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7 Best Overlanding Trailers for Camping on the Trail

Have you dreamed of traveling from North to South America? Perhaps camping across Alaska or traversing the desert sands of Arizona and red rocks of Utah has intrigued you. These adventures require an overlanding trailer designed specifically for these types of experiences.

Let’s learn more about the best overlanding trailers for off-roading!

What Is an Overlanding Trailer? 

Overlanding is self-reliant adventure traveling. It usually means exploring remote areas and driving over rugged terrain. The journey is as meaningful as the destination. Campers who love a challenge enjoy overcoming rough terrain, crossing continents, and exploring other cultures.

Toyota Tacoma towing overlanding trailer
Get off the beaten path with an overlanding trailer.

Those who overland for long periods often have a vehicle with a trailer they outfit specifically for off-road adventure. You can’t take a regular camper over rocky shorelines or sandy beaches. You’ll need to upgrade your vehicle with specialty features to protect the frame and suspension and provide a manageable drive. Because overlanding is remote, owners can’t worry about breaking an axle or getting stuck in the mud. Overlanding trailers with their rugged upgrades relieve these worries.

Why Is an Overlanding Trailer So Expensive?

Manufacturers make overlanding trailers with superior materials. To withstand the rugged terrain and shifting nature of the uneven ground, these trailers need top-quality craftsmanship.

There’s not much to the aesthetics. Many options are a box to sleep in with a galley kitchen in the rear hatch. However, the upgraded tires, suspension system, rock guards, and lift kits make overlanding trailers more expensive than other trailers of similar size.

7 Best Overlanding Trailers for Camping on the Trail

When venturing off the beaten path, you want to ensure you have a vehicle that will get you there safely. You don’t want to worry about ground clearance or if your suspension will hold up. These seven overlanding trailers are some of the best options.

Off Grid Trailers overlanding trailer
Overlanding trailers are made from superior materials that can withstand rugged terrain.

1. Opus Camper OP-4 

About: The Opus Camper air inflation technology facilitates setup in less than five minutes. You can set it up quickly with the push of a button.

Two sets of double beds plus a convertible couch provide sleeping space for six adults. An additional king bed extension and annex sleeping make room for four more. A U-shaped dinette and storage bench completes the interior. The OP-4 is 17 feet long with eight-foot ceilings and a GVWR of 4,200 pounds.

Off-road Features: The manufacturer installed lithium Battle Born Batteries with a Progressive Dynamics charger, and 140-watt Zamp solar panels are available as an upgrade also. The fresh water tank holds 40 gallons of a good few days worth of water.

The exterior of the OP-4 includes a bike carrier, kayak rack, and outdoor shower tent. In addition, a galvanized steel chassis, rock guard, two 265/75/RR15 mud tires, and a spare come standard. Outside, there’s a slide-out kitchen and slide-out drawer with a refrigerator and freezer. Inside, there’s storage for a cassette toilet to the left of the entry door.

MSRP: Starts around $24,500

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Camper Ready in 90 Seconds! Not Your Grandma's Pop Up Trailer

2. TAXA Outdoors Cricket Overland

About: The interior of the TAXA overlanding trailer features a full-size bed with 25 cubic feet of storage space underneath. The large kitchen counter has a two-burner stove, a covered sink, and a storage tower with three milk crates. A dinette space becomes a sleeping area for two children in the unit’s center.

Measuring 15 feet in length and 6-feet-10-inches of interior height when open, the Cricket has a GVWR of 3,000 pounds and sleeping space for two adults and two children.

Off-road Features: The 14-inch ground clearance, LT 225/75R16 all-terrain tires, and Timbren 3,500 pound axle-less trailer suspension with a four-inch lift means the Cricket can handily travel off-road. There’s a rooftop storage cargo rack with Thule ProBar Evo 175 adjustable load bars.

Although lithium batteries aren’t standard, the Cricket includes a WFCO 40-amp auto-detect power venter to accommodate batteries. The articulating Lock ‘N Roll hitch is an upgrade from the standard ball hitch because it utilizes 360 degrees of rotation.

MSRP: starting at $43,745

2022 Taxa Cricket Overland Edition Adventure Camper!

3. Boreas XT

About: The interior features of the Boreas XT overlanding trailer include a 4.5-inch memory foam queen bed, 1.5-inch fully insulated cabin, Propex 6,500 BTU forced air furnace, as well as a MaxxAir 6200 all-weather fan. The 11-pound propane tank can power the furnace for 35 hours.

The rear galley features a two-burner stove, 60-liter electric cooler refrigerator/freezer, and ample storage space. With an overall length of 16 feet and a dry weight of 2,200 pounds, the Boreas XT comfortably sleeps two adults.

Off-road Features: The Cruisemaster CRS2 axle-less independent suspension, 235/80/R17 BF Goodrich all-terrain Ko2 tires, and 17-inch steel Pro Comp wheels provide a smooth ride for the Boreas XT when venturing off-road.

A 100-watt Zamp Obsidian solar panel and Zamp charge controller come standard. It also has a custom aluminum roof rack. There are 19 inches of ground clearance, so you’re safe to travel over rocky terrain or sandy beaches.

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MSRP: $36,990

2022 Boreas Campers XT Rugged, American-Made Off Road Camper Trailer Walkthrough

4. Expedition 2.0 Off Road Camper by Off Grid Trailers

About: This all-metal, no-wood trailer by Off Grid Trailers measures 166 inches in length and is 46 inches in interior height. The GVWR is 3,500 pounds.

Standard features include a MaxxAir ten-speed reversible roof fan, a four-inch memory foam queen mattress, as well as a rear cabinet with adjustable shelves. The kitchen galley has a two-burner stove, stainless steel deep sink, and a 55-liter refrigerator/freezer. 

Off-road Features: The 31-gallon fresh water tank will last you a few days, and the 21 inches of ground clearance means no need to worry about scraping the underside of the trailer. The Expedition 2.0 comes with a Timbren 3500HD axle-less suspension, 265/10/R17 all-terrain tires, and aluminum 17-inch-by-8.5-inch black wheels.

MSRP: $31,500

I Bought A Off Grid Trailers Expedition 2 0

5. BRX Trailers

About: BRX Trailers has three overlanding trailer models: the X1, X2, and X2+. All models have a stainless steel countertop and sink, LED lighting, and an instant water heater. Storage cabinets are above the bed in the main cab, and the galley kitchen is in the rear hatch.

The X2 includes an air conditioning unit, a two-burner gas stove, and a 55-liter electric cooler. The X2+ has everything previously mentioned in addition to a Thule Tepui three-person rooftop tent, awning room, and a 180-watt solar charging system.

Off-road Features: To make your off-roading adventure successful and convenient, these features come standard on BRX models: 3,500 pounds HD Timbren axle-less suspension, 12-inch electric brakes, a 24-gallon water tank, and two deep cycle marine batteries. Additionally, the powder-coated heavy-duty steel frame sits on 22-inches of clearance, and the max coupler multi-axis hitch provides 360 degrees of rotation.

MSRP: From $31,500

BRX Trailer Rundown with Jim Baird

6. Hiker Trailer Extreme Off-Road

About: The standard models include two rear galley shelves, top pass-through cubbies, and front and rear wheel integrated storage racks for storage. The sofa converts into a sleeping space also.

Additional add-ons include a Dometic CFX 45 powered cooler and refrigerator, MaxxAir fan upgrade, and Noco charger. There are two models; one measures five-by-eight feet and the other five-by-nine feet with a GVWR of 2,900 pounds.

Off-road Features: An integrated brush guard along the front sides protects the trailer. Hiker Trailer also offers three Extreme Off-Road Packages, including numerous features like a 45-watt or 90-watt ZAMP solar panel, a fully articulating hitch, and a three-bar roof rack. The suspension is either a 3,500 pounds straight axle with leaf springs and shocks or an adjustable air bag suspension. There are 14 inches of ground clearance.

MSRP: From $12,995

Hiker Trailer Extreme Off Road: Full walk-around and mods

7. TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear

About: One unique overlanding trailer is the Woolly Bear by TAXA Outdoors. It features a full-size outdoor kitchen, storage systems, a pull-out cooler drawer, and an elevated platform. You can also set up a two-person or three-person tent on the platform. The adjustable risers also provide additional storage space if you don’t use the platform for a tent.

Available upgrades include a Thule Tepui three-person rooftop tent, mosquito net room, and a six-foot awning. At only 10-feet-8-inches in length, you can efficiently store it in your garage when not in use. The GVWR is 2,100 pounds.

Off-road Features: The Woolly Bear comes with 15-inch steel wheel all-terrain tires, powder-coated gravel guards, a laser-cut steel 600-pound weight-capacity cargo deck, and a 501/508 Lock ‘N Roll trailer hitch.

The Woolly Bear is lightweight and versatile so that you can tow it with many four-cylinder vehicles anywhere you want to go. The large cargo deck means room to pack your favorite outdoor gear.

Pro Tip: There’s more to the Woolly Bear than what meets the eye. Learn even more about The TAXA Woolly Bear Trailer for Small Cars.

MSRP: Starting at $12,498

TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear Walk Around

Is an Overlanding Trailer Worth It?

If you’re looking for a safe, durable trailer, an overlanding trailer is worth the investment. It provides freedom to explore that other trailers and RVs don’t have.

These trailers are reliable and offer owners superior quality over other RVs. You don’t have to worry about the suspension, tires, or frame holding up over rough terrain. If off-roading and exploring the great outdoors is appealing to you, consider an overlanding trailer.

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