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What’s So Special About the Opus Camper?

If you’re looking at overland trailers, you have some great manufacturer-built options like TAXA Outdoors, Boreas, and now Opus. It may seem that many of these overlanding trailers are the same, with their off-road and off-grid capabilities compacted into tiny spaces. However, the Opus Camper trailer has something unique; it comes from the European market.

This brand’s air-inflatable tent trailers turn these tiny spaces into comfortable living conditions, so you aren’t resigned to just a sleeping area. With a full kitchen and ample headroom, your Opus Camper trailer can feel like home. Let’s learn more!

OPUS Adventure Run - Northern California - Smith River NRA

This Ain’t Your Granddad’s Pop-up Camper

The Opus Camper line consists of air-inflatable tent trailers and hybrid hard-sided campers. Their models have unique designs to suit different lifestyles, but each Opus trailer is ready for rough terrain with its off-road package.

These campers also come with an independent trailing arm suspension, dual shocks, coil springs, an articulating hitch, and a full slide-out outdoor kitchen. The four unique Opus trailers can take you almost anywhere. The hard part may be deciding which camper is suitable for you.

Who Makes the Opus Camper?

Opus Campers is a global brand that originated in the UK under the Purple Line LLC line of products. Depending on where you purchase a camper, it could be assembled in different parts of the world. They now claim US campers are made at the headquarters in Pittsburg, California. Patents and many products used on the campers are however still very European, making these truly global campers popular in Europe and Australia.

As far as we can tell, opus appears to be bringing popular design aspects of their trailers over from the UK and modifying them to better fit the US market. Purple line products have been around for a long time, and opus has been available since the mid 2000’s globally.

Purple Line LLC also makes other outdoor and recreational products like anti-theft and security locks and automated trailer movers. These products are very common in the UK but less so in the US.

If you’re interested in an Opus Camper, you must purchase from a dealer. The company doesn’t sell directly.

Opus overlanding
Opus Campers make air-inflatable tent trailers and hybrid hard-sided campers.
Source: OPUS Camper USA

What Makes Opus Trailers Unique?

The low-profile high, clearance design helps get you across rough terrain. You need a 4×4 and high-clearance vehicle to traverse boulders and water crossings. Upgraded tires, suspension systems, and rock guards help you get where you want. Opus Camper provides all of these overlanding essentials in their trailer lineup.

Once you arrive, the air tent inflation technology makes it straightforward to expand your camper. In less than five minutes and with the push of a button, you’ll be ready to start cooking or unloading. Air tent tech is popular in Europe and has been around for a long time as auxiliary tent space for campers. Seeing opus integrate this into the camper itself is a neat concept.

However, the Opus Camper lineup is heavier than other overlanding vehicles by Boreas or Taxa Outdoors. Still, these trailers are durable and can carry over 1,000 pounds of cargo. The Opus trailers are also less expensive than Boreas and Taxa Outdoors options of similar size.

Opus 15 overlanding in water
Opus Camper trailers are the perfect overlanding adventure rig.
Source: OPUS Camper USA

The Opus Camper Lineup

You can tow Opus Camper trailers with SUVs or trucks. They’re lightweight, and you can easily maneuver them even if you’ve never towed anything before. Each of the four campers offers different options. All are capable of off-road and off-grid camping, but depending on what you need in your Opus Campers trailer, one might suit you better. Let’s take a look!

OP15 Hybrid Caravan

The OP15 Hybrid Caravan has a GVWR of 6,393 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,234. It measures 17’10” in length once you extend the rear, and the height rises to 6’5” with the roof open. This allows ample interior space for 3-4 people to move about.

Inside, there’s a full indoor shower, flushable toilet, and sink in the bathroom. The king and bunk beds provide sleeping space for four adults or a family. The interior also features an adjustable table, a dinette lounge, a TRUMA Combi heater, and a 13,500 BTU air conditioner.

Outside, the slide-out kitchen has a four-burner stove, a 12V fridge/freezer combo, storage and pantry access, a chopping board, and wind guards. There’s also a Girard retractable awning.

For off-grid camping, there’s a 63-gallon freshwater tank, a 17-gallon gray tank, and a 10-gallon black tank. The trailer comes with 300 watts of roof-mounted solar and three 100-ah AGM batteries with the option for lithium batteries. There are also two holders for 20-lb propane tanks.

To protect the trailer during your off-road adventures, Opus Campers equips the OP15 Hybrid Caravan with an independent trailing arm coil spring suspension with dual shock absorbers. It has a DO35 Cruisemaster hitch with 360-degree articulation, a galvanized welded drawbar and chassis, a front stone guard, heavy-duty safety chains, electric brakes, ARK 750 tongue jack, two all-terrain tires, and two spares. The OP15 Hybrid Caravan starts at around $80,000.

The OP15 from OPUS Camper USA

OP4 Air Tent

The OP4 Air Tent has a GVWR of 4,200 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,100. It measures 17 feet long when you fully inflate it, and the height opens to 8 feet once you set it up. It only takes about two minutes to inflate upon arrival.

This is the most compact option on the lineup, so it may not have the space you need for a family. However, it can still be a roomy option for a smaller group. Inside the OP4 Air Tent, you have plenty of seating around a dinette and storage compartments for your gear and off-grid essentials. The two double beds on either end of the trailer provide sleeping space for up to four people. The OP4 Air Tent has a 10,000 BTU Dometic Coolcat air conditioner, heat pump, and a 16,000 BTU Dometic propane furnace.

Outside, you’ll find a stainless steel slide-out kitchen with a 12V ARB 63-quart fridge/freezer, a 4-burner stove, a chopping board, wind guards, a dish rack, and a sink with on-demand hot water. The air inflation system includes an AIR Canopy, AIR Windbreak, and AIR Annex for plenty of covered outdoor living space. New models also feature an outdoor rack-mounted hot water shower and shower tent.

For off-grid camping needs, the OP4 Air Tent comes with 40 gallons of water onboard and 3-4 days of built-in battery life. You can also upgrade to lithium batteries. In addition, there’s a 20-lb propane tank holder.

Opus Camper equips the OP4 Air Tent with a dual axel trailing arm suspension, dual coil shock absorbers, a galvanized steel chassis and rock guard, 265/75/RR15 mud tires and one spare, and an articulating hitch for safe and durable off-roading. The OP4 Air Tent starts at around $50,000.

Opus OP4 Air Offroad | Camper Trailer of the Year 2022 Review

OP2 Air Tent

The OP2 Lite Air Tent has a GVWR of 4,400 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,156 pounds. It measures 21’4” in length once you fully inflate it, and the height opens to 11’6” once you set it up. When closed, the OP2 Air Tent is 18’2” in length. Upon arrival, it takes less than three minutes to inflate with the push of a button.

Inside, there’s an RV queen bed and an additional convertible sofa to sleep up to four people. The U-shaped lounge space provides ample seating. There’s also a rear shower room extension with built-in hot water. New models can add the AIR Canopy or AIR Annex for more outdoor living space and shade.

Outside, the slide-out kitchen has an external fridge, a stainless steel chopping board, a pantry, and a 12V refrigerator. There’s a 33-gallon onboard water system and propane and water can holders. The OP2 Air Tent comes with two 100AH deep cycle batteries and the option to upgrade to lithium batteries.

Finally, for off-roading, Opus Camper equips the OP2 Air Tent with a galvanized welded drawbar and chassis, twin shock absorbers, an independent trailing arm suspension, front stone guard, 265/75R/15 mud tires, and an articulating hitch. The OP2 Air Tent starts at around $33,000.

Air Opus OP2 2 sleeper interior walk through

OP Lite Air Tent

The OP Lite Air Tent has a GVWR of 3,527 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,147 pounds. It measures 17’2” in length, and the height opens to 10 feet once you set it up. This allows ample interior space for two adults to move about.

You’ll have plenty of shade with the OP Lite Air Tent due to its fully enclosed extra living area that covers the outdoor kitchen and connects directly to the trailer. You can also zip or open the doors and walls for plenty of ventilation.

Inside, the OP Lite Air Tent has a convertible dinette, removable table, RV queen bed, and six large windows with screens for optimal air ventilation. Outside, you’ll find a stainless steel slide-out kitchen, including wind guards, a chopping board, a sink, a cutlery drawer, a 4-burner stove, and a 12V fridge. There’s a 20-gallon freshwater tank with the option to add water and waste jerry cans. A 100Ah AGM battery provides power, and the trailer has a 20-pound propane tank holder.

If you’re planning on taking the OP Lite Air Tent off-road, this Opus Camper trailer has a galvanized welded drawbar and chassis, underbody anti-chip protection, powder-coated wheel arch flairs, an independent trailing arm coil spring suspension, gas shock absorbers, alloy wheels with a matching alloy spare wheel, a fully-integrated stone guard, and 235/75R/15 mud tires. The OP Lite Air Tent starts at around $28,000.

The OP LITE from OPUS Camper USA - Available Now!

What Vehicles Can Tow an Opus Trailer?

Each Opus Camper trailer weighs between 3,500-6,400 pounds fully loaded. This means some SUVs and most trucks can handle the towing load. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind the kind of vehicle you want for off-roading.

Although the Opus trailers are for off-road adventures, your vehicle must also be suitable. A Honda CRV might not be the best choice for taking your camper through water crossings or over giant rocks, even if it has the towing capacity. Your trailer will manage, but your vehicle probably won’t.

Consider popular models like the Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover, Toyota 4Runner, Ford Ranger with the Tremor package, or Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss. These vehicles can travel along rough terrain.

Pro Tip: New to overlanding? Do these Best Mods to Make to Your Overland Vehicle Build before you hit the road.

interior of RV
Don’t let the size fool you, the interior of an Opus trailer is spacious and equipped to fit all of your needs.
Source: OPUS Camper USA

Are There Customizable Options for an Opus Trailer?

Once you’ve picked your Opus trailer, you might want to add customizable options. We have mentioned some possibilities, like the AIR Annex or AIR Canopy, for additional outdoor shade and living space. Other options include solar panels and lithium batteries for longer off-grid adventures.

Some more compact Opus trailers may have less cargo space than you’d prefer. In that case, you can upgrade to a fold-over cargo carrier and bring up to 500 pounds of gear. For additional security, you can add a Nemesis wheel lock. For fun family entertainment, you can add a projector-style cinema system. So check out all the accessories and options from Opus Camper when you decide on your model.

Where Can I Buy an Opus Trailer?

Opus Camper doesn’t sell directly. Instead, you can visit a dealership to check out the trailers in person or make your purchase. There are locations from Washington and Colorado to Michigan and Tennessee. Check out all the dealership locations on the Opus Camper website.

What Is the Warranty on an Opus Camper?

The Opus trailers offer a 24-month limited manufacturer’s warranty. It’s crucial to mention that the Opus warranty policy covers warranty work at your purchasing dealership. Not all dealerships would service your trailer under warranty if you didn’t purchase from them. So call ahead to verify that the dealership can complete the work if you need to visit a location where you didn’t make your initial purchase.

Opus trailer off-roading
Get off the beaten path in an Opus trailer.
Source: OPUS Camper USA

Overland Trailer Alternatives

If you want to check out more overland trailers, you can view our seven best overlanding trailers article. Here we look more closely at the TAXA Outdoors Cricket Overland and Woolly Bear, the Boreas XT, and other good alternatives.

Off-Grid Trailers and BRX Trailers are two other quality manufacturers. Off-Grid Trailers makes all-metal campers similar in look and size to the Opus Campers lineup. They range from $24,280-34,750, have a GVWR of 3,500 pounds, and have a 21” ground clearance.

BRX Trailers makes the X1, X2, and X2+, which are all 16’9” and range from $37,800-52,800. These trailers have a Timbren axle-less suspension, a Max Coupler multi-axis hitch with 360-degree rotation, and 22” of ground clearance.

It’s also essential to note that the Opus Camper trailers aren’t designed for extreme weather. With the inflatable system, if you typically camp in wet or hot environments, you might want to invest in one of these overlanding alternatives. Hard-sided trailers will serve you better.

OPUS Off-Road Family Campers

Is Opus Camper a Good Company?

Opus Camper has a unique design with its AIR tent inflation technology. These hybrid trailers make it easy to expand your camper into a spacious off-grid abode quickly. They’re also low-profile and lightweight, which makes them easier to tow. So if you’re looking for something different for your off-road adventures, consider the Opus Camper lineup.

Is an Opus Camper in your future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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