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This RV Tire Blowout Product Could Save Your Life

This RV Tire Blowout Product Could Save Your Life

Rettroband is a revolutionary new tire safety product for motorhome owners. Imagine driving a 40,000 lb motorhome down the highway when a front tire blows out. The steering wheel rips from your hands and you careen off the road. This product helps reduce the danger of an accident from a steer-tire blowout. So, does it work, and does it live up to the hype? 

Let’s learn more about the Rettroband tire enhancement product from National Indoor RV Centers. 

What Is a Rettroband and How Does It Work?

The Rettroband is a revolutionary tire protection product by National Indoor RV Centers that help during a front-tire RV blowout. 

You can install this product on a motorhome’s front tire rims. It’s made of a polyurethane material that helps the driver maintain control of the RV during a front-tire blowout. 

When a blowout happens, the weight of the RV distributes on the polyurethane Rettroband instead of the tire rim, providing a safer solution to managing a blowout. 

RettroBand® - A Revolutionary Step for RV Tire Safety

The Dangers of RV Tire Blowouts in Motorhomes

RV tire blowouts in motorhomes can have catastrophic and fatal consequences. And not just for the people in the RV but everyone else on the road.

When a motorhome has a blowout in one of the front tires, the driver can easily lose control. When a steering tire loses air quickly and drops down onto the rim, the RV may swerve into oncoming traffic, off the road, or flip. You can do some things to help reduce a severe accident in the event of a blowout, but sometimes it happens too quickly to react. 

RV Tire Blowout Causes Roll Over
This is what can occur during a front tire blowout.

Because of this danger, a revolutionary product like the Rettroband can save lives. 

“Tire blowouts are a known occurrence in the industry, but no one will talk about it because they don’t want people to be afraid of driving,” said Tadd Jenkins, NIRVC president and COO, to RV Business. “This solves a very serious problem where many fatalities occur. I personally have never had a tire blow on my front axle, but if you ever do you want to have this technology onboard.”

Pro Tip: One of the best ways to prevent RV tire blowouts is by replacing your tires before it is too late, so we uncovered How Long Do RV Tires Last?

Close up image of Rettroband product.
Rettroband products prevent RV tires from blowing out while on the road. “Source:”

How Much Do Rettrobands Cost?

You can buy Rettroband products at one of these NIRVC locations: Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Nashville, Tenessee, Phoenix, Arizona, or Las Vegas, Nevada.  

A pair of two Rettrobands for a motorhome costs $3,500 for 3/15 sized rims and goes up to $4,500 for larger rims. Visit the Rettroband website to get on a waitlist to add the tire enhancement system to your motorhome. 

Plain RV tire with not Rettroband protection.
While rear tire blowouts are less dangerous, a front tire blowout could be quite dangerous for yourself and others.

Can You Put Rettrobands on All Your Tires?

There is no guidance on the Rettroband website suggesting that you can put Rettroband on all your RV tires. It is unclear if NIRVC offers all-tire service installations at this time, but your RV front tires are most vulnerable in the event of a blowout because they steer your entire RV. 

A rear tire blowout is less dangerous and less likely to lead to a catastrophic accident, which is likely why Rettroband currently only advertises for front tires. 

replacing motorhome tire in shop
You can install Rettrobands on your tires independently or ask a professional to install them for you.

Can You Install Rettrobands by Yourself?

National Indoor RV Centers provide an installation video you can use to install Rettrobands on your tires. It also has guidance for removing your tire and Rettroband in the event of a blowout. 

Installing one includes taking your tire off your RV, removing it from the rim, and reinstalling it with the Rettroband inside. Unless you are skilled in RV tires, we recommend letting the professionals do the installation. 

How to install RettroBand®

Are Rettrobands Worth the Cost?

Is $3,500 to $4,500 worth saving your life? If so, then yes, Rettrobands are definitely worth the cost. Plus, you can keep it when you get new tires. Think of them as an additional insurance policy that will last you for years to come. 

“It really is like owning an insurance policy with something to show other than a piece of paper and a promise,” Jenkins said. “I own life insurance, but I hope never to use it. When RVers are driving down the road and listening to tunes at 75 mph and the right front tire blows out, now how much can they afford to pay?”

motorhome with retroband
When driving your RV quickly, a tire blowout could be disastrous. Rettrobands keep you safe.

This device will help prevent the chance of catastrophic consequences in the event of a steer tire blowout. No one wants it to happen to them, but it’s best to be safe and prepared if it does. 

Although it may seem like a costly investment, we think Rettrobands are worth it for all motorhome drivers.

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