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Overnight RV Parking at Brewery

Overnight RV Parking at Brewery

Oftentimes, you just need a place to park the RV overnight. Sometimes, it can be a rest stop, truck stop, or Walmart parking lot. Sometimes, you can get lucky and get overnight RV parking at a brewery!

Better than a Walmart Parking Lot

 While traveling across Montana toward Glacier National Park, we needed to stop in Missoula overnight.

We checked out both of Missoula’s two Walmarts. According to what we read online, overnight RV parking isn’t well accepted by the community and local businesses in Missoula.

We’ve come across a few towns like this. While we can understand that as a bigger city and tourist attraction they want people to patronize their campgrounds and other accommodations. However, it’s pretty annoying if you’re just wanting a quick overnight to restock on supplies, quickly see the town, and move on.  ​

One of the Walmarts didn’t allow RV Parking, and the other one seemed to have every RV traveling in Montana that summer. Not ideal for us.

Unique RV Camping Solution

From this predicament came a new and more brilliant solution: we turned to our Harvest Host membership.

Harvest Hosts is a RV membership that allows you to stay overnight in your RV at over 600+ breweries, wineries, farms, and more across the country.

Luckily, we found a Harvest Hosts location on the north side of town that turned out to be a destination in addition to an overnight parking spot: Big Sky Brewing Company.

Big Sky Brewing Company

big sky brewing rv parking

Big Sky Brewing Company is the largest brewery in Montana and has the farthest reach nationally of any brew made in Montana. ​After getting settled in their back parking lot (behind their HUGE stage where they host big-name concerts!) we went inside their tasting room for a drink.

big sky brewing

Overnight RV Parking at a Brewery

​​Now, there are a few obvious benefits of overnight RV parking at a Brewery.

First, beer tasting. ?

​We were delighted to find that not only did they have complimentary tastings of their beer, but they would give 4 4oz samples to each person! If you’re not good at math, let me help you: that equals 16 oz of free beer total per person, which equals a full pint. And not only was it free, it was really good beer!

Second, after you have a drink or two you don’t have to drive home, you can simply walk!

Third, beer to go with you.

Big Sky Brewing Company is known for their “Moose Drool” Beer, which is the #1 selling Montana-made beer in the state. This was our favorite as well. We left the next day with a growler full, which was only $8 when we supplied our own growler.

big sky brewing company

Harvest Host Membership

Want to experience overnight RV parking at breweries, wineries, and more? Check out Harvest Hosts. It’s not only a great deal on overnight parking that is FAR better than a Walmart parking lot, but you get awesome experiences, too.

Learn more today!

harvest hosts

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