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How to Find Pet Friendly RV Rentals

Are you looking for pet friendly RV rentals? It makes sense. Your pet is part of the family too. We’ve put together a list of RV rental companies and services that allow you to take your pet along for the ride.

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Pet Friendly RV Rental Companies

If you’re looking for pet friendly RV rentals, you might start with the companies we’ve listed below. 

El Monte RV

Any motorhome rental from El Monte RV is pet-friendly. You won’t face extra fees for bringing pets. There are no restrictions on the number of pets you can have in the RV, either. However, you must return the RV in its original condition, or you may get hit with cleaning fees.

Cruise America

Motorhome rentals from Cruise America are also pet-friendly. You won’t have to pay extra fees to bring your pet. There also aren’t restrictions on the number of pets you can bring. Just be sure to return the RV in the same condition you got it in, so you don’t get charged a cleaning fee.

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Pet Friendly Peer-to-Peer Rental Services

Peer-to-peer rental services are becoming more and more popular. Some will even allow you to bring your pet along!


Outdoorsy offers an entire tag for “pet friendly” RV rentals on its site. Filter your search to include only the pet friendly rentals and read the insurance disclosures. Insurance won’t cover damage to the RV caused by pets.


You can find RV rentals on RVShare that allow pets. Select “Allows Pets” in the filters to do a quick search for pet friendly RV rentals. Always read the insurance information and the rules for your specific rental before sealing the deal. 


Discover a rental on RVezy that allows pets by selecting “Pet Friendly” in the filters. As with other peer-to-peer rental services, we highly recommend reading the insurance information and rules before booking. 

pet friendly rv selection
Be sure to select pet friendly!

How to Find Local Pet Friendly RV Rental Companies Near You

Finding a pet-friendly rental near you can be quite easy, especially if you’re close to a well-populated area. El Monte RV has locations across the U.S., and Cruise America has locations throughout North America. 

Since Outdoorsy, RVShare, and RVezy are peer-to-peer services, their pet friendly RV rentals will differ from location to location. The individual RV owner dictates whether the RV they’re renting allows pets or not.

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Things to Consider When Looking for Pet Friendly RV Rentals

When looking for a rental, keep in mind that you need to leave the RV exactly how you found it or better. Treat it like you’d treat your own home. Also, note things like the number of pets allowed, any size restrictions, and cleaning fees.

Number of Pets Allowed

Read the fine print to find out how many pets are allowed on a rented RV. If you’re renting from an individual RV owner, such as Outdoorsy, you can message the owner to ask what their specific rules are. Pet friendly campgrounds might also restrict the total number of pets allowed.

Size and Breed Restrictions

Pay attention to size and breed restrictions in RV rentals as well as campgrounds. Many campgrounds have implemented breed restrictions. Large or aggressive dog breeds might not be allowed in many places. 

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Cleaning or Pet Fees

RV rental companies like El Monte RV and Cruise America don’t have pet fees, but there’s a catch. If your pet damages or stains something, or you leave a mess, you could face a cleaning fee. These fees can hit the hundreds of dollars, so keep your pet in check when renting.

RVing with Pets - Mondays with the Mortons

RVing with pets is a fun and exciting experience. If you’re planning to rent an RV on your next trip, we hope you take your furry friends along.

Have you ever rented an RV for you and your pets? Which service did you use? Drop a comment below!

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