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Who Makes Northstar Truck Campers?

Today we’ll learn who makes the Northstar truck camper. When contemplating businesses to support, family-owned businesses with customer service and quality are top priorities. We’re often even willing to pay more to support those in their hometown. 

So when it comes to purchasing a truck camper, what company stands out as a hometown, family-owned business? Meet Northstar. Four generations of Willets have worked to make the best truck campers on the market. Let’s learn more.

Who Makes Northstar Truck Campers?

No giant company has bought out Northstar. They remain a family-owned and operated business in Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

In fact, Trucker Magazine returned to the factory in 2010 after having visited just two years prior and mentioned how little had changed. The magazine celebrated that Northstar was going strong and keeping its focus to continue making quality truck campers.

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About Northstar

In 1955 in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the Willett family began making truck campers. At first, the father and son duo ran the operation under the name Texson Campers. When the son (Rex) took over in the 1980s, the company began manufacturing under the name Northstar. 

They have been available through dealers since 1961. And they’ve remained a family-operated business with Ryan, Rex’s oldest son, as the fourth-generation family member to work at Northstar.

Where Are Northstar Truck Campers Made?

Northstar truck campers are manufactured in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Willet family has stayed loyal to that area since the company’s beginnings in 1955. The factory is located at the corner of Leversee Road and Airline Highway.

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Northstar Campers in parking lot
Made in the U.S.A., Northstar Campers are high quality truck camper options.

What Kind of Campers Does Northstar Make?

Northstar has focused its attention on one style: truck campers. This focus has led the company to produce quality, dependable rigs that last for decades.

And with a family-owned business like Northstar, the customer service is top-notch. You can get pop-up and hard-sided ones. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Pop-Up Truck Campers

The Northstar pop-up truck campers feature a Happijac (4220) four corner jacks system over the truck bed. Four of the five offer a 30-gallon freshwater tank, while the smallest option, the 600SS, only has a 17-gallon tank. 

The company has two self-contained pop-up truck campers, meaning it has an interior shower and toilet. The 600SS model has a dry weight of 1,258 lbs, a 6’11” height when open, and an overall length of 12’2”. The 850SC model has a dry weight of 1,785 lbs, a 6’8” height when open, and an overall length of 15’.

Northstar pop-up camper
Head out on your next adventure in a Northstar pop-up truck camper.

Hard-sided Truck Campers

You can also get hard-sided Northstar truck campers. They feature fiberglass siding, a walk-on rubber roof, and a Happijac (4220) four corner jacks system. 

Obviously, the hard-sided campers weigh more than the pop-up ones, so you want to check your truck’s payload capacity. The cheapest option, the Liberty, starts around $30,600 with a 6’4” interior height, an overall length of 14’5”, and a dry weight of 1,775 lbs.

Hard-sided Northstar camper.
If hard-sided campers are more your style, Northstar has you covered!

Are Northstar Campers 4-Season?

These campers are considered 4-season, so you can use these campers in any weather condition. The pop-up truck campers can come with a “Sub Zero” package add-on, further protecting against rough winter weather.

The hard-sided ones come standard with insulated windows. A Northstar truck camper can handle all seasons.

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Line of Northstar campers
Northstar truck campers come with quality construction and improved upon designs.

Why Choose a Northstar Truck Camper?

If you tour the facility, you may see a husband and wife or father and son working together on the production line. This family atmosphere permeates throughout the factory and behind-the-scenes in business decisions. 

Because Northstar only focuses on building truck campers, you also know you will get quality construction. They listen to their customers to improve their designs and craftsmanship. And they don’t compete for the attention of all travelers. Northstar creates home-away-from-home truck campers and nothing else.

Quality Construction

Every camper has quality construction materials. Every joint is glued and then reinforced with steel screws. The wiring, gas, and plumbing systems go through strict quality assessments to meet code requirements. 

Northstar truck camper on a truck
Northstar truck campers are excellent for solo travelers and adventurous families.

Variety of Sizes and Floorplans

Currently, you can choose from five 2022 Northstar pop-up camper options. You can find the perfect fit for your truck because they have a short, standard, and long bed option.

The cheapest model, the 600SS for smaller trucks starts around $23,000. It features a 6’3” length floor with a north/south extended cabover bed, a 3.7 cubic foot three-way fridge, and a glass top two-burner stove, all under 1,300 lbs empty.

The most expensive option in the pop-up line is the 850SC for a full-size truck with either a standard short bed (6′ 4″ to 6’10”) or a long bed (8′). This unit features a north/south RV queen bed and a 3.7 cubic foot three-way fridge. It also has an exterior and interior shower/cassette toilet combination for under 1,800 lbs empty. This model starts at around $28,000.

You get seven hard-sided options ranging from $36,500 to $46,900. Again, designed for all bed sizes, you’ll find one that fits your truck no matter what the size. The 9.5 Igloo U and 12 STC only work for long beds. These are the two most expensive options. 

The 12 STC (Stay The Course) has the longest floor plan ever built by Northstar at 12 ft. It features an 8 cubic foot double-door fridge, a three-burner stove with an oven and microwave, a double sink, a dry shower with cassette toilet, and an extended cabover bed.

With so many different sizes and weights, whether you have a heavy-duty Dodge Ram or a smaller Toyota Tacoma, you’ll find an option that fits your bed length. And when you do, you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable camping trip.

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850 SC NorthStar Truck Camper, 2020 model - Walkthrough Tour

Is a Northstar Truck Camper Right for You?

If you travel solo and want a camper with easy set-up and convenience, consider the Northstar truck campers. Even couples taking weekend trips or longer getaways to primitive locations will find that Northstar offers quality and variety. 

Campers who want to get off-road and into those hard-to-reach locations may consider a Northstar truck camper.

Have you started browsing the floor plans yet? Which one catches your eye? Drop a comment below!

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Cathie Leslie

Monday 3rd of January 2022

When looking for a truck camper, we checked out Northstar 850 SC. (After eliminating hard side we focused on pop up style campers.) We settled on Hallmark, another family owned built in the US (Colorado) company. We've been quite happy with our choice.

Colleen Breske

Friday 31st of December 2021

I travel 3 to 4 months .extensively every year and live in my Northstar Arrow with hubby and Hobie (adventure cat). My truck camper is now 4 years old and still in great shape. It has been the perfect RV for our needs. Very well designed and built. We were able to customize it a quite a bit and Northstar and Rex Willet provide amazing customer service. For anyone in the market for a truck camper, I would recommend checking them out. We are not affiliated in any way… just big fans of Northstar.

Mortons on the Move

Friday 7th of January 2022

That's great! Thanks for sharing your experience! :)