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5 Best Portable Generator Covers to Protect and Muffle Noise

A portable generator can allow you to enjoy your RV outside of an organized campground. However, the noise it produces can become incredibly annoying, and the weather might not always cooperate. 

A cover or enclosure protects your generator and muffles the noise. Today, we will look at five of the best portable generator covers that we think you should consider. Let’s jump in!

What Is a Portable Generator Cover?

A portable generator cover protects your generator from poor weather conditions such as rain, snow, or even sunlight. They can help keep your portable generator running for a long time.

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Why Does Your Portable Generator Need to Be Covered?

The more you RV, the greater the chance that you’ll eventually find yourself camping in the rain, snow, or less than ideal conditions. It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t go together, so while using a device that creates electricity, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t get wet. 

Covering your portable generator while it rains or snows will keep it safe from water entering the essential electronic components.

Some generator covers also muffle the sound of the generator. A loud generator can make it difficult for anyone within earshot to get a quality night’s sleep. A cover can allow you to run your generator at night.

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Image of an RV generator in front of an RV.
Since your RV generator creates electricity, it is crucial that it does not get wet.

The Top 5 Cover Options for Portable Generators

When it comes to selecting a cover for your portable generator, you want to get the best. We’ve compiled five of the best enclosures to help keep your generator running. 

1. IGAN Heavy Duty Generator Cover

About the IGAN Heavy Duty Generator Cover:

IGAN makes this ultra heavy-duty generator cover to protect it while in use and storage. You can even refuel your generator with minimal effort with it on. Your generator can keep working while staying protected from the elements.

IGAN’s generator cover weighs up to 9 lbs and has a waterproof tarp material. It comes with a three-year limited warranty, and you can choose the tubular or square stainless steel frame. You’ll love the ease of setup and tear-down.

IGAN Generator Tent Running Cover, Ultra Heavy...
  • The IGAN Advantage: Run your generator safely, whether in the...
  • Patented Design: Ensure the sensitive sections of the machine are...
  • Ultra heavy duty: 100% waterproof tarp, weighing up to 9 pounds,...

Stand Out Features:

Users love that this cover has flaps that you can raise and lower during usage. It even has a convenient place on top to connect the flaps to prevent one from accidentally falling and blocking the exhaust. 

Best for:

This cover works with most 3,500 to 12,000W portable generators. It works best for those needing to use their generator in the rain and other weather conditions. Due to the variety of generators, be sure to contact IGAN to verify compatibility with your portable generator before purchasing. 

Man using igan cover on his generator.
RV generator covers protect your generator from various weather elements when RVing.

2. Champion Storm Shield Cover

About the Champion Storm Shield Cover:

The Champion Storm Shield Cover is another excellent product when it comes to a portable generator cover. You can set it up in three simple steps, and it doesn’t require any tools during installation. The large refueling door allows easy access for quickly refilling your generator’s fuel tank.

Champion Power Equipment 100376 Storm Shield...
  • Installs easily in 3 simple steps with its self-attaching design
  • The large refueling door, omni-fit electrical panel apron and...
  • Operate your 4000 to 12,500 starting watt generator with your...

Stand Out Features:

The high-strength frame rods can withstand winds up to 70 mph, 18 inches of snow, and up to 12 inches of rain per day. You never know what weather conditions you’ll face while RVing. You’ll have a little more peace knowing that no matter the weather, you can run your generator.

Best for:

This specific generator cover works on Champion generators. GenTent has made this cover with the whole line of Champion generators in mind. You can access all of the essential connections for your generator easily.

3. GenTent 20K Universal Kit (Extreme)

About the GenTent 20K Universal Kit:

The GenTent 20k Universal Kit allows you to run your open frame generator during rain, snow, ice, sleet, and wind. It will keep the elements off of your generator and the various sensitive electrical areas. The large fuel door makes it easy to refuel while in use.

GenTent XL Generator Running Cover - Universal Kit...
  • Safely run your portable generator outside in any wet weather -...
  • The Extreme Edition extends the high quality Standard Edition by...
  • Waterproof and sheds water away, protecting sensitive electrical...

Stand Out Features: 

The GenTent 20K has a patented design that allows the generator to naturally cool from airflow. This airflow system also does not restrict the generator’s ability to operate, and you can clamp it to the frame to hold it in place. This means you’ll be powering your RV no matter the weather.

Best for:

The GenTent 20K works best for RVers with an open frame generator. An open frame generator means you’ll want to make sure you camp far away from others before cranking it up because of the noise. 

GenTent product image.
When buying a generator cover, make sure to get the correct size for the product you own.

4. GenTent 10K Generator Cover

About the GenTent 10K Generator Cover:

The GenTent 10K generator cover fits thousands of different portable generator sizes. In three easy steps, you’ll have your generator covered and running in no time. It has a waterproof dual-coated vinyl, rip-stop material, and welded seams. The solid construction protects your generator from whatever the environment throws at it.

GenTent Generator Running Cover - Universal Kit...
  • Safely run your portable generator outside in any wet weather -...
  • Waterproof and sheds water away, protecting sensitive electrical...
  • Universal running cover for open frame generators with perimeters...

Stand Out Features:

Due to the tough construction, the GenTent 10K can withstand hurricane-force precipitation and winds up to 70 mph. Properly mount, frame, and cover your generator to keep it safe with the GenTent 10K.

Best for:

This cover also has open frame generators in mind as it can mount to the frame. RVers also love the four-season design and that it can handle freezing temperatures.

5. GABraden All-Weather Shelter

About GABraden All-Weather Shelter

The GABraden Generator Cover serves as protection during storage and use for most 3,500 to 12,000W generators. This waterproof cover can also muffle the sound of a running generator. You won’t have to yell over the hum of a noisy generator.

Stand Out Features:

The double-layer cover allows you to flip up the cover during optimal conditions to assist with heat dissipation. It has UV- protected 100% waterproof material too. Not only will your generator run for a long time, but the UV protection will ensure you don’t waste your money on a cover that will fade.

Best for:

If you want an all-weather shelter for your portable generator, GABraden makes a tremendous resource. This cover can fit most 3,500  to 12,000W tubular or box portable generators. If you plan to use a generator regularly while RVing, then consider the GABraden All-Weather shelter.

Man working next to his generator with a cover on it.
Protect against sun exposure, rain, snow and much more with a generator cover.

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How To Make A Cover For A Portable Generator

Portable Generator Covers to Protect and Muffle Noise

A portable generator cover protects from the elements. Whether exposure to the sun and heat or a spring shower, you want to keep your generator lasting. They also help muffle the loud noise keeping other campers happy. 

Before buying a cover, make sure that it’s compatible with your generator type and dimensions.

What do you use to protect your portable generator from weather conditions? Drop a comment below!

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