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9 Small Campers to Pull Behind Your Jeep Wrangler

So, you have a Jeep Wrangler and want to tow a camper without upgrading your vehicle. You’re in luck! The Jeep Wrangler’s towing capacity can accommodate small pull behind campers, so you can head out for an off-road weekend and take a tiny home on wheels with you. It’s the best of both worlds and a Jeep owner’s dream scenario for adventuring.

Let’s take a closer look at the Wrangler’s towing capacity and nine perfect pull-behind campers for your Jeep.

What Are Pull Behind Campers?

Pull behind campers, also commonly called travel trailers, are recreational vehicles (RVs) designed to be towed behind trucks or SUVs. These campers attach to a ball hitch mounted to the bumper of the tow vehicle. The smallest units may only have a bed and some storage space, while the largest units can have multiple sleeping areas, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room.

What Is the Average Pull Behind Camper Size?

Tiny teardrop-style pull behind campers can be as small as 8 feet long, and destination trailers can be as large as 40 feet long. The average size travel trailer is 25 to 30 feet long.

However, with any size camper, it’s crucial to have a suitable tow vehicle with the necessary towing capacity. If you plan to tow with a Jeep Wrangler, you’ll likely pull a camper well below the average size as its towing capacity is on the low end for SUVs.

Jeep Wrangler towing a pull behind camper

What Is the Jeep Wrangler Towing Capacity?

Catering to adventure enthusiasts, Jeep made sure this off-road vehicle could tow a small RV. The towing capacity for a two-door 2023 Jeep Wrangler is 2,000 pounds, while the four-door models max out at 3,500 pounds. This towing capacity is sufficient for many teardrop, pop-up, and small pull behind campers.

9 Small Campers You Can Pull Behind Your Jeep Wrangler

Which pull behind campers can a Jeep Wrangler tow? Let’s look at nine small trailers that will do the trick and keep you camping in style.

1. Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK

Forest River’s Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK is a single-axle trailer that’s 12 feet 3 inches long. It has an unloaded vehicle weight of 1,763 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,135 pounds. That puts its GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) at 2,898 pounds, which stays under the Jeep Wrangler towing capacity. 

The Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK has an outside kitchen off the back. It has a refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, and sink. Inside, you’ll find a couch that doubles as a bed and storage. Unfortunately, there’s no bathroom in these tiny pull behind campers.

The Reveal of our small travel trailer 2022 GeoPro 12SRK

2. Flagstaff Hard-Sided Pop-Up T12RBST

Forest River’s Flagstaff Hard-Sided Pop-Up T12RBST is a single-axle and is 19 feet 2 inches long. It has a dry weight of 2,120 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,164 pounds. The GVWR is just under 3,500 pounds, making it compatible with the Jeep Wrangler.

The pop-up takes on an A-frame shape when opened. Inside you’ll find a flip-up bed and a dinette that also folds into a bed. It has a sink, stovetop, refrigerator, and storage inside and outside as well. And it comes with a griddle on the outside. There’s no bathroom.

Forest River RV-Flagstaff Hard Side-12RBST

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3. Flagstaff Tent 206M

The Flagstaff Tent 206M is a single-axle. It’s 16 feet 7 inches long when closed and 20 feet 2 inches long when open. Its dry weight is 2,223 pounds, and the cargo carrying capacity is 1,017 pounds, making the GVWR 3,240 pounds.

The Flagstaff Tent 206M is a pop-up with soft sides. Each pop-out has a bed that sleeps two people. There’s also a dinette that folds into a bed. The camper has a sink, refrigerator, and stovetop but no bathroom. And there’s ample storage inside and out for this size pop-up.

Forest River RV-Flagstaff MAC LTD Tent-206M

4. Sunray 109 Sport Pull Behind Campers

The Sunray 109 Sport is a small pull behind camper trailer with an overall length of only 12 feet. The dry weight is 1,320 pounds and the GVWR is 2,620 pounds.

The interior of the 109 Sport has a couch that also serves as a bed, plus an air conditioning unit with a storage cubby underneath. At the camper’s rear, you’ll find a well-equipped outdoor kitchen with a two-burner stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink. There’s also an outside shower for staying clean on the road.

Popular options for this camper trailer include a Fantastic Fan, power tongue, and a two-person rooftop tent.

Review of The Sunray 109 Sport By Sunset Park

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5. NuCamp TagXL Pull Behind Campers

The NuCamp TagXL is a single-axle teardrop trailer. It’s 13 feet 7 inches long, and the height is 6 feet 3 inches. The dry weight is 1,340 pounds, and the GAWR is 2,200 pounds. 

Besides being cute as a button, this compact trailer has a great layout to maximize your space inside and out. Open up the teardrop in the back, and you’ll find a kitchen with a sink, microwave, stovetop, and refrigerator. An outside shower also comes standard. The interior has enough sleeping space for two and air conditioning.

You can add a convenience package that gets you off-grid longer. The package includes solar and a power converter. It also has a ceramic heater, dual pane windows, and a power roof fan.

TAG XL Limited Edition by nuCamp RV | 2023

6. MeerKat Trailer

There aren’t many pull-behind campers like the MeerKat. The MeerKat is a single-axle trailer that’s 13 feet long. The inside height is 73 inches, and it has a circular pop-up top that expands the height to 88 inches when open. Its dry weight is only 1,180 pounds, and the GVWR is 2,000 pounds. The trailer has a steel frame and stone guard on the front.

There’s U-shaped bench seating on the inside that you can turn into a dinette or bed. You can comfortably sleep two people in the Meerkat. It also has a sink, icebox, camp stove, and storage. In addition, this small travel trailer has a porta-potty.

STAND UP CAMPER That Fits In Garage: Meerkat Trailer Tour

7. Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Mini Max is a single-axle teardrop. Its overall length is 17 feet 2 inches, and the interior height is 6 feet. The dry weight is 2,320 pounds, and the GVWR is 3,500 pounds.

Mini Max has modern interior decor and lots of features. The dinette converts into a queen bed for two. Its kitchen has a sink, microwave, stovetop, and a five cubic foot refrigerator. There’s ample storage for its size and a vertical stargazing window on the back. One of the best amenities in the Little Guy Mini Max is the wet bath. The residential-style wet bath has a marine toilet, shower, and a Fan-Tastic three-speed fan.

The New 2021 Mini Max from Little Guy!

8. Aliner Scout Pull Behind Campers

Aliner’s Scout is a single-axle hard-body pop-up that configures into an A-frame. It’s 15 feet long and only 56 inches high when closed. The dry weight is 1,395 pounds, and the GVWR is 3,000 pounds.

The sofa and dinette in the Scout both convert into beds. You can sleep three to four people. It also has storage on the interior and shelves on either side of the couch to serve as end tables. 

The Aliner Scout is an excellent option if you’re looking to upgrade from a tent, but you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a standard RV.

This RV Only Weighs 1500 lbs, pull it with your Jeep or small Crossover | Aliner Scout

9. Aliner Grand Ascape ST

Yes, you can get a pull behind camper with an indoor kitchen and wet bath weighing in at under 3,000 pounds! It’s called the Aliner Grand Ascape ST. This little travel trailer is 14 feet long and has a GVWR of 2,450 pounds.

Unlike the other campers on our list, you enter this unit through a door at the rear. To the right of the entryway is a shower and cassette toilet. To the left is a kitchen with a two-burner stove, sink, three cubic foot refrigerator, and microwave. Moving towards the front of the Grand Ascape ST, you’ll find a dinette that converts to a 77 inch by 72 inch bed.

It's Back! 2023 Aliner Grand Ascape ST!

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Is Towing a Pull Behind Camper With a Jeep Wrangler Worth It? 

Towing pull behind campers with a Jeep Wrangler is a great option if you’re making short trips with your family or longer trips as a solo traveler. You can go on off-road adventures and have your camper along for meals, sleeping, and storage. While the Jeep Wrangler towing capacity is small, there are plenty of camper options within its limits.

Have you ever towed a camper with a Jeep Wrangler? Drop a comment below!

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Monday 29th of May 2023

Great article! The new 2024 Wrangler's I have heard will tow 5,000 which will bring alot of other trailers into that mix!

D Grant

Saturday 24th of December 2022

I drive a 2020 Jl on 35s and pull an OG free solo behind it and have taken it on many longer trips. It pulls great and makes an awesome base camp so I can explore the surrounding areas. It is well worth the experience!!!!!

Joan Sause

Thursday 2nd of December 2021

Hey! I drive a 4 door jeep wrangler JK sport. I recently purchaced a 2022 Gulfstream Enlighten pull behind. Empty weight is 2675 lbs. Please add this to your list of great choices!

Mortons on the Move

Sunday 12th of December 2021

Thanks for the recommendation! :)