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7 Stylish Retro Campers That Embody Classic RVs

7 Stylish Retro Campers That Embody Classic RVs

We love the retro styling of older campers, but like many, we don’t want to do a huge remodel or live with old appliances to get it. Manufacturers have caught on, and several brands now make retro-themed campers. However, just because you like the retro look, doesn’t mean you can’t have modern luxuries too.

Let’s tour seven stylish retro campers that will take you back to the days of classic RV camping.

Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser
Don’t be fooled by the 1950’s aesthetic. This Vintage Cruiser is loaded with modern amenities.

What Are the Hallmarks of a Retro Camper?

Retro campers are known for their aesthetics. You can find paint schemes that include aqua, red, or even seafoam green, something not all RVs can pull off. However, the bright colors aren’t all that make these RVs unique; their sleek curves will have you second-guessing what decade you’re camping in.

Some manufacturers take it a step further and include black and white checkerboard flooring, like what you’d expect in a 1950’s diner. Additionally, you’ll find simple layouts and bright wood colors in many models.

7 Modern Campers with a Stylish Retro Twist

Whether you want a unique RV that will stand out at the campground or want to relive the simple days of camping, we’ve got some travel trailers for you. Below, you’ll find seven modern campers with a retro twist we think you’ll love.

Retro RV Camper by Riverside RV
This Retro RV has a vintage 1950’s look with modern luxuries like a power awning.

1. The Retro RV by Riverside RV

About the Retro RV: The Retro RV by Riverside RV comes in a 1950’s style. Riverside RV offers 13 different floor plans and provides everything from micro campers to 28’ bunkhouses in the Retro RV lineup. 

They’re all incredibly light, and a half-ton pickup can even tow the largest models. Riverside RV takes pride in allowing you to pick and choose options for your RV to help ensure that you love the finished product.

Our Favorite Features: We love that Riverside RV includes the black and white checkered flooring in all of its retro models. If the elegant shape and exterior colors didn’t communicate it, the floors leave no question that you’ve got a retro RV. 

Retro 135 Travel Trailer Walkthrough Tour

2. Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser

About the Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser: The Vintage Cruiser line by Gulf Stream captures the 1950’s vibe like no other. Gulf Stream includes bright exterior graphics, a painted bumper, and matching rims as a part of their standard vintage package. 

Additionally, the interior’s drapes and diner-style booth seating will have you craving a burger, fries, and a milkshake. You’ll want to crank the swing music and jitterbug the night away.

Our Favorite Features: We appreciate how this RV communicates the vintage feel inside and out. You might get a few turned eyes from fellow campers catching a glimpse of the bright colors. Just make sure you have them wipe their feet before you invite them in and show off the diner-style seating.

Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser
Vintage Cruisers are the perfect combination of modern and retro.

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3. Shasta Airflyte Retro Camper

About the Shasta Airflyte: Shasta is one of the most recognized brands in vintage campers. As they were one of the original RV manufacturers, they don’t replicate or copy designs from others. 

The company reissued the Airflyte between 2015 and 2016 to give the people what they wanted, a well-built retro camper. Both the colors and floorplans are reminiscent of the original styles from the 1960s. However, the additions of an RV microwave, air conditioner, and large refrigerator remind you we’re in the 21st century.

Our Favorite Features: The Shasta Airflyte has a fabric awning that extends out to provide shade and cover over the entry. The awning acts as the perfect place to string a set of lights to complete the retro vibe at your campsite. 

Shasta Airflyte Retro Camper
You can’t get much more retro than a Shasta!

We love that a company with a great reputation for quality campers delivered this beautiful retro RV to the market. It’s a blast from the past that a new generation of young campers will get to appreciate.

4. Scamp Trailer

About the Scamp: Scamp trailers are another retro-style RV with many modern features. They make everything from 13’ standard trailers to 19’ deluxe models. Their units have a fiberglass construction, plus the curves found on many retro campers. 

With wood panel cabinet doors and 4-inch cushions, it looks and feels like the good old days. One step inside any of these models, and you’ll see why thousands of Scamp owners have logged millions of miles while adventuring.

Our Favorite Features: We love the look and feel of the Scamp trailers. The all-fiberglass design separates them from the pack and insulates the interior from both hot and cold weather. 

13 ft Scamp Review: Pros and Cons of a 13 Foot Scamp Trailer! // The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

We also love how the larger model can sleep up to six people between queen-sized and convertible beds. They pack an impressive amount into a tiny space.

5. Airstream Bambi

About the Airstream Bambi: You can’t discuss retro campers and not mention an Airstream. The Airstream Bambi offers four floor plans, ranging in length from 16’ to 22’. All layouts include a restroom. 

The curved aluminum design makes a statement when pulling into a campground or going down the highway. The Airstream Bambi may have a classic look but it also helps owners step into the future by including a solar pre-wire kit.

Our Favorite Features: We can’t get enough of the massive panoramic windows at the front of these RVs. The landscapes look better through an Airstream window no matter where you park. Add in the fact that Airstream pre-wires these units for solar off-grid camping, and what’s not to love?

Airstream Bambi
The Airstream Bambi comes in four unique floor plans.

Pro Tip: New Airstreams are pricey! If you’re not quite ready to invest in an expensive retro camper, consider renting an Airstream instead.

6. The Dub Box

About the Dub Box: The Dub Box is a retro camper inspired by the classic VW camper vans. They come in two sizes: the larger 17′ Adventure Camper and the smaller 9′ Dinky Dub.

These campers have pop-up roofs that lift via a hand crank. Whether you want a simple sleeper trailer or an RV with a kitchenette, Dub Box has it. Neither model has a bathroom. However, you can add a portable toilet and outdoor shower as an option on the Adventure Camper.

Our Favorite Features: This towable retro camper looks and feels like a vintage bus. While the standard color options (dove blue, turquoise, and white) are gorgeous, we appreciate having the option to upgrade to a custom paint color.

Pair this camping trailer with a renovated VW van, and you’ll be the talk of the campground.

2021 Adventure Camper

7. The Happier Camper HC1

About the Happier Camper HC1: The Happier Camper HC1 is the camper for anyone tired of cookie-cutter RVs. A grooved honeycomb floor makes it easy to move around components to create a custom layout specific to your individual needs. 

It has panels for a table base and D-rings to tie down other items. However, unlike most RVs, this retro-style RV also includes a front drain to make it easy to clean up even the largest messes in your RV. 

Our Favorite Features: It’s nice to see an RV that can change as your needs change. We also love that the RV is so incredibly compact that the unit itself can fit into a single parking space. 

Finally, it’s almost impossible not to mention the massive rear hatch door that can maximize your epic views when camping.

Coolest Lightweight Travel Trailer | Happier Camper HC1

Retro Campers for New Experiences

A retro camper can transport your entire campsite back to the 1950s. Whether you want to pass on camping memories to a new generation or relive your favorite ones, retro campers will enhance your camping experiences. Can you envision yourself in a retro camper?

The vintage look isn’t your only option if you want an RV that stands out. Take a look at these 7 Super Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind.

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