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Are R-Pods Good Campers?

Are R-Pods Good Campers?

You may know R-Pod campers by their round shape and modern interiors. If you’ve seen one at a campground, you likely took a second glance at the sleek design and smaller size. Today, we’re going to look a bit closer at Forest Rivers’ R-Pod camper. 

What Is an R-Pod Camper?

Forest River produces the R-Pod camper. This travel trailer line is ultra-light and easy to transport. There are ten floor plans in their 2021 lineup. These lightweight yet luxurious campers range in length from 19 to 25 feet. The lightest of the group comes in at 2,714 pounds, and the heaviest weighs in at 4,574 pounds. 

R-Pod 193

Is An R-Pod Camper Any Good?

R-Pod campers are great starter campers. They’re easy to tow and feature several layout options. The quality is what you would expect from an entry-level camper. They’re budget-friendly, yet owners feel they get a solid product.

Tammy Bass of Oklahoma says, “Fun camper for a couple on the road. Would be excellent for a person working on the road. Really tows behind V6 SUV. The R-pod has so much personality. They’re cute and whimsical with high-quality finishes.”

R-Pod Camper Construction

Don’t let the low weight of the R-Pod camper confuse you; these travel trailers are solid. The R-Pod uses Laminlux Exterior Azdel Fiberglass and has a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof.

Azdel fiberglass has twice the insulation value of wood, which makes it efficient at absorbing sound. This insulation means the walls help keep the inside cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and quiet year-round. 

r-pod camper infographic

Roof Mounted Solar Prep

Boondocking has become a popular way to camp these days. With campgrounds busier than ever, the thought of going off-grid appeals to many RVers. R-Pods come prepped for this with roof-mounted solar panels. An RV solar setup frees you from relying on a power pedestal when you camp.

Outdoor Shower

If you’ve spent any time camping near sand or dirt, you know how important an outdoor shower can be. An outdoor shower is great to quickly spray off dirty feet before walking through the camper. This, of course, helps keep your floors clean. Not only does it keep your camper clean, but it also helps to reduce extra water going into your gray tanks. 

Easy to Set Up and Tow

Due to its compact size and lightweight design, the R-Pod is perfect for a first-time user. Its RV weight makes it easy to tow with most mid-size trucks and large SUVs.

This means it’s likely possible to tow it with a vehicle you already own. In addition, this travel trailer is easy to back into most sites and quick to set up to get your camping trip started. 

R-Pod power tongue jack

Pet Friendly 

Those who enjoy bringing their pets on their adventures will love the added pet-friendly features. For example, the R-Pod camper comes with a pet-friendly frame-mounted utility hook. This hook is perfect for keeping your dog safely nearby and leashed while around the fire. In addition, an included food and water bowl means one less thing to pack. 

The Disadvantages of R-Pod Campers

All RVs come with their flaws, and the R-Pod is no exception. Here are a few items that might make you question if one of these travel trailers is right for you. 

Limited Warranty

R-Pods feature the same warranty as all other Forest River towable products. Those who purchase an R-Pod camper will receive a one-year limited warranty. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear.

Unfortunately, getting warranty work completed promptly isn’t easy. You’ll have to find a Forest River RV dealer for warranty work. Finding a dealer who can work on Forest River products and in a short time frame can be difficult. 

One way around the limited warranty is to purchase an RV extended warranty. Find out if this option might be worth it here: What You Need to Know About the RV Extended Warranty

R-Pod murphy bed sofa with storage cubbies underneath

R-Pod Campers Lack Storage

R-Pods are compact, which translates to low storage capacity. The lack of storage can create an issue for RVers, especially those hitting the road for prolonged periods of time. You’ll find minimal cabinet space in most units.

Factory Hoses Too Short

While it might seem positive that your R-Pod comes with sewer hoses, it may not be as good of a deal as you think. Some reviewers have said the included hoses aren’t high quality and are short.

Unfortunately, having a short sewer hose is essentially worthless as you won’t reach the sewer connection. This short hose means owners have to purchase an additional extension or a whole new set of hoses. 

R POD 202 by Forest River - 2021 Model - Walkthrough Tour

Which Vehicles Can Tow an R-Pod Camper?

Don’t have a big heavy-duty truck? If you have your eye on an R-Pod camper, you’re in luck. With the lightest of the trailers having a hitch weight of only 307 pounds, many smaller trucks and large SUVs can handle these travel trailers. Some options include the Ford Ranger, many Jeep models, and half-ton trucks.

Be sure to check the towing capacity numbers with your specific vehicle and trailer to ensure you’re within your safe towing capacity. 

Who Are R-Pod Campers Meant For?

R-Pod campers are great for solo travelers and couples. Smaller families may also enjoy an R-Pod for short-term trips. However, the R-Pod may be a bit small for longer trips or larger families. There’s only one floor plan that features bunks in the R-Pod camper lineup. 

The R-Pod camper is both sleek and functional. While not everyone will enjoy these campers, it’s hard to argue against their place in the RV world.

Can you see yourself traveling in an R-Pod? Drop a comment below!

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We had an R-Pod as our first camper and it sparked a LOVE for RVing. We now have an Outdoors RV, but never regret our time with our pod. It was a great way to get started! Pod on!