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Are Outdoors RV Trailers Good Campers?

When shopping for an RV, you want to get the best you can for your budget. But with so many options out there, how do you know where to start? Let’s make your job a bit easier by introducing Outdoors RV. This manufacturing company based in Oregon has been producing campers since 2009 for all weather conditions and all types of terrain. Read on to learn more!

What Is Outdoors RV?

In 2009, Ron and Sherry Nash envisioned creating RVs for campers who wanted to experience the Great Outdoors in the rain or sunshine, along the sandy beaches, or high on the mountain peaks. “Mountain Tough Four Seasons Camping” is what they called it. Outdoors RV has been building trailers suitable for backyard and off-road camping up ever since.

Outdoors RV travel trailer
Outdoors RV is known for manufacturing 4-season campers.

Outdoors RV is a company seeking to help outdoor enthusiasts better connect with nature. Their website states, “Our goal is not to be the largest RV manufacturer in the country nor follow market share graphs. We simply want to design and build great RVs for you to explore what nature offers all of us year-round.”

About Outdoors RV Travel Trailers

There are four Outdoors RV travel trailer models, ranging from 6,000 pounds to 8,400 pounds, which means you can tow many of these options with a standard truck or SUV. They all feature a front primary bedroom, and three models have bunk beds.

Models and Floorplans

The Creekside, Timber Ridge, Blackstone, and Back Country make up the Outdoors RV travel trailer line. There are two Creekside floor plans; both are 20 feet to 21 feet long. The 21KVS features a huge U-shaped kitchen area with lots of prep space.

The seven Timber Ridge floor plans range from 22 feet to 28 feet long; they all have one driver’s side slide-out room. The 23DBS and 28BKS have a rear bunk and a rear bathroom. The 24RKS and 26KVS feature rear kitchens.

RV Tour Walkthrough 2022 Outdoors RV 22FQS Titanium Travel Trailer

The heaviest series is the Blackstone, which has five floor plans. Three of those plans feature opposing slides in the living area. The 250RDS is the only floor plan without a rear kitchen. Instead, the dinette is in the rear of the unit. These units range from 26 feet to 31 feet long and 7,295 pounds to 8,400 pounds.

The last series, the Back Country, is designed for camping off-grid. Each of the four floor plans has an onboard generator. They range from 21 feet to 29 feet long and 6,155 pounds to 8,030 pounds. The 20BD doesn’t have slides, while the other three models feature one slide-out room on the driver’s side. The 28DBS has a set of bunk beds, and the 24KRS has a rear kitchen.


The smallest Outdoors RV travel trailer is the 21RBS at 20 feet long and 5,540 pounds. The largest Outdoors RV travel trailer is the 280KVS at 31 feet long and 8,400 pounds.

This unit features three slides, a huge rear wrap-around kitchen, a residential sofa, and a front wardrobe. The 260KVS is very similar but shorter at 28 feet long with a smaller kitchen space. Since many of these units are under 7,000 pounds, some SUVs and pick-up trucks are capable of towing them. This makes it ideal for owners who don’t want to upgrade their vehicles. 

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The Back Country series features marine-grade plywood roof decking, 170-watt solar panel with a 30-amp 5-stage controller, and 100-gallon fresh water tank capacity.

It also has an 80-pound propane capacity, a MorRyde sliding cargo tray, and more to make off-grid camping comfortable and convenient. The other series include mountain extreme thermal pane windows, a fully enclosed/heated/insulated RV underbelly, and a Norcold cold weather kit. 

Timber Ridge Travel Trailer Interior
You’ll stay comfortable year-round with thermal pane windows in your Outdoors RV travel trailer.

Owners can also add the Titanium Series Premium Package to some models. This provides upgraded features like solid surface countertops, slide topper awnings, an auto leveling system, and more.

About Outdoors RV Fifth Wheels

Whereas the travel trailer line has four different series, the Outdoors RV fifth wheel line only has one series: Glacier Peak. There are four floor plans, and they have similar features to the travel trailers.

Models and Floorplans

All four floor plans have a front primary bedroom next to the bathroom. The F26RKS has a rear kitchen with the dinette and sofa on opposing slide-outs, while the F27MKS has a rear corner entertainment center with a sofa and dinette sitting opposite the TV. 

The F27KVS has a huge rear kitchen with a peninsula, dinette, and sofa on opposing slide-outs. Finally, the F28RKS has a U-shaped rear kitchen with two recliners facing the dinette and sofa. This unit is the longest and features additional seating space.

New 2022 Glacier Peak F26RKS Titanium Series Four Season 5th Wheel by Outdoors RV


The shortest unit, the F26RKS, is 27 feet long and 9,395 pounds with a hitch weight of 1,995 pounds. The 27MKS is also under 30 feet and 10,000 pounds. The longest fifth wheel unit, the F28RKS, is 31ft long and 10,225 pounds with a hitch weight of 2,375 pounds. Because of the hitch weights, owners will need a heavier-duty truck to tow the Outdoors RV fifth wheels.


All models feature heavy-duty, five-lug, 4000-pound axles with an off-road brake system and a radius-crowned full walk-on roof with an HD big tube rear ladder. They also have the same construction features as the travel trailer units to make the fifth wheels four-season campers. Also, like the travel trailers, owners can choose to add the Titanium Series Premium Package to some models.

About Outdoors RV Toy Haulers

Like the Glacier Peak fifth wheels, the Outdoors RV toy hauler line only has one series: Trail Series. There are three floor plans, and all three units are travel trailers with rear patio decks. None of them have slide-outs.

Models and Floorplans

The 24TRX has a 10-foot garage space with a standard queen loft bed. Its kitchen sits along the passenger side, with the bathroom on the driver’s side.

The 27TRX has an 11-foot garage space with a standard queen loft bed and additional seating across from an entertainment center. As a result, the kitchen is smaller with less counter space.

The 29TRX has a 13-foot garage space that’s large enough for a four-seater side-by-side. The floor plan is very similar to the 27TRX, just with the added garage length.

New Outdoors RV MTN TRX 29TRX Trail Series Four Seasons Toy Hauler


Ranging from 25 feet to 31 feet, the Outdoor RV toy haulers have huge cargo carrying capacities. The smallest unit, the 24TRX, can hold up to 4,470 pounds, the largest unit, the 29TRX, can hold up to 4,375 pounds, and the middle-sized unit, the 27TRX, can hold up to 4,775 pounds.

The dry weight of the 24TRX is 8,525 pounds, the 27TRX is 9,220 pounds, and the 29TRX is 9,620 pounds. A few half-ton trucks can tow these toy haulers. But, many owners may want to upgrade to a larger truck to handle the increased weight after adding cargo.

Think a one-ton truck is big enough to pull your toy hauler camper? Find out why You May Be Wrong.


Each unit comes equipped with a Cummins Onan 4K onboard gas generator with a 40-gallon fuel station and an off-grid 170-watt solar panel with a 30 amp 5-stage controller. These toy haulers also have 16-inch Goodyear Endurance 235 G-range 14-ply radial tires, KYB world-class shock absorbers, and off-road suspension. That comes with MorRyde CRE 3000 and an HD shackle kit for safe off-road travel.

The same construction that makes up the travel trailers and fifth wheels also make up the toy haulers. That means they can be used all year long during any season.

Who Owns Outdoors RV?

Before starting Outdoors RV in 2009, Ron and Sherry Nash had another company called Northwood Manufacturing. It began in 1993 and is responsible for producing Arctic Fox truck campers and Nash travel trailers.

Technically, Northwood Investments Corporation owns both Northwood Manufacturing and Outdoors RV, even though they both operate independently.

Outdoors RV Trail Series Camper

Are Outdoors RVs Worth It?

Ron Nash passed away in 2019, but his legacy and vision live on. Outdoors RV campers are known for being four-season ready. Their construction means owners can camp in snowy winter conditions in Michigan or hot and humid summer conditions in Florida and remain comfortable. Whether you want to off-road it out West or off-road it on the Gulf Coast, you know you’ll be getting a camper prepared for this type of camping.

Connect even more with nature. Consider an Outdoors RV camper the next time you’re in the market for a new RV. 

Do you own an Outdoors RV? Share your experience in the comments.

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Lori Lewis

Wednesday 7th of September 2022

My husband & I bought a brand new 2015 Creekside 26RLS in Alaska after looking at different Makes and Models for 5 years. The craftsmanship is by far the best I have seen in this price point. I for one am extremely happy that we settled on this manufacture. We have camped in Alaska at 30 degrees and have now camped in 100+ and stay warm or cool. It has gone though 2 Hurricanes in Louisiana with no issues or damage. People walk in and say “WOW it’s so much nicer than what we have and we paid more”. We even had friends sell their brand new travel trailer after walking into ours due to the craftsmanship.

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 1st of October 2022

We're so glad to hear you've had such a positive experience with your RV. Thanks for sharing! :)

Steve Jantz

Wednesday 7th of September 2022

We have been Full-Timing in a 2019 24RKS TIMBERRIDGE for 784 days. We love it. If we ever trade, it will be an ORV for sure.