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If You’re Not Watching These Awesome RV Tours on YouTube, You’re Missing Out

If You’re Not Watching These Awesome RV Tours on YouTube, You’re Missing Out

Not all RV tours on YouTube are created equal. The walkthroughs often feel rushed and rarely provide you with enough details, but not Princess Craft RV’s videos! If you haven’t checked out their RV tours, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Let’s take a look!

About Princess Craft RV

Princess Craft RV is an RV dealer located in Round Rock, Texas, about 20 miles north of Austin. They’ve been in business since 1968 and are the premier camper dealer in the area. 

They also create awesome RV tours on their YouTube channel. The RV tours featured on their channel are some of the best on the internet. Each video is as delightful as it is informational. With high-quality videography and a charming host, it’s like getting a personal RV tour without even leaving your couch!

Princess Craft RV

What Type of RVs Does Princess Craft Feature?

Princess Craft RV specializes in lightweight travel trailers and truck campers. On their channel, you’ll see many of the traditional RV models you’ve come to know and love, the Forest River R-Pod being a prime example. But they also showcase plenty of unique designs, too, like the TAXA Mantis

Suppose you’re looking for a travel trailer. In that case, Princess Craft features several well-known brands, including Aliner, Braxton Creek, Forest River, Gulf Stream, inTech, Keystone, Lance, nuCamp, Outdoors, Riverside, TAXA, and Xtreme. 

Additionally, they have a great lineup of truck campers from top brands, like Adventurer, Host Industries, Northern Lite, Northstar, Northwood, nuCamp, Palomino, and Lance. In fact, the folks over at Princess Craft are Lance truck camper experts!

Meet PJ Buerger

What makes Princess Craft’s RV tours so awesome? PJ Buerger, of course! (OK…and maybe the RVs too!)

Princess Craft RV
PJ Buerger, Host of Princess Craft’s YouTube channel

PJ is the general manager of the dealership and host of Princess Craft’s YouTube channel. Not only does her knowledge about RVs shine through in her videos, but PJ’s sunny demeanor does as well. From the moment you hit play, you’ll feel like you’re walking into a friend’s new RV for a tour and a cup of tea.

PJ also co-hosts the RV Small Talk Podcast with two of her colleagues, Lindsay Robillard and Clint Sandberg. The podcast features camping stories, interviews, Q&A, and RV maintenance tips. 

Princess Craft’s Awesome RV Tours

There are many RV tours on YouTube these days, but very few match the quality and overall awesomeness of Princess Craft’s walkthroughs. Check out a few of their videos to see for yourself. 

2019 Mini Max from Little Guy Walkthrough

With over 1.5 million views, this is the most-watched video on Princess Craft’s YouTube channel. It’s a walkthrough of the 2019 Little Guy Mini Max mid-sized teardrop trailer, a smaller version of the Little Guy Max. PJ shows you why this small but not-to-be-underestimated camping trailer might be right for you. 

2019 Mini Max from Little Guy Walkthrough with Princess Craft RV

New AVIA by nuCamp RV Walkthrough Tour

You won’t miss a single detail in this 43-minute walkthrough of the 2020 AVIA by nuCamp. The AVIA is an excellent example of Princess Craft’s unique travel trailer offerings. And PJ truly delights with her knowledge of the exceptional characteristics of this luxury design.

AVIA by nuCamp RV Walkthrough Tour - Travel Trailer

2021 Terra Oasis by inTech RV Reveal

Shot from the inTech Factory, this video reveals a brand new travel trailer model called the Terra Oasis. You’ll enjoy getting a first look at this trailer’s remarkable interior and exterior components. Plus, PJ opens up the reveal by interviewing an inTech representative.

Prototype Terra Oasis by inTech RV REVEAL

Where Else Can You Follow Princess Craft RV?

In addition to YouTube, you can catch up with Princess Craft RV on Facebook and Twitter. On their social media accounts, they share more RV news and camping tips. You can also listen to the RV Small Talk Podcast on all major podcast providers, including iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Awesome RV Tours for the Camping Enthusiast

Princess Craft caters to camping enthusiasts. Their RV selection is perfect for RVers who enjoy weekend getaways, summer camping trips, or minimalistic full-time RV living. If you’re browsing YouTube looking for your next RV, don’t miss Princess Craft’s RV tours!

Princess Craft RV

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