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What Is a Nobo Trailer?

What Is a Nobo Trailer?

If you’ve been pining for a small travel trailer of your own but dread spending money on a large tow vehicle to take it anywhere, meet your new best friend–the No Boundaries camper or Nobo trailer. This unique RV offers many advantages, from its low weight to its rugged versatility.

Let’s find out more about Nobo trailers and whether they’re right for you.  

What Is a Nobo Trailer? 

Nobo (short for No Boundaries) trailers are a line of lightweight towable RVs for outdoor lovers. With relatively low dry weights, both 4- and 6-cylinder vehicles can tow Nobo trailers, meaning you won’t have to invest in an expensive truck to pull it. 

Ford F-150 towing a Nobo Trailer
You can tow a Nobo trailer with most mid-size trucks and SUVs.

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Nobo trailers also include special features that let you take them places other campers can’t go, including larger diameter tires, higher clearances, and quality suspension. They also include storage for your favorite toys, from bikes to kayaks to surfboards. 

Who Makes No Boundaries? 

Forest River RV makes No Boundaries campers. Nobo trailers are just one of the dozens of brands this parent company produces, including Georgetown, Sunseeker, Riverstone, and Sierra. Forest River RV is part of the larger Forest River Inc., which also manufactures boats, buses, and commercial trucks, among other items. 

No Boundaries camper logo
No Boundaries campers are just one of the many travel trailer brands manufactured by Forest River.

Where Are No Boundaries Trailers Manufactured? 

Nobo trailers are manufactured at Forest River’s facility in Elkhart, Indiana. This is also where the company’s corporate headquarters are. The facility includes a 20,000 square foot pre-delivery inspection building, where units undergo rigorous testing to ensure there are no problems with the electrical systems, plumbing, and gas systems. 

Nobo Trailer Models

You can group No Boundaries campers into three categories: 10, 19, and 20 series. Here’s a closer look at what sets them apart from one another. 

10 Series

The 10 Series are the smallest and lightest of all Nobo trailers and are commonly used for overlanding. Factory standard versions weigh less than 2,000 pounds and are a hair under 14 feet long. Inside, they offer plenty of storage space, as well as a common area for relaxing or sleeping.

2021 No Boundaries 10.6 Off Road Overland Camping Trailer NoBo @ Couchs RV Nation Walkthrough Tours

The NB10.6 model is actually a tiny toy hauler. It includes a back ramp so you can store and remove all of your favorite equipment. It’s important to note these models don’t include bathrooms.

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19 Series

The 19 Series is the next step up on the No Boundaries camper list and includes all the features you’d expect from a typical travel trailer. All models weigh less than 5,000 pounds and range from 21 to 24ft long.

These models all include full bathrooms and kitchens, while other aspects of their layouts differ depending on your needs. For example, you can find units with Murphy beds or standard RV beds that are available at all times. Still, other 19 Series trailers include bunks or additional storage for your gear. 

Nobo trailer Murphy bed
This is a Murphy bed in a 19 Series Nobo. Notice the storage cubies underneath and wardrobe cabinets on the sides.

20 Series

This is the newest line of Nobo trailers. As such, details are still a bit scarce. But the NB20.4 model appears to include a Murphy bed, full kitchen and bathroom, entertainment center, spacious dinette, and 14ft exterior awning. 

The Benefits of a Nobo Trailer

We’ve already mentioned the biggest and most distinctive benefit of Nobo trailers–the ability to tow them without needing a huge truck. This opens up the travel trailer universe to millions who otherwise wouldn’t get one.

Additionally, both inside and outside the No Boundaries camper, you’ll find plenty of space to store outdoor gear. The carefully designed interior layouts make the most of the available space, providing a comfortable home for any RVer. 

Overhead cabinets inside a Nobo trailer
Unlike some other lightweight travel trailers, No Boundaries campers don’t skimp on storage space.

The Disadvantages of a Nobo Trailer

If you travel with a large number of people or put a premium on a spacious trailer, Nobos might disappoint you. The largest of the brand’s offerings, the NB19.6, is just over 24ft long. The most sleeping capacity comes in the NB19.8, which includes one bed and a bunkhouse.

This means you can only sleep 4 or 5 people at most—unless you want to be packed in like sardines. That’s not bad for such a small trailer, but it’s not ideal for everyone.

Also, Nobo trailers have just 30-gallon fresh, black, and grey water tanks, meaning you’ll be limited in how long you can camp off-grid without refilling or dumping your tanks.

Nobo trailer bunk access door for storage
Some bunkhouse models include a small access door for reaching the storage area under the bunk bed.

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Features of a Nobo Trailer

Nobo trailers are absolutely packed with carefully considered and useful features. The 10 Series models come standard with portable Bluetooth speakers, LED interior lights, USB charging stations, and optional upgrades like air conditioners, 12V TVs, gear holders, and more. 

The more full-featured 19 Series includes all of the standard 10 Series features plus glass recessed cooktops and high-performance vinyl furniture. Additional upgrades include handy options like a central vacuuming system or an outdoor “bush kitchen” with a flat-top grill.

Central Vacuum System in a No Boundaries camper
A central vacuuming system is just one of the many options you can get on a Nobo trailer.

How Much Does a No Boundaries Camper Weigh? 

The short answer is not as much as most other travel trailers! For the sake of comparison, we’ll look at unloaded vehicle weight, also known as UVW. This is the unit’s weight fresh from the manufacturer before any personal belongings, water, or fuel are added. The lightest No Boundaries camper, the NB10.5 model, has a UVW of just 1,570 lbs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the heaviest Nobo trailer is the NB19.6, which has a UVW of 4,284 lbs. The remaining models are somewhere in between, with the majority in the 3,000-4,000-lb range. 

How Much Does a Nobo Trailer Cost? 

Unfortunately, these carefully crafted trailers aren’t exactly cheap. New 10 Series models tend to sell in the mid $20,000s, depending on which features you’ve included. You can find used ones in the $15,000-$20,000 range. 

No Boundaries camper
While not the cheapest travel trailers, Nobos offer a lot of value to their owners.

New versions of the larger 19 Series No Boundaries camper sell for between $40,000 and $50,000, with used models approximately $10,000-$20,000 less, depending on age, condition, and features. 

Pro Tip: Read our buying guide, How to Buy an Awesome RV Without Breaking the Bank, before going all-in on a Nobo.

Is a Nobo Trailer Worth It?

Nobo trailers are a unique RV that, to be sure, aren’t suitable for everyone. Those seeking bigger or more luxurious trailers may be disappointed by the relatively small size and utilitarian style. 

However, those seeking a full-featured trailer you can tow without upgrading to a one-ton truck will love this lightweight marvel. No Boundaries campers are also perfect for overlanders who need storage space for their essential off-roading gear

If this sounds like you, you’re likely just the right kind of person for a Nobo trailer. 

Nobo trailer at a gas station
Whether you’re off-roading or navigating a gas station, you won’t have trouble maneuvering a Nobo.

Can you see yourself traveling in a No Boundaries camper? Drop a comment below.

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Friday 14th of October 2022

We bought a 2022 no bo travel trailer, 16.6,. Very much disappointed in it ..cost 35,000 and we actually remodeled the whole inside, I have more complaints to mention, but I'm going to contact the main corporation on the no boundaries . Please don't spend the money way to much for the wasted space, the cheapness of the trailer, and the description the advertise it to be .

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 15th of October 2022

So sorry to hear about that, but thanks for sharing your experience.