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What Are Pop Up Gizmos (a.k.a “PUGS”)?

If your pop-up camper or hybrid trailer gets too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, you might need Pop Up Gizmos (PUGS). So, what in the world are PUGS, and how can they help regulate the temperature inside your RV?

Keep reading to learn how PUGS work and why they’re beneficial.

What Are Pop Up Gizmos? 

Pop Up Gizmos are bunk end covers for pop-up campers and hybrid campers. They go over the top of the pop-outs or dorms and act as reflectors. So in the summer, they can help keep the camper cool and prevent excessive heat loss in the winter.

Our Gear: Pop Up Gizmos

What Are the Summer Benefits of Pop Up Gizmos? 

Pop-up campers’ interior temperatures can heat up quickly in the summer. The heat doesn’t have anywhere to go, particularly around the bunk ends and pop-outs. Installing PUGS will help reflect the sun’s heat away from the camper. 

Pop Up Gizmos have a multi-layer construction which makes them durable and long-lasting. And they protect any canvas material on your camper from sun damage, bird droppings, or tree sap. Additionally, Pop Up Gizmos are waterproof and washable, so at the end of your camping trip, you can wash, fold, and store them for next time.  

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What Are the Winter Benefits of Pop Up Gizmos? 

The winter benefits of Pop Up Gizmos are the opposite of their summer benefits. In cold weather, the reflective nature of the product will reduce interior heat loss through the canvas on your camper’s pop-out or dorm. They help keep in heat while protecting the camper’s exterior from the elements. 

Pop-up camper opened and parked at campsite.
Add an extra layer of insulation to your camper with easy-to-use Pop Up Gizmos.

About SUNFast Products

SUNFast Products owns and manufactures Pop Up Gizmos. The company also produces other products, including interior bunk liners, PUG EARS 2.0, PUG PAWS, and pop-up camper accessories. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Pop Up Gizmos Super High Wind Covers

The Super High Wind Covers can handle wind speeds of 25 mph or more. The cover has a five bungee cord system to hold it securely on the bunk ends. You can easily install and store it when done, and you can also add velcro to attach it under the lid of the camper.

The price of Super High Wind Covers ranges from $89.95 to $94.95 for a single cover. However, if you buy two or more covers, the price is reduced.

pop-up camper interior
Keep the cold or heat out of your camper with Pop Up Gizmos and Interior Bunkliners.

Interior Bunkliners

Interior Bunkliners keep the inside of your camper warm during cold weather or winter camping. The liners are purposefully oversized to fit any camper. The company tested them in outside temperatures under 27 degrees Fahrenheit. And with two ceramic heaters running, they maintained 65 degrees in the center of a 12-ft camper with two king-size bunk ends.

Installing the Interior Bunkliners is easy and quick. The liner comes in one piece and can fit around the sides and end of the pop-up camper. To get them to fit snug, you can fold them under any excess liner or trim them with scissors since the material doesn’t unravel. As with anything, we recommend following the instructions sent with the bunkliner. 

The price of a single Interior Bunkliner is around $35.


PUG EARS 2.0 are new and improved peal and stick mounts used to secure your Pop Up Gizmos to your camper. They are available in black or white and can hold up to 20 pounds. You can also use them to hang a projector screen for a movie night at your campsite. PUG EARS 2.0 are sold in pairs for $19.95.

PUG PAWS are used to consolidate your Pop Up Gizmos’ bungee cords. You can choose between peel and stick or screws for mounting. PUG PAWS are available in black or white to match your camper and are $17.95 each.

PopupGizmos Setup with PUGEARs and Paws on HYBRIDs

SUNFast Accessories

SUNFast Products manufactures a range of accessories to make pop-up camping easier. These products include a magnetic storage door catch, an outdoor shower holder, peel and stick bath towel hooks, and more. Accessories start at $9.95.

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Can You Make DIY Pop Up Gizmos? 

It is possible to make DIY bunk end covers, but it would take time and likely cost as much as buying one. However, if you prefer to make one yourself, we recommend determining your measurements first and making a template. You could then purchase reflectors and create a cover using suitable materials or space blankets. And you could use a similar bungee cord method as Pop Up Gizmos. 

Are Pop Up Gizmos Worth It?

Pop Up Gizmos are worth it for pop-up and hybrid camper owners. The last thing you want when camping in the summer is to walk into a hot trailer. Or worse, trying to sleep in a freezing camper in the winter.

Rockwood Roo Hybrid Camper
Enjoy camping in all the seasons with Pop Up Gizmos.

PUGS take away this stress and help you sleep in comfort. And since they’re durable and long-lasting, you don’t have to worry about replacing them each year. 

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