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Who Is nuCamp RV?

The world’s largest manufacturer of teardrop and truck campers is in Sugarcreek, Ohio, along the Belden Parkway. With a mission “to build the exceptional,” nuCamp delivers every RV with handcrafted construction and innovative design.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a teardrop or truck camper. If so, you certainly want to look at this thriving company in the heart of Amish country. Let’s learn more about nuCamp!

How nuCamp RV Got Started

In 2004, Joe Mullet began building teardrop campers after longing to create something more than lawn furniture. He founded Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers a year later and left his garage.

Within the first year, Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers hand-built 50 campers. However, like many RV manufacturers, the 2008 recession took a toll, and Pleasant Valley ceased operations.

nuCamp RV
nuCamp’s mission is “to build the exceptional.”

As Joe worked to rebuild his company, he eventually rebranded it to nuCamp to honor the community’s German heritage. Joe and his employees have worked hard to make nuCamp the world’s largest manufacturer of teardrop campers.

Over the last several years, nuCamp has hosted its annual uCamp Teardrop Trailer Rally. The 2022 event will be held in June at the Winklepleck Grove Campground in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

Are nuCamp and Little Guy the Same Company?

Following the 2008 recession, Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers acquired the rights to build the TAB teardrop camper from Dutchmen RV and created the TAG teardrop trailer. The TAB teardrop campers originally began in Germany, another nod to their community’s German heritage.

Little Guy Trailers is a teardrop manufacturer known for the Max, Mini Max, Micro Max, and MyPod campers. While their trailers may look similar, this company is separate from nuCamp.

Originally, Little Guy helped distribute the TAB and TAG teardrop trailers when nuCamp was under the Pleasant Valley name. Once the name changed, however, nuCamp assumed the distribution.

nuCamp TAB
nuCamp TAB
Little Guy Mini Max
Little Guy Mini Max

What Products Does nuCamp make?

nuCamp’s most well-known and best-selling campers are the teardrop camper models. The TAG and TAB units are in high demand. When nuCamp acquired the rights to build the TAB teardrop camper, they also started manufacturing the Cirrus truck campers. The Barefoot trailer has yet to be released but has been in the works for years.

TAG Teardrop Campers

The TAG and TAG XL teardrop campers sleep two and feature a vast stargazing window. The most significant difference is the TAG XL is wider. The rear galley of the TAG XL has extra storage space, but both models have a sink and a two-burner stove. The “convenience package” adds a microwave.

The TAG and TAG XL measure 13’ 7” in length with 43” of interior height. The TAG is 6’ 8” wide, while the TAG XL is a foot wider. Both have eight-gallon fresh water tanks. The dry weight of the TAG model is 1,269 lbs, and the dry weight of the TAG XL model is 1,369 lbs.

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row of TAG teardrop trailers
nuCamp RV manufactures tiny teardrop campers called TAGs.

TAB Teardrop Campers

The TAB teardrop campers come in three floorplans: the 320 S, the CS-S Clamshell, and the 400. The 320 S is the most popular nuCamp unit. It features a full or split bed, wet bath with cassette toilet, and galley kitchen, including a stainless steel sink, a two-burner stove, and a 12v refrigerator.

The “convenience package” includes a solar roof package and central air conditioning. The 320 S measures 15′ 3″ in length, 69” in interior height, and 6′ 8″ in width with a dry weight of 1,946 lbs.

The CS-S Clamshell is the same size as the 320 S but slightly heavier with a dry weight of 2,075 lbs. The interior features a dinette that converts to a sleeping area. The kitchen has been moved to the rear hatch instead of inside the living space.

The rear galley has pass-through storage cabinets, a 12v refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and a stainless steel sink. Like the 320 S model, the CS-S Clamshell has a wet bath with a cassette toilet.

nuCamp TAB teardrop camper
The TAB 320 S is nuCamp’s most popular offering.

The largest teardrop trailer by nuCamp is the TAB 400. It’s three feet longer at 18′ 3″ and wider at 7′ 6″ with a dry weight of 2,840 lbs. In contrast to the 320 S and CS-S Clamshell, the 400 sleeps three people in dual sleeping areas. There’s dedicated sleeping space in the rear and a dinette that converts to another sleeping area in the front of the unit.

The two TAB 400 floorplans are almost identical, except one offers a 2.3 cu ft refrigerator while the other provides a 4.6 cu ft refrigerator. The galley kitchen is on the passenger’s side, while the wet bath is on the driver’s side.

Cirrus Truck Campers

Other than the popular TAG and TAB teardrop RV campers, nuCamp also manufactures Cirrus truck campers. The 620 and 820 are four seasons campers and feature dual sleeping areas and the Alde heat and hot water system. One sleeping space is in the overhead cab, while you can convert the dinette into a second sleeping area. Solar also comes standard.

The Cirrus 620 is for a half-ton truck, weighing under 1,500 lbs. It includes a sink, two-burner stove, refrigerator, and hide-a-way cassette toilet. In addition to these standard features, the Cirrus 820 also comes with a wet bath and ample storage space. Its dry weight is 2,830 lbs.

Cirrus 620 truck camper by nuCamp RV
The Cirrus 620 truck camper is a good option for half-ton truck owners.

Barefoot Campers

RVers know Europe for its cute, practical campers. The Barefoot Caravan, famous in the United Kingdom, is an egg-shaped 16’ trailer. In 2019, nuCamp announced that they would bring the Barefoot camper to the United States. However, it has yet to appear.

This modern-retro camper is full of nostalgia, and the curvy fiberglass shell makes it unique. Like the TAG and TAB teardrop campers, the Barefoot camper sleeps two and features a refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and a sink. It even has a wet bath in its small interior. The U-shaped dinette space converts into a comfortable sleeping area.

There’s no new release date, but stay tuned for upcoming news from nuCamp about the Barefoot camper.

Barefoot by nuCamp: The US caravan prototype revealed!

How Much Does a nuCamp RV Cost? 

By now, you’re probably wondering about the price of these popular campers. Let’s take a look at both the teardrop and truck camper costs.

nuCamp Teardrop Camper Costs

The nuCamp TAG models start around $20,000. The TAG XL will be a couple of thousand dollars more. With the addition of amenities and optional upgrades, the price will increase. The TAB models start around $30,000 and can go up to $50,000.

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nuCamp Truck Camper Costs

The most expensive nuCamp camper is the Cirrus 820. It costs around $45,000-55,000. The smaller Cirrus 620 starts under $40,000. Again, depending on the options and add-ons, the price will increase.

Is nuCamp RV a Good Brand?

If you’re looking for a teardrop camper, look no further than nuCamp. The RV industry knows it for its quality, hand-built trailers in Amish country. Plus, all the models can come with a “Boondock” package that features aggressive off-road tires, a pitched axle, and unique fenders to protect your nuCamp RV investment.

nuCamp TAG
nuCamp’s Boondock package features off-road tires and protective fenders.

Joe Mullet has shown that hard work and perseverance pay off. Not letting the 2008 recession destroy his dreams, he was determined to breathe life back into his teardrop campers.

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