruggable of the same size costs slightly more at around $200 for the classic backing, $250 for the cushioned backing.

My Magic Carpet only offers 3 sizes at this time: 2.5’x7 runners, 3’ x 5’ area rugs, and 5’x 7’ larger area rugs.

Ruggable offers quite a few more size options, including a doormat, a longer runner, 3 larger area rugs (that probably won’t fit in an RV anyway), and 2 round sizes.

Can You Tumble Dry My Magic Carpet?

Yes, you can tumble dry My Magic Carpet in your dryer. Machine dry the rug separately on low heat or air-dry. The company recommends avoiding high heat settings and removing the rug quickly after they finish to avoid creases. Laying the carpet out soon after will prevent wrinkles.

my magic carpet washable rug in dryer

Do not use an iron to remove wrinkles. Instead, dampen and tumble dry for a few minutes to release creases. Upon initial delivery, your rug will likely have creases. Washing helps, and adding some fabric softener gives it an extra boost. Alternatively, you can wait 24-48 hours for them to flatten on their own. 

What Sizes Do My Magic Carpets Come In?

My Magic Carpet offers 3 different sizes including a runner, a small washable area rug, and a large washable area rug. The runner is 2.5’ wide by 7’ long, the small area rug is 3’ x 5’, and the large is 5’ x 7’. 

Ideal Sizes for RV Rugs

All three of the My Magic Carpet sizes are ideal sizes for RV rugs. The runner will fit most hard floor aisle sections, and the small area rug size is great for living areas. Even the large 5’ x 7’ rug can fit into a larger RV living room space. 

We personally ordered the 3’ x 5’ and 5’ x 7’ My Magic Carpets. We love using the larger size to cover more of our hard flooring in our living room during cooler weather. In warmer temperatures, the small area rug works great to give us just the right amount of coverage and color. 

3' x 5' washable rug by my magic carpet
5′ x 7′ My Magic Carpet and 3′ x 5′ My Magic Carpet

Other Features We Love About My Magic Carpet

There are a number of features we love about our My Magic Carpet washable rugs, but here are our top two:

Pet-Friendly and Pet-Smart Rugs

We travel with dogs, and they have accidents. Prior to My Magic Carpet, we couldn’t get a deep clean in our rug unless we brought it outside and had an area that we could hose, soap, and scrub it. Spot cleaning worked, but we always knew we weren’t getting it all. Plus, we just hated the hand-scrubbing.

With My Magic Carpet, there is a waterproof inner liner that keeps messes from seeping through to the floor beneath. The material is also stain-resistant. So, the whole thing gets picked up and deep cleaned before it goes back on the floor without scrubbing. With multiple rugs, we can instantly have a fresh clean rug back on the floor while the other waits to be machine washed. This was a game-changer for us! We cringe at the thought of going back to non-washable rugs.


We also love the weight of the material. While thinner than normal rugs and perhaps less “cushy,” we personally like its lightweight feel underfoot. It lays down nicely and doesn’t slip when stepped on. They also work with rolling office chairs on top of them.

Because they are lightweight, we can have several colors and shapes onboard our weight-conscious RV. Changing the feel of the room with the season or on a whim is delightful!

Is My Magic Carpet Worth It?

My Magic Carpet was a new journey for us. We were honestly skeptical about washable rugs and how they were going to stand up to our outdoorsy RV life and dogs. We’ve been very pleasantly surprised! While slightly more expensive than a normal area rug might be, the convenience of machine washing and the confidence that our rugs are deep-cleaned is worth it to us. 

Do they sound worth it to you? If so, don’t forget to get 20% off when you shop by using code “ONTHEMOVE” at checkout.

my magic carpet being washed

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