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5 Best Pop-Up Toy Haulers for Bringing ATVs, Bikes, and More

Many travelers enjoy bringing a side-by-side, four-wheeler, or golf cart with them on the road. It can feel a bit intimidating, though, thinking about how you will haul your toys. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to have a large toy hauler RV to bring your toys with you on your adventures. Pop-up toy haulers offer a much easier towing experience.

Today, we’ll look at five of your best options. 

What Is a Pop-Up Toy Hauler?

You don’t often hear the phrase “pop-up toy hauler,” so it might confuse you. A pop-up toy hauler sits on a standard pop-up camper trailer frame. The frame features a reinforced cargo area, usually in the front of the camper.

This setup gives you all of the wonderful aspects of a regular pop-up camper with enough cargo space to bring along ATVs, bikes, and other large camping items. 

Pop-up camper with bikes
With a pop-up toy hauler, the whole family can bring their bikes on camping trips.

Get to know the benefits of a toy hauler and why this garage-style camper might be right for you: What Is a Toy Hauler RV?

The 5 Best Pop-Up Toy Haulers 

If you are new to pop-up toy haulers, it might overwhelm you to filter through the options. We’ve gathered a few great choices to help you narrow down your list. 

1. Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility

About the Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility: The Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility is the ultimate combination of comfort and utility. This unit is a tent trailer combined with a utility trailer.

The tent fits securely under the deck to allow your toys to be driven or placed on top. The large 12 ft tent expands to give you 144 sq ft of living space and seven feet of headroom. You’ll have plenty of room to rest in this setup after a day of adventuring. 

Best Features: The Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility pop-up camper offers two tent sizes. If you don’t need a lot of sleeping space, you can purchase the 8 ft tent option.

Or, you can easily upgrade to the larger 12 ft tent for more room. With this upgrade, you can sleep up to eight adults. That’s an impressive amount of space for an easy to tow and compact unit. We also appreciate that the interior of this unit has a swing-up table.

Toy Hauler Capabilities: With a payload capacity of 4,200 lbs, it can carry three full-size ATVs or a four-seat side-by-side. 

2. Jayco Baja Pop-Up Toy Hauler

About the Jayco Baja Pop-Up Toy Hauler: The Jayco Baja Pop-Up Toy Hauler is the best of both worlds. You get the standard pop-up set up but with the bonus of space for your camping toys. When fully expanded, the tent has two king-size beds. One king-size bed would be impressive, but two king-size beds make this pop-up toy hauler stand out. With the tent travel-ready, you can place your toys on the 63-inch cargo deck. 

Jayco no longer makes this pop-up toy hauler, so you’ll have to do a bit of searching to locate a used model of this unique RV. 

2010 Jayco Baja 14F Exterior / For Sale

Best Features: You do not lose any functionality of either the tent or the cargo space with this layout. Simply remove your toys before popping up the tent, and you’ll feel like you are in any other pop-up camper. Because one of the beds sits over the cargo space, you won’t feel like you have to sacrifice space for your toys. 

Toy Hauler Capabilities: The 63-inch utility deck has a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs. 

Pro Tip: Looking to fill your toy hauler with some epic adventure toys? Find out why The Price of Pure Joy is Only $900.

3. A-Liner Somerset E3 Deck

About the A-Liner Somerset E3 Deck: The A-Liner Somerset E3 Deck may only be 12 ft long, but it features two king beds and an excellent deck for bringing along plenty of extras.

This pop-up toy hauler gives you some of the same great features as a larger camper. You even get a six-gallon water heater for cleaning off after a long day of exploring. The unit is made for off-roading and comes standard with off-roading tires.

NEW 2018 Somerset Evolution E3 Pop-Up Camper | Mount Comfort RV

Best Features: There is an impressive amount of space in such a small package. Plus, you’ll be very comfortable with two king beds, a dinette, a toilet, and a kitchenette. 

Toy Hauler Capabilities: You will find a 53 by 82-inch deck, perfect for carrying toys on this unit. 

4. Viking V3 V-Trec

About the Viking V3 V-Trec: The Viking V3 V-Trec might only have a box size of 12 ft but expands to an impressive 23 ft 5 inches when opened. You get the features of a larger RV but have the benefit of sleeping in a canvas tent.

The 23-gallon freshwater tank will help you extend your camping trips. It has a king and queen bed, so you’ll have plenty of space to sleep in this unit. 

2021 Coachmen Viking V3 Walk-around by Motor Sportsland

Best Features: It is rare to find a couch in a pop-up unit, but you’ll find one in the Viking V3 V-Trec. 

Toy Hauler Capabilities: The cargo deck is 5 ft by 5 ft allowing you to bring along extra cargo or toys to enjoy while camping. 

5. Forest River Rockwood Pop-Up Hauler

About the Forest River Rockwood Pop Up Hauler: The Forest River Rockwood 232 ESP is ready to hit the road. This pop-up toy hauler features a spacious deck and comes equipped with a roof rack system for even more cargo room. You can sleep in comfort in one of the two end beds or the convertible sofa bed. 

2019 FOREST RIVER ROCKWOOD 232ESP Pop Up OFF Road Toy Hauler RV Camper Greeley Dealer

Best Features: The Pro Rack Roof Rack system carries four bikes, two kayaks, or two canoes. This and the large cargo storage will allow you to bring enough toys to keep everyone busy. 

Toy Hauler Capabilities: The Forest River Rockwood 232 ESP features a 54 by 84-inch front deck storage. 

Pro Tip: Pack a portable garage to store your toys in. Check out Our Review of the Harbor Freight Portable Garage.

Can You Convert a Pop-Up Camper to a Toy Hauler?

No. Carrying heavy toys such as golf carts and four-wheelers requires special welding and reinforcements. Attempting to redesign a standard pop-up camper could result in serious damage or injuries. 

If your pop-up camper doesn’t haul toys, you can research to see if it has a hitch receiver capable of carrying a small hitch hauler or RV bike rack.

pop-up toy hauler with bikes
Pop-up toy haulers offer a combination of simplicity and functionality you just don’t find in other toy haulers.

Pop-Up Toy Hauler: Hard to Find, Easy to Love

While they are sometimes hard to come by, if you can find a pop-up toy hauler, you’re probably going to love it! These trailers offer the rustic simplicity folks have come to appreciate about pop-up campers with the added benefit of bringing your adventure toys along. What could be better than that?

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