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Who Makes Northern Lite Truck Campers?

Northern Lite truck campers are found on the road year-round. Despite sun, snow, and rain, you’ll see RVers in these rigs exploring all North America has to offer. But quality campers like these don’t just appear out of thin air. Behind every four-season RV is a dedicated manufacturer hard at work.

So who makes Northern Lite truck campers? Let’s find out!

Who Makes Northern Lite Truck Campers? 

Northern Lite makes Northern Lite truck campers at their manufacturing facility in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. In this facility, everything from the fiberglass shop to the plumbing department is state of the art.

They also pride themselves on inspecting every camper throughout the manufacturing process, not just at the end of the assembly line. 

Kelowna B.C., Canada
This is Kelowna B.C., Canada – the home of Northern Lite.

About Northern Lite

Northern Lite is one of the best brand names out there when it comes to truck campers. They’ve been manufacturing campers for more than 30 years. You can find Northern Lites at RV dealers all across Canada and the U.S.

In 2017, KV Capital acquired Northern Lite as part of its private equity fund. KV Capital’s lineup of investments also includes Off Grid Trailers and Escape Trailer. Even though KV Capital acquired Northern Lite, one of its early owners, Mac Donkin, still directs the company. Donkin bought Northern Lite with fellow entrepreneur Lloyd Gartrell in the early 90s. 

What Kind of Truck Campers Does Northern Lite Make?

The name says it all. Northern Lite makes lightweight, four-season truck campers. Currently, they manufacture 13 different models. Whether you’re looking for a simple short bed unit with a wet bath or a fully-loaded long bed camper with a dry bath, Northern Lite has it. 

Northern Lite interior
Northern Lite truck campers are spacious and have all the amenities you need for travel.

Their truck campers also come in three editions. The Sportsman Plus units are excellent options if you enjoy boondocking. They come standard with three 200W solar panels. The 2024 Sportsman Plus Editions also include an upgraded dinette. The seating in both the 9-6 and 8-11 models has been increased by 9” to an extremely roomy 46”.

Next up are the Special Edition units. These are some of the lightest four-season truck campers on the market. But that doesn’t mean they lack amenities. You’ll have everything you need to stay comfortable in this adventure vehicle, including a high-end queen-size mattress, a 20,000 BTU auto light furnace, a heated basement, and more.

2021 8-11 Limited Edition - Full Walk Through

Last but not least are Northern Lite’s Limited Edition truck campers. If you’re looking for a truck camper with a residential feel for full-time truck camper living, this may be the one.

The Limited Edition models include all of the Special Edition features, plus several upgrades. The interior comes with a solid Sapele hardwood table, premium leatherette seating, and S4 Deluxe -Dometic windows

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What Is Special About Northern Lite Campers?

Northern Lite puts a lot of effort into making truck campers any RVer would be proud to own. So what makes these campers stand out? Let’s look at four things Northern Lite offers that you don’t always get with other truck camper brands.

Two-Piece Fiberglass Construction

Water damage and structural problems won’t be as much of a worry with Northern Lite campers. Every model has two-piece fiberglass construction. By eliminating the extra seams found in other truck campers, they’ve given their owners greater peace of mind. 

Northern Lite hardwood cabinetry
Northern Lite offers beautiful hardwood cabinetry that will stand the test of time.

Hardwood Cabinets

Your cabinets get jarred and jolted every time your RV hits a bump in the road. They’re also susceptible to moisture in the air from showers or humid climates.

Over time, wood substitutes like particle board or laminate may start to degrade or even mold. The folks at Northern Lite have considered these issues and built their truck campers with durable hardwood cabinets that can stand the test of time.

Four-Season Insulation

Every Northern Lite is a four-season camper. That means RVers will stay comfortable winter, spring, summer, and fall in a fully-insulated RV with an R-7 insulation value. All models include ducted heating, thermal pane windows and skylights, and heated tanks.

Northern Lite Truck Campers - Built for Adventure

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Six-Year Structural Warranty

Northern Lite has gone the extra mile by offering a six-year structural warranty on all models in addition to their one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If the structural integrity of your RV is failing, this brand will make it right. 

Is Northern Lite Your Truck Camper Brand of Choice?

There are many fantastic truck camper brands these days, but not all of them can say they’ve been manufacturing four-season campers for more than 30 years. If you’re looking for quality options and an RV that can withstand Mother Nature’s worst, Northern Lite could be your brand of choice.

Northern Lite truck camper in snow
In a Northern Lite camper, you’ll stay comfortable no matter the weather.

Have you ever checked out Northern Lite truck campers? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Thursday 30th of September 2021

Watched the Northern Lite video link and was most impressed with this: "Northern Lite is the only North American truck camper to achieve a 5-Star rating." And they have done it for 15 years in a row! Wow, that's impressive.

Unusual fact: Our son Reid lives in Kelowna. There is a an intersection (Sexmith & Hwy 97) less than one kilometer from the Northern Lite's plant called "Reid's Corner".