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7 Best Pop-Up Camping Tents for Instant Setup

7 Best Pop-Up Camping Tents for Instant Setup

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. However, for some people, the thought of putting up a traditional tent can be daunting. That’s where pop-up camping tents come in!

These tents are easy to set up, often taking less than two minutes, and are perfect for spontaneous camping trips. Check out our list of the seven best pop-up camping tents below!

Considering a Pop-Up Tent? Review and Comparison

What Is a Pop-Up Camping Tent? 

A pop-up camping tent is a type of tent you can quickly and easily assemble. Unlike traditional tents, pop-up tents don’t require poles or other support structures. Instead, they rely on a series of flexible panels connected by hinges.

When the tent collapses, the panels lay flat against each other. However, when the tent opens, the panels pop up into place, creating a self-supporting structure.

Why People Love Pop-Up Camping Tents 

Anyone who has spent time camping with a regular tent will quickly appreciate the ease and speed of setting up a pop-up camping tent. While a regular tent can take forever trying to simply figure out the instructions, you can set up a pop-up tent in minutes, if not seconds.

Because they are so simple to set up, pop-up camping tents are also versatile. Besides using them for sleeping on a camping trip, they are an easy-to-use means of temporary shelter, particularly if you are going to be out in the sun all day. They are excellent options for the beach or all-day festivals.

Woman opening green pop-up tent
Ditch the pesky tent stakes and poles in exchange for an easy pop-up tent.

Drawbacks of a Pop-Up Camping Tent

For all the benefits of pop-up camping tents, there are still a few trade-offs. Size is probably one of the biggest drawbacks.

Regular tents come in various sizes, particularly on the roomier end. Despite their more complicated set-up, if you want to house your entire family you’ll have more room in a regular tent. Most pop-up camping tents are limited to comfortably fitting anywhere from two to four people, although a few might suit four to five people or more.

Along with the easier setup of pop-up tents comes a bit less durability. They’re fine shelters in the sun, the wind, and little rain. But they won’t keep water out as well as a regular tent during a rainstorm and can get blown away much easier by a strong gust of wind.

Many instant pop-up tents are also made from single-wall construction. This means that they don’t come with a rain fly. Such tents often have less ventilation, making them stuffier when they have to be closed up because of the weather.

Because of the way a pop-up camping tent is made and folds up, it can also be more challenging to repair than a regular tent.

Pro Tip: Pop-up tents aren’t the only kind of tent you can use while camping. Find out How Many Types of Tents Are There & How to Choose.

Couple silhouetted at sunset in front of pop-up tent
Pop-up tents allow for a quick set-up that makes it so you can use your tent wherever necessary.

When (and When Not) to Use a Pop-Up Tent

Pop-up camping tents are amazing for their ease of use and quick set-up. This makes them the perfect quick shelter for all sorts of situations.

Headed to the beach? An instant pop-up tent is a good way to provide some shade to get a break from the sun. It can also serve as a de facto changing room. They’re also excellent temporary shelters for other events, such as festivals and gatherings. Or perhaps you’re looking for a simple, quick getaway.

An instant pop-up camping tent is also a good starter for kids or adults with little experience with regular tents. 

One thing most pop-up tents are not well-suited for is backpacking. Because of the way they’re made, with an internal structure engineered for easy set-up, pop-up camping tents aren’t usually as lightweight as you’d want for backpacking.

They almost never fold up small enough to be suitable for backpacking, where small and light is the name of the game. Plus, not all pop-up tents are well-suited for any inclement weather you may encounter when backpacking. Many need an additional rainfly or other accessories to make them hold up during steady rain or heavy windstorms.

Because the internal suspension system can be complex, they’re not easy to repair if any part of the suspension fails. Even a small tear or rip can be difficult to repair because of the origami-like way they fold up.

The teardown is another potential sore spot. Though the complex engineering makes pop-up campers a breeze to set up, they can be perplexing to fold down and pack away. It’s a good idea to watch some videos on the folding process and practice at home before taking your pop-up out for a real trip.

Is a Pop-Up Tent Waterproof?

Most pop-up tents are not waterproof – period. While regular tents are for hardier weather, including support accessories like a rainfly or waterproofing, many pop-up tents fall short in this regard. 

That said, many manufacturers have improved the water worthiness of instant pop-up camping tents. Some now include water-resistant coatings, and rain flys are included or at least as an optional piece of equipment.

Pro Tip: Don’t let a little rain ruin your camping trip! Learn more about The Simple But Mighty Tent Rainfly.

Older couple enjoying a picnic in a pop-up tent
Keep in mind, pop-up tents are better for sunny and warm weather camping.

7 Best Pop-Up Tents for Instant Camping Setup

There is no end to the variety of instant pop-up camping tents on the market. They range from the simplest one-person set-up to large, complex tents for multiple people.

There are many to avoid, so we assembled seven of the best pop-up tents for instant camping set-up to help narrow down your options.

1. Moon Lence Pop-Up Tent 4 Person

About: Moon Lence is a solid company making well-built pop-up tents. Their four-person tent is a roomy option that addresses many of the pitfalls of other instant tents.

Moon Lence Pop up Tent 4 Person Camping Tent...
  • 【A TENT THAT BREATHS】New breathable setting of 2 large doors,...
  • 【QUICK & EASY SETUP】 Take the pop-up tent out of the package,...
  • 【4-PERSON ROOMY TENT】With the unfolding size of 300*220*120cm...

It’s waterproof, has two big doors and two mesh windows, and comes with a rainfly. All of that combined provides good ventilation. It also comes with alloy pegs and guy ropes to keep it secure in the wind.

Features We Love: At 9.9 pounds, it is lightweight for its size. The best feature of the Moon Lence 4 Person tent is that you can take it out of the bag, unstrap it, and throw it in the air to set it up. How cool is that?! 

2. Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent

About: The Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent is another one of our favorites. Coleman is a well-respected brand in the outdoor industry with a reputation for quality. This tent comes with pre-assembled poles that make for easy set-up. And the taped floor seams and adjustable rainfly will keep you dry in the rain.

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent , Green/Grey
  • Lightweight camping tent assembles in only 10 seconds.Fits 2...
  • Preassembled poles pop up into place
  • Taped floor seams keep you dry even when the ground is soaking...

Features We Love: This is another tent you can set up in 10 seconds! Beyond that, a couple of the things we really love about it are that it weighs in at just 5.9 pounds. Additionally, it comes with little niceties like gear pockets to hold your wallet, glasses, keys, or other small items.

Morton Camping Rating: We rate the Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent a 9/10. It has a robust ventilation mesh and folds completely flat for storage. The only thing that would bump it up to 10/10 is finding a miraculous way to fold it up even smaller for backpacking.

Couple laying in pop-up tent together on the beach
Use your pop-up tent in the forest or on the beach.

3. MOON LENCE Instant Pop-Up Tent Family Camping

About: The Moon Lence’s four to five-person pop-up tent is one of the roomier options in this size category for an instant tent.

Moon Lence Instant Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tent...
  • Roomy 4-5 Person Tent: With the unfolding size of 290*308*133cm...
  • Breathable & Stable: 4 Large mesh windows and 1D-shaped doors...
  • All-round protection: 190T PU material and 210D Oxford Ground...

But it still keeps the weight in check at 10.25 pounds. It’s not as quick to set up as the first two options, but you can still quickly assemble it in about a minute or so. It’s also highly windproof and waterproof.

Features We Love: We love the dome structure, as it makes the tent feel much bigger after set up. It is also robustly constructed, well-ventilated, and comes with alloy pegs and guy lines to make it more secure during inclement weather.

4. 4-5 Person Easy Pop-Up Tent

About: The Aglory 4-5 Person Easy Pop-Up Tent is another roomy option. It would comfortably fit four average-sized adults, but five people would probably be pushing it a bit.

4-5Person Easy Pop Up...
  • Easy Setup: Automatically pop up the bracket to open the tent....
  • Size: Roomy for 4-5 adults and weight 10.8lbs only. Size:118 x...
  • Durable & High-Quality Material: Made of 3000MM 190T Polyester...

That said, it’s well-constructed and is easy to set up quickly. It comes with solid ventilation but doesn’t have any added rain protection in the form of a rainfly.

Features We Love: The lengthwise design makes it feel roomy, with the interior reaching its full height throughout almost the entirety of the tent. And again, the little things mean a lot with a lantern hook and storage pockets built into the tent’s interior.

5. Pop-up Tent and Automatic Instant Portable Cabana Beach

About: This Instant Portable Cabana Beach tent is exactly what it says, a great, portable option for quick shelter. It’s not the most robust tent on our list, but it’s a good option for easy setup and has good ventilation. It also provides decent temporary shelter at the beach, the park, or a festival.

Pop-up Tent and Automatic Instant Portable Cabana...
  • Effortless set up – Pops open in the blink of an eye into a...
  • Double doors – With double doors on both the left and right...
  • High breathability– a mesh window on both the front and back...

Features We Love: At 3.7 pounds, this is one of the lightest weight options you’ll find. It’s also a lot of fun to take it out of the carry bag, toss it in the air, and bam! Your tent is set up!

Two person pop-up tent camping set up
Pop-up tents are perfect for solo or two-person camping trips.

6. Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Person

About: This dome-style tent is one of the roomier options for a two-person pop-up tent. It’s well-made with heat-sealed seams and water-resistant fabric and comes with stakes and guy lines to keep it secure in the wind. It sets up in under a minute.

Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Person anngrowy Family Tent...
  • Roomy and Compact 2 Person Camping Tent: With the unfolding size...
  • Waterproof and Windproof Sturdy Tent: 190T polyester fabric...
  • Two Layers Door and Windows Ventilation: With two layers windows...

Features We Love: Aside from the storage bag and lantern hook – did we mention that it’s the little things – this two-person tent weighs just 5.7 pounds. It packs into a carry bag that is 26 inches long and 5 inches tall. That makes it a realistic option for backpacking. 

7. Eackrola 2/4-Person-Tent, Instant Pop-up Tent for Camping

About: The Eackrola 2-Person Tent is reasonably lightweight at 6.6 pounds and extremely roomy for two people. It’d be a little cramped for four people. It has good ventilation and water resistance but doesn’t come with a rain fly.

Eackrola 2-Person-Tent, Instant Pop up Tent for...
  • [2 Person Tent]: Measures 8.07 x 5.09 feet, Center Height: 3.44...
  • [Easy Setup & Storage]: The instant setup tent with pre-assembled...
  • [Superb Ventilation System]: Eackrola pop up tent features two...

Features We Love: Aside from the little niceties of included storage and a lantern hook, this tent is a roomy, easy instant pop-up for a quick getaway. (We’re thinking of a fun date night-inspired camping trip.) Again, it’s another of the fun ones that you just open the bag, and it pops open to be instantly usable.

Pro Tip: Protect your tent by using a tent footprint. Better yet, DIY your own tent footprint for your next camping adventure yourself!


Is a Pop-Up Camping Tent Worth It?

Whether you’re looking forward to a quick camping trip or just need some instant shelter for the beach or festival, a pop-up camping tent is totally worth it. All of the instant tents on our list are super simple to set up. They’re fairly inexpensive, making them available to nearly anyone.

They’re also a great option if you are a camping newbie that just wants to get away for a night or two during reasonably good weather. You’re not going to climb Mount Everest or hike the Appalachian Trail with an instant pop-up camping tent. Still, you’ll get quick shelter to make your outdoor experiences more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

Do you have a pop-up camping tent? Tell us what you use in the comments!

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