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What’s So Special About Nimbl Campers?

What’s So Special About Nimbl Campers?

Overland expedition vehicles are booming in popularity right now. This is partially due to better vehicles and technologies that make them better than ever. Nimbl is a company that specializes in taking the latest technologies and building them together into the best, most capable, and most flexible expedition vehicles. We love truck campers and have built our own overland truck camper, but the team at Nimbl is offering what we put together and more in an out-the-door ready to go package.

Their campers provide more storage and living space, and the manufacturing process at Nimbl is one-of-a-kind. Let’s look at what’s so special about these Nimbl vehicles!

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Who Is Nimbl?

Judd Newman saw the need for a different kind of camper through his experiences traveling and working in the RV industry. He created Nimbl “to fill the chasm between small campers and large expedition vehicles.” 

These truck campers can take you off-road to find the best views and travel closer to trailheads. They’re convenient to maneuver and strong enough to withstand high winds and extreme conditions. Sturdy yet lightweight and minimal but practical qualities define the Nimbl vehicles. 

Nimbl off roading
Nimbl truck campers are perfect for off-roading adventures.

What Kind of Campers Does Nimbl Vehicles Sell?

Nimbl does more than just campers as they offer a unique truck bed and can build out a vehicle for rugged overland expeditions. However, it’s their campers that really catch the eye.

Nimbl builds their Nimbl Evolution truck camper on a one-ton scale. With a design for harsh weather and rough terrain, this Nimbl vehicle experiences performance testing from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina. Aerodynamic and weatherproof, it’s tough but aesthetically pleasing for a modern and functional feel. Whether you have a Ford F-350 or a RAM 3500, Nimbl can craft a truck camper to suit your camping needs.

Nimbl also manufactures the Evolution Max for off-roaders who want a larger platform. They adapted the Evolution for a larger chassis to provide the same aerodynamic design and amenities while beefing up the muscle. If you have a Ford F-550 or similar vehicle, the Evolution Max might be your new truck camper.

Each build has vibration cup mounts and interlocking aluminum panels instead of welding. This allows for more flex when traveling off-road. The builds also feature four large storage compartments and a multifunctional rear storage drawer/table.

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What Makes Nimbl Campers Unique?

From our perspective, Nimbl has taken a lot of the best overland concepts and combined them into a single well-engineered package. Basically, if you want the best off-road vehicle that can support life for an extended time off the grid, Nimbl has figured it out.

One unique feature of Nimbl is that they build their campers on flatbed trucks. These aren’t the traditional slide-in or pop-up trailers that other manufacturers build. They handcraft Nimbl vehicles with customized features to make the camping experience nearly perfect. If you need an auxiliary fuel tank, bike storage, or a spare tire, Nimbl can create the most comfortable and functional camper.

Extremely large water storage and battery banks also allow for extended time off the grid. The Nimbl Evolution uses technology from expedition yachts. There’s a hydraulic lifting roof and rooftop solar panels. The lifting section telescopes over hard walls to create a mostly hard-sided popup camper. The cabins are seamless monocoque fiberglass to eliminate leaks. Excellent insulation keeps the indoor temperature comfortable.

But all these features mean nothing without superior craftsmanship. The Nimbl team tests the campers in harsh weather conditions and across the rugged terrain of five continents. The result is quality, a trailer you can trust to get you from Point A to Point B repeatedly.

Nimbl logo
Nimbl campers are made for flatbed trucks.

What Are the Benefits Of a Flatbed Truck Camper?

The uniqueness of a flatbed truck camper has its benefits. We built a flatbed truck for our camper, but our camper is not a flatbed camper. We are well aware of the benefits a well-designed flatbed camper brings.

First, there’s more storage space in a flatbed camper because of the square bottom. This could mean more external storage for gear or internal storage for gadgets depending on the customization. Also, because of the square base, you have more interior space. This gives owners more options for floorplans and amenities. You likely won’t hear a camper complain about more storage or interior space!

Another advantage of a flatbed truck camper like a Nimbl model is the increased stability for off-roading. The entire base is on the truck bed. So when you’re trekking through remote locations and driving down dirt paths or washboard roads, a flatbed truck camper will handle much better.

Where Are Nimbl Campers Made?

The 5-acre Nimbl facility is in Northern California. You can even come and test-drive a Nimbl vehicle here. The company also offers overland training. Sitting off I-80 in Colfax, Nimbl is easily accessible. It’s less than an hour from Sacramento and over an hour from Tahoe City. So whether you’re interested in purchasing a Nimbl vehicle or want to learn more about how production works, consider visiting the facility in Colfax, CA.

Nimble truck camper in forest
Customize your perfect Nimbl truck camper to fit all of your needs.

How Do You Buy A Nimbl Camper?

Because of the extreme customization, there are steps each owner goes through with the Nimbl team to start the ownership process.

1. Pick Your Platform

First, you pick the truck. Choose the Nimbl Evolution for a 1-ton truck or the Evolution Max for a larger platform. You can also purchase a Nimbl habitat, including the flatbed and camper.

2. Choose Your Habitat

You’ll choose from the three packages: Classic Camper, Custom Camper, or Carbon Camper. These will vary in price because of customization options and upgrades, but they start at $287,000, including the habitat and flatbed.

3. Identify Performance Upgrades

Finally, you’ll determine what you need to make your Nimbl vehicle the best camper for you. The Nimbl team will help you choose the perfect suspension for your camping lifestyle and whether a gas or diesel engine is best. You’ll also select the best tires and rims for your terrain and climate. Finally, you can add a unique lighting package to the front and rear bumpers.

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Nimbl camper at night
Nimbl vehicles are prepared to take you anywhere you dream of exploring.

Overlanders don’t want to be restricted or confined. They want campers that can take them anywhere they want to go. Many want expedition vehicles that can seem impossible to build. Overlanders often prefer trailers that give them complete independence. Nimbl vehicles can do that. Overlanders have the freedom to roam anywhere they want in a Nimbl camper.

What’s the Difference Between a Four Wheel Camper and a Nimbl Camper?

Four Wheel campers and Nimbl campers are both very well-made. Both brands equip their truck campers with quality amenities like Battle Born batteries. However, Four Wheel Campers build a more traditional pop-up camper that’s best suited for smaller vehicles.

Still, they build their flatbed campers with aluminum. The frame is welded aluminum, and the roof and siding are aluminum. As a result, the Four Wheel Camper flatbed campers start at around $37,000.

Nimbl campers are in a class of their own. From the seamless monocoque fiberglass and carbon fiber design to the proprietary hydraulic lifting roof and the robust 1+ ton platform, you won’t find another truck camper brand like it. There’s a reason they cost $200,000 or more.

How Much Is a Nimbl Vehicle?

If you want to purchase a habitat and vehicle, the starting price is $287,000. If you have a truck and enjoy the truck camper, the cost varies based on the package and customizable options. Some owners spend up to $400,000 on their Nimbl vehicle to make it exactly what they want to enjoy overlanding the way they prefer.

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Is Nimbl a Good Company?

While a Nimbl vehicle is best for two or three people, a family of four took out an Evolution and marveled at the capabilities and overall spacious interior.  Graeme Bell wrote, “The power and handling of the vehicle are perfectly suited to hard-driving, and the build of the camper inspires confidence no matter the climate.”

He also commented, “The composting toilet was surprisingly effective and odor-free after vigorous stirring, and the hot shower was more than adequate on a cold morning.” Finally, Bell mentioned how the cold night didn’t damper his family’s experience: “Cooking and washing dishes was a painless affair in the large galley, and strategically placed roof-mounted fans extracted steam, odors, and moisture, with all on-board power coming from an 800 Ah LiFePO4 DC power system. Even 10°F could not dampen our moods as the Webasto heater, plumbed to the main fuel tank, pumped warm air all night long with little influence on the fuel level.”

So if you’re looking for an overlanding vehicle that will take you anywhere you want, consider a Nimbl camper. The customer service is exceptional. The team is experienced and ready to serve you before, during, and after the sale. If adventure is what you’re looking for, head over to the Nimbl website and start building your expedition vehicle!

Would a Nimbl camper be suitable for your next adventure? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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