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Peaceful Boondocking in Polson, Montana

Polson Montana is nestled at the south end of Flathead Lake and at lies in the Mission Valley which is bordered by the beautiful snow-capped Mission Mountains. ​

This charming lakeshore community is the trading center for one of most fertile farming areas in Montana. This prime cherry growing region is home to dozens of orchards.

Boondockers Welcome

​We connected with a Boondockers Welcome host just south of Polson. She had beautiful acreage at the base of the mountains and a big open space for us to park. She told us that we could stay as long as we’d like. We took advantage of this invitation and stayed for 4 days.

boondockers welcome

  This was one of our favorite Boondockers Welcome stays yet! Our spot was private and spacious, and we had a beautiful view over a golden field of wheat. We watched the deer crossing the fields in the morning and evening and had lots of space for the dogs to run.   

Caitlin Morton and Bella

Swimming in Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes by surface area west of the Mississippi River. It is the remnant of an ancient glacial dammed lake and is one of the cleanest lakes in the populated world for its size and type. 

flathead lake

  ​We did a little exploration of Polson and southern Flathead Lake. We found a little park on one of the hot days to go swimming. The water is famous for its clarity, and it was perfectly refreshing on a 90 degree summer day.  

  You might notice in the pictures above of us by the lake there is a strange orange hue…that’s not a filter. The light turned orange on us as we were packing up to leave; smoke from a not-to-distant forest fire had come up in front of the sun. We hoped that this smoke wouldn’t reach us in Glacier. 

wildfire smoke sunset

Recharged for Glacier National Park

​We ended up spending 4 nights in Polson relaxing, working, and trying to solve the truck problem we ran into in Missoula. After nearly two weeks of staying 2 nights or less everywhere it was so nice to slow down a little and recharge before heading to Glacier National Park!

boondockers welcome

Travel Stage: After Missoula, heading north towards Glacier National Park
Date Range: August 18 – 22, 2016
Summary: Four wonderfully restful nights in the lake town of Polson, MT on the southern end of the famously clear Flathead Lake.

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