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Patriot Campers Dares You to Go Further Than Ever Before

Not everyone wants the same RVing experience as their grandparents, making off-grid, 4×4 RVs even more popular. Luckily, Patriot Campers took notice and delivered. They’ve made it their mission to build “the most sought after off-road camper trailers and 4×4 camping products in the world,” and so far, they haven’t disappointed. 

So, what are Patriot Campers? And are they really worth the money? Join us as we learn everything there is to know about this Australian RV company.

What Are Patriot Campers? 

Founded in January 2013, Patriot Campers began as a literal drawing in the sand. And it didn’t take long for the owners to come up with their first prototype. By September of that year, they began testing; and by October 2013, they had started the production of their first model, the X1.

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Patriot Campers then won Australia’s “Camper Trailer of the Year” from 2014 to 2018 and 2020. It also won its first USA award in 2019 as Overland Journal’s Camper Trailer of the Year. Since then, Patriot Campers continues to produce high-quality, off-road campers and even became ISO 9001 certified for their quality management systems in 2021. 

Who Makes the Patriot RV? 

Patriot proudly manufactures its own RVs in Australia. Because of this, they tout exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched attention to detail. Patriot Campers also prides itself on hiring Queenslanders to support the local economy and, of course, to produce top-notch trailers.

Because Patriot manufactures its own campers, it can hold production standards to stringent values of customer experience, innovation, culture, quality, and integrity. And judging by their string of awards, it’s working. 

Can You Get Patriot Campers in the U.S.?

Thankfully, two dealers sell Patriot Campers in the lower 48 of the United States. The first one is called Exploration Outfitters, located in Durant, Okla. You can even request a meeting with the sales team. The second Patriot dealer in the US is RVs of America, located in Lindon, Utah.

Man looking into interior of Patriot Campers from company website
Patriot Campers are known for producing high-quality and durable off-road campers.

Patriot Campers’ Off-Road Camper Trailers

So, what makes Patriot campers so amazing? Let’s examine the models, including the specs and features. 


Patriot makes four different off-road camper trailers: the X1, X1-H, X1-N, and X3. While the specs and features vary between models, these designs have several important things in common.

First and foremost, they’re all extremely rugged. Built on a Rigilite Chassis and Maxtrek Tyres, each model can handle all sorts of rough terrain. They’re also very lightweight, with a maximum of 2,469 pounds dry weight and a minimum of 1,830 pounds dry weight. 

Despite being so compact, you’ll also see that the X1 and X1-H can accommodate large families—up to 8 people, in fact. They also have a kitchen, a massive awning, and plenty of storage. 


The specs vary between the four Patriot camper models. Each measure roughly 12.3 feet long, 6 feet high, and 6 feet wide. Of course, they open up in various ways to provide multiple sleeping and living areas. For example, the X3 sleeps three, and the X1 and X1-H sleep up to eight. Meanwhile, they all have 70 cubic feet of storage and a dry weight of under 2,500 pounds. 

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Interior show of Patriot camper from company website
Patriot Campers are surprisingly spacious and comfortable.


The X3, X1, and X1-H all have 100mm thick, pocket-sprung gel top mattresses. The X1-N, on the other hand, doesn’t come with an integrated tent. It may work better for minimalist travelers who want to provide their own sleeping setup.

Nevertheless, all the models come with ample water storage (130L for the X3 and 155L for the rest). They also have a generous outdoor kitchen with a two-burner cooktop, two batteries, an inverter, and a gas-powered water heater.

Moreover, all models except the X1-N have an interior living space. And the X1-H has a hard-top roof with a fixed 120-watt solar panel. 

Patriot Campers’ Toy Haulers

However, the fun doesn’t stop at the four camper models; Patriot Campers also makes toy haulers. Keep reading to discover how you can have an epic camping experience with your toys. 

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Two men loading motorcycles on Patriot toy hauler from company website
A toy hauler from Patriot Campers is a great option for full-time travelers.


Patriot has three toy hauler options: the TH610, TH730, and TT730. The TT730 is the more minimal toy hauler of the bunch. It works best for adventurers spending the day at a race track or off-roading area. Make no mistake—the TT730 features a robust 8-foot by 13.6-foot deck with an epic suspension system. 

In contrast, the TH610 and TH730 have outdoor kitchens, awnings, and plenty of storage. They also come with rugged wheels and suspension for all your off-grid excursions. 


The TH610 has a 10-foot by 7.8-foot deck, while the TH730 and TT730 have larger ones. Additionally, the TH730, TH610, and TT730 have maximum towing weights of 7,500 pounds. However, the TH730 has a dry weight of 4,409 pounds, the TT730 weighs 2,645 pounds, and the TH610 comes in at 3,483 pounds.

Moreover, the TT730 comes with 570 liters of storage at the front of the toy hauler. The TH730 and TH610 both have a whopping 2,400 liters of storage. 

Patriot Campers TH730 Toy Hauler
Go off the beaten path with a Patriot camper or toy hauler.


The TH610 and TH730 come with eight tie-down points, a high lift jack holder, LED lights, stereo speakers, and a service hatch. You’ll also find a durable suspension system in all three trailers. They have XT All-Terrain, a dual-shock suspension system, and double-convoluted airbags.

Additionally, both of the toy hauler models come with a self-leveling suspension system and an L-shaped kitchen. You also have the option for a Dometic fridge/freezer and lithium battery upgrade. 

How Much Does a Patriot Camper Cost?

Prices differ from model to model. However, the Patriot Campers will generally cost you anywhere from $36,390 (X1-N) to roughly $58,000. The X1, X1-H, and TT730 all fall within the $40,000 to $50,000 range. 

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Are Patriot Campers Worth the Money? 

Considering that Patriot campers last and have the reviews to back them up, we think they are worth the price. You can venture completely off-grid with your whole family in confidence. You know that you’ll glide over any obstacle that comes your way.

What’s more? Patriot has partnered with Asset Loan Establishment for those who can’t afford to shell out $35,000 or more all at once. Thus, the company makes this lifestyle accessible to various budgets. 

Before you jump to get a loan on a Patriot Camper, make sure you understand what that entails. Learn more here: How to Finance Your Camper With an RV Loan.

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