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Million Dollar Motorhome Showdown: Is Newell Coach Better Than a Prevost?

Million Dollar Motorhome Showdown: Is Newell Coach Better Than a Prevost?

When it comes to traveling down the road in ultimate Luxury two goliath brands stand out, Newell Coach and Prevost. Newell Coaches have been at the top of their game for more than 50 years. You’ll travel with all the comforts of home in a Newell. Whether you choose to buy used or build your own, these classy coaches are always worth considering. But is Newell better than Prevost? Let’s compare them and find out.

Newell Coach

What Is a Newell Coach?

A Newell Coach is a high-end RV that allows you to travel in style, with a level of luxury rarely achieved on the road. Unlike other buses modified to become motorhomes, these coaches are specifically designed for a life of travel. You can customize this couch from the ground up to meet your every need, no matter how particular.

Newell Coach Versus Prevost: Which Is Better?

When buying a motorhome, Newell and Prevost rise to the top of quality, luxury, and price. Newell’s floor space, livability, and newer features make these coaches top-notch. You can also upgrade many features to fit your specific needs.

In comparison, Prevost coaches tend to be more heavily styled and offer more storage space. In addition, the newer models tend to have smaller windshields and stainless steel siding.

Both coaches are immensely well-built and tuned driving machines and which is better will mainly come down to personal preference. If however, you have needed to haul heavy the Newell almost always stands out. Newell is known for building coaches with towing capacities of 25,000 lbs or more and gross weights near 90,000lbs! They are heavier and more powerful than most semi-trucks!

Newell Coach Engine

To summarize, if you’re looking for class and flashy, the Prevost is a good option. If you are looking for ultimate mechanical capability Newell all the way.

What Makes a Newell Coach Special

The coaches have a Cummins 605-horsepower engine , ZF StabilRide active suspension, EasiSteer electronic steering assistant, and an active steering tag axle. Let’s look at a few more things that make these coaches special.

Newell Chassis

Newell custom engineers its chassis. That makes each one a unique and luxurious experience. The welded cross-members help reduce flex and twist while you drive. Yet, the design is still extremely strong.

Newel Chassis

Because of the custom chassis design, it enables Newell to build very unique designs to fit each coach’s needs with slides and layout. The custom chassis is also designed for immense weights, exceeding every other rig on the road in hauling capacity.

While not unique to Newell many of their coaches have retracting floors to allow for solid flat floors in the slides. Their design for this is custom and designed right into the chassis.

Newell Retracting Flooring
Caitlin Pointing out how the slide-out flooring is completely flush due to the drop-down design of the middle piece.


You can get exactly what you want with a Newell Coach. There are a variety of options for everything from floor plans to entry points. Design your motorhome to your specific needs and collaborate with the company to walk away with your dream RV.

Custom RV bathroom


All Newell RVs contain the new state-of-the-art Intrepid Coach Management System. The HD digital dashboard comes with touchscreens in the pilot overhead, gallery, and bedroom. This includes 360 camera monitoring and security cameras.

Floor Plans and Specs

There are several floor plans to choose from while designing your coach. However, clients are also welcome to create their own designs to suit their needs better. Newell coaches have 200 gallons of fuel capacity. The buses are more than 13 feet tall and 102 inches wide. You’ll usually find four slide-outs along the 45 feet of this motorhome. 

Newell Slideouts

How to Buy a Newell Coach

You can buy right from the Newell website. You can browse all of Newell’s inventory to see if anything catches your eye. Or custom design your own RV.

Who Does Newell Coach Sell To?

Newell Coach sells to all travelers interested in luxury motorhomes, especially ones who prioritize maximum floor space and practicality. These RVs focus on luxury. They’re great for customers who know exactly what they want. Celebrities, musicians, and racecar drivers are common newell owners. Anyone with the budget and dream of the ultimate coach can buy one, however.

Prevost coaches tend to be styled more extravagantly, with fewer options for floor plans. This might be better for RVers who aren’t interested in designing their whole RV top to bottom.

Tour a $2 Million Dollar Luxury RV! | 2019 Newell Coach Walkthrough seen at the 2018 Tampa RV Show

How Much Does a Newell Coach Cost?

Newell Coaches don’t come cheap. They can cost $1.25 million on the low end and easily climb over $2.2 million on the higher end. These prices may vary when building your own coach or buying used. By comparison, Prevost coaches are slightly more cost-effective. Older ones could fall under $100,000 if you’re lucky, though new ones can cost $1.2 million or more.

About Newell Coach

Newell Coach started up more than 50 years ago on the idea that excellent customer service, innovation, and quality would set them apart. Since then, they’ve acted on those principles to become a leading RV manufacturer.

Where Are Newell Motorhomes Made?

Newell Coach started in northeast Oklahoma and still operates out of Oklahoma to this day. They make every coach in Miami, OK.

Newell Coach Factory Tour: Hand Built In Oklahoma! (2+ Million Dollar RV Build)

Who Owns Newell Coach?

L.K. Newell started the company more than 50 years ago, in 1967. He entered the industry by accident after coming into possession of a Streamline motorhome. Newell had a few fixes for the RV, but when he presented them to Airstream, the company challenged him to start his own business if he thought he could improve on their RV. He did just that, and Newell Coach is still thriving to this day.

Since 1979, Karl and Alice Blade have managed the company, along with their daughter Becky Dwyer and her husband, Pat Dwyer. 

Is a Newell Coach Worth It?

Newell Coaches are the kind of high-quality products made with the consumer in mind. They’re designed for ease, whether it’s driving or relaxing, and can make life on the road much more comfortable. They use long-lasting materials, so you know you’re getting the best product for the price. Of course, you’ll pay a premium for all of that, but if you have the cash, it can be worth it.

While these gorgeous coaches are pricey, they’re also high quality and last a long time. This company has a large fanbase, and it’s easy to see why. The RVs exceed all expectations. If you want to enjoy the comforts of home without cutting out travel, Newell Coach is full of impressive options. Have you ever driven one?

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Larry Holcombe

Friday 29th of April 2022

I cannot understand why anyone that is going to spend 2 million plus on a motor home would consider anything but a ground up builder. That of course is Newell and with their impeccable reputation for customer service and beyond belief quality, to me it’s a no Brainer.

Prevost conversions are wonderful coaches but Newell is the innovator and the conversions follow. Newell designs and builds their chassis to accommodate the customers floor plan. Prevost conversions build the coach to adapt to a Canadian chassis.

Bill Shears

Thursday 31st of March 2022

I appreciate someone having their own opinion regarding competing products. I despise low-rent shills merely mouth-servicing one brand in a biased, woefully thin article that is purported to be a "comparison" piece. All we "learned" about Prevost vehicles is they have "smaller windshields" and are clad with "stainless steel". The most glaring omission is the fact that Newell is a ground up manufacturer of luxury coaches, while Prevost builds bus bodies (very high quality bus bodies) that are converted into motorcoaches by third parties. How anyone could write an article regarding the two brands and fail to mention that only proves that one would be well advised to maintain a high level of skepticism when it comes to internet information.

Mortons on the Move

Friday 1st of April 2022

Thank you for your feedback. Before this article, we wrote a separate article going into much greater detail about Prevost motorhomes. You can find that article here:

Alexander Kalesnikoff

Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

I agree with the above four comments. Foretravel is omitted, not much said about Prevost when comparison made. I believe if you make any comparisons, bring out the facts, being neutral is the best way of making future comments and comparisons.

Bill Morgan

Sunday 11th of July 2021

For a "Newell vs. Prevost" article there isn't much about Prevost in this Newell advertisement.


Sunday 11th of July 2021

I agree. Seems like an advertisement.


Sunday 11th of July 2021

You didn't look at the Newell competition very close-- Foretravel-- is in the custom coach building and their coaches are in same class as Newell

Mortons on the Move

Sunday 11th of July 2021

Yes they are! This article is mainly about Newell, but I plan to write a Fortravel article too. They are beautiful rigs!