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We Still Can’t Get Over These Funny-Looking Outlaw Motorhomes

When you see a Class A motorhome going down the interstate, you might imagine a luxurious interior with porcelain floors and beautiful cabinetry. But did you know some motorhomes are actually outfitted with a rear garage? It’s true! Take the Thor Outlaw toy hauler motorhome, for example. Instead of towing a separate trailer for outdoor gear, you can pack kayaks, bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, and more in the rear of this motorcoach. 

Let’s take a closer look at these Outlaw motorhomes!

outlaw toyhauler class A motorhome
The Outlaw is a funny-looking rig because of the garage in the back

About the Thor Class A and Class C Outlaw Motorhome

Starting at around $300,000, the Thor Outlaw is one of the only Class A toy hauler motorhome options for RVers. Thor also makes a Class C Outlaw toy hauler that starts at around $175,950.

Thor Outlaw patio deck
Thor Outlaw motorhomes have both a rear garage and patio deck.

Each toy hauler model features a rear garage space for hauling sizable outdoor toys like kayaks, golf carts, or motorcycles. Plus, the garage ramp can be used as a patio deck. Many larger families also convert the garage space into additional sleeping quarters.


Measuring 39′ 10″ with a GVWR of 26,000 lbs, the Thor Outlaw Class A motorhome is a beast. It sleeps seven to eight people, depending on the floor plan. The Class C Thor Outlaw is 31′ 2″ with a GVWR of 14,500 lbs. It sleeps four without making any conversions to the garage space.

Pro Tip: Searching for something a lot smaller? We found The 3 Smallest Toy Haulers for Bringing Your Toys Camping.

All Thor Outlaw motorhomes are built on a Ford chassis and have a 7.3L Triton V8 gas engine. The Class C unit has 325 horsepower and 450 lb-foot of torque, while the Class A units have 350 horsepower and 468 lb-foot of torque.

OUTLAW - Thor Motor Coach Class A Toy Hauler 🏍️


The 38KB has a front living space with a sofa and a booth dinette with a full kitchen laid out on opposing sides. Before entering the garage space, the primary bedroom has a tilt-a-view king-sized bed and closet. The 38MB has a front living space with a sofa and a booth dinette with a full kitchen along the driver’s side. The primary bedroom has a queen-sized bed, closet, and dresser.

The 29J Class C Thor Outlaw motorhome has the standard cab-over bed in the front and a drop-down queen-sized bed in the rear garage. There are two opposing sofa beds and no separate dinette, but there are removable pedestal tables. The full galley kitchen lines the passenger side, and the full bathroom is across from the kitchen on the driver’s side.

2022 Outlaw Class C Toy Hauler By Thor Motor Coach

Garage Space

The garage space in the 38KB is 8′ x 10′ 2″ with a 7′ 2″ x 8′ 4″ patio deck. There are overhead storage cabinets above the garage, and the garage capacity is 1,350 lbs. In the 38MB, the garage space and patio deck are the same size, but there’s no overhead storage. The garage capacity is 1,450 lbs.

The 29J Class C unit has an 8′ x 8′ garage space with a 7′ 2″ x 6′ 2″ patio deck. The queen-sized bed drops down for sleeping space when the garage isn’t transporting toys. The garage capacity is 1,000 lbs.

toyhauler class A


The 38KB and 38MB feature the 52″ x 74″ drop-down overhead bunk in the cab area for additional sleeping space. They also have a 40″ exterior TV for watching the games while enjoying the outdoors.

The 29J Class C model has a 32″ exterior TV. It also features a large living space with removable pedestal tables. Families and guests can gather comfortably here with the two opposing sofas.

Thor Class A Toy Hauler
Enjoy the outdoors on your patio deck or under the shade of your awning.

The Class A Thor Outlaw motorhomes have a 150-gallon fresh water tank, which means several days’ supply if boondocking. There’s also an 80-gallon fuel tank, so once you fill up, you probably won’t have to stop for over 600 miles.

How Tall Is a Thor Outlaw?

The Class A Outlaw toy hauler motorhomes are 13′ 3″, while the Class C Outlaw is 10′ 10″ in height. The Class C is also shorter at 31′ 2″ and lighter at 14,500 lbs. To create more interior space, the 29J unit has one slide-out on the driver’s side to extend the refrigerator and sofa bed.

The Class As have two slides. The 38KB has a slide extending the king-sized bed and another slide extending the dinette and kitchen. The 38MB has a super slide that extends almost the entire length of the driver’s side of the unit, plus another slide extending the queen bed.

Thor Outlaw
The Thor Class A Outlaw is a towering 13′ 3″ tall.

How Much Can a Thor Outlaw Carry?

Depending on the model, the Thor Outlaw toy hauler motorhome has a garage capacity of 1,000 lbs to 1,450 lbs. This means, within the garage space itself, owners can easily transport a motorcycle, several bicycles, a golf cart, a couple of kayaks, or any other type of outdoor toy.

The hitch weight rating of all of the units is 8,000 lbs, so owners can also tow a separate vehicle safely. The GCWR, which is the maximum combined weight of a motorhome and a towed vehicle, is 22,000 lbs for the Class C and 30,000 lbs for the Class A motorhomes.

How Much Does an Outlaw Motorhome Cost?

The Class A 38KB unit starts at $303,750, while the 38MB unit starts at $300,450. The Outlaw toy hauler motorhome is the most expensive unit in the Class A gas-powered Thor Motor Coach lineup. The Challenger is next, starting at $271,050.

Pro Tip: If you decide you don’t need a garage, you might consider purchasing a diesel pusher motorhome instead of a gas-powered unit. We explored the benefits here: Diesel Pusher vs. Gas Motorhome: Which Class A RV Type Is Better?

Thor Class C Toy Hauler
Thor Class C Outlaws are priced to sell at $175,950 for a new unit.

The MSRP begins at around $175,950 for the Class C Thor Outlaw motorhome. As upgrades are added on, the price will increase. Of the Class C gas-powered units offered by Thor, the Outlaw is in the middle. The Four Winds, Chateau, Quantum, and Echelon all start around $120,000. The Omni, Magnitude, Pasadena, and Inception range from $284,000 to $347,250.

Is a Thor Outlaw Motorhome a Good Choice?

If you want a motorhome and need garage space, the Thor Outlaw toy hauler is one of your only options. Most toy hauler units are travel trailers or fifth wheels. These Outlaw models have everything you need for a comfortable camping weekend, while still providing ample garage space for transporting your gear. 

The addition of the rear patio expands your outdoor space, also. So not only do you have outdoor space under the awning, but you can enjoy a cup of coffee sitting on the rear patio. Imagine the beautiful scenes you might experience!

Outlaw Toy Hauler Motorhomes

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Our 2014 Outlaw 37LS garage has a weight limit of 2500lbs. We carry a Smart car.


Saturday 13th of January 2024

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Saturday 15th of October 2022

That's awesome! Does it work well for that?

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Thursday 9th of June 2022

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