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Orlando Thousand Trails Campground Review

We had heard that Orlando Thousand Trails is one of the nicest campgrounds in the Thousand Trails membership system. We were excited to see for ourselves what the buzz was about.

At First Glance

It has 2 pools, a hot tub, shuffleboard, put put golf, a gym, a lake, tennis and paddleball courts, basketball, fishing, club house, etc. It is HUGE, with about 800 sites. It even had its own ongoing RV Show.   

The Campground and Vibe

We spent quite a bit of our free time using the campground’s amenities. We were regulars at the hot tub. It was a little chilly for swimming in the pool, but it was okay once you got in!

We met a lot of “snow birds” from Michigan (our home state) and it was fun swapping stories with them and talking about escaping the snow. Most folks we met were retired, and the Bingo hall and paddleball courts were always busy.

Everyone was very friendly (except one lady who harassed Caitlin one night while walking the dogs). There were a lot of permanent sites that were fully landscaped: some had fountains, some had Christmas light shows, and some we actual houses!


​The campground is located southwest of the city of Orlando in Clermont. We didn’t go into the downtown Orlando area, but explored the surrounding areas of Lake Apopka and – of course – Disney – which was conveniently only about 20-30 minutes away. The next couple of blogs will describe these adventures in detail. 

Orlando Thousand Trails Review Video (& Aerial View)

Campground Review - Orlando Thousand Trails

 Travel Stage: After St. Augustine, we stayed 10 days at the Orlando Thousand Trails campground
Date Range: Jan 4 – Jan 13, 2016
Summary: We spent 10 days at Orlando Thousand Trails which we’ve heard is one of the nicest Thousand Trails campgrounds out there. We do a walkthrough of our rig after seeing some new ones at the resident RV Show, and review the campground from the air.

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Mark and pj

Wednesday 10th of February 2016

Thanks for the tour, and your review, great job!