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Who Is REV Group? The Driving Force Behind Some of Your Favorite RV Brands

The world of RVs has come a long way over the last century. This development is primarily because of the perseverance and innovation of stand-out RV companies. However, there have been countless buy-outs and acquisitions behind the scenes. You might be surprised to know that some of your favorite RV Brands have been purchased by the same company: REV Group. 

REV Group is known for its diverse range of specialty vehicle manufacturing. We’ll take a closer look at REV Group, its formation, vehicle offerings, and the RV brands it owns.

REV Drive Business System
Yep this is sooo corporate… but that’s what REV is.

Who is REV Group? 

REV Group, Inc. is a prominent American manufacturer of specialty vehicles, including RVs, buses, ambulances, fire trucks, and more. Since 2010, the company has quickly become a driving force in the RV industry. It claims to commit to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With 6 major RV brands in its portfolio and a strong reputation.

How Did REV Group Form? 

You can trace REV Group’s origins to a series of acquisitions and mergers of established manufacturing companies. Originally, this company started as Allied Specialty Vehicles, which was formed after the merger of four companies: Collins Industries, E-ONE, Halcore Group, and Fleetwood Enterprises.

Allied Specialty Vehicles has expanded its portfolio by acquiring well-known names in the industry like Road Rescue, AEV, and Horton in 2010. It acquired Holiday Rambler, McCoy Miller, and Monaco in 2013. In 2015, Allied Specialty Vehicles rebranded itself as REV Group, Inc., consolidating its position as a leader in specialty vehicle manufacturing. Since then, REV Group has acquired various brands. It has over 210,000 vehicles in service today. 

Repairing RV at manufacturer
REV Group is the manufacturer of many loved RV brands.

Where is REV Group Headquartered? 

REV Group is in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The company’s central location plays a strategic role in its operations, allowing it to efficiently serve customers across North America and beyond. Moreover, if you look at a map, you’ll notice that the Brookfield headquarters isn’t far from manufacturing hotspots like Elkhart and Decatur, Indiana. This company also has service repair and technical centers throughout the country. If you want to contact a brand that the company owns, they suggest you contact their various brands directly.

What Kinds of Vehicles Does REV Group Manufacture? 

Beyond RVs, the company manufactures buses for public transit and commercial purposes, emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks, and vehicles for mobility solutions. These vehicles include E-One fire engines, Leader ambulances, and Laymor sweepers. The product lineup tends to change over time. Because of this, we recommend visiting the official REV Group website to get the most up-to-date information on the types of vehicles they currently manufacture.

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What RV Brands Does REV Group Own? 

REV Group has a significant influence in the RV industry with several iconic brands under its umbrella. Let’s look at the various RV brands owned by REV Group. 

American Coach

American Coach dates to 1991, and REV Group acquired it in 2010 when the company was still Allied Speciality Vehicles. This brand crafts luxury Class A and Class B diesel and gas motorhomes with cutting-edge technology and elegant designs. American Coach RVs have a reputation for durability and cater to travelers with families or groups, offering spacious interiors and top-notch amenities.

American Coach

Fleetwood RV

Fleetwood RV was one of the first companies that REV Group acquired when it was Allied Specialty Vehicles. Originally, John C. Crean established Fleetwood in 1950 in California. The company began under the name Coach Specialties Company and eventually grew to produce a wide range of motorhomes, including Class A and Class C models. These include the Bounder, Pace Arrow, Southwind, and Tioga models.

fleetwood RV

Goldshield Fiberglass

With a base in Decatur, Indiana, Goldshield Fiberglass specializes in manufacturing fiberglass components manufacturers use in the construction of RVs. Their expertise contributes to the structural integrity and sleek appearance of many RVs on the market. REV Group acquired Goldshield Fiberglass in 2006, likely because it was such a prominent manufacturer in the industry. If you have a fiberglass RV, there’s a good chance the material was made by Goldshield Fiberglass. 

Holiday Rambler 

REV Group acquired Holiday Rambler in 2013. However, it has seven decades of innovation and design behind the brand. Originally dating to 1953, Holiday Rambler offers various gas and diesel Class A motorhomes. These models include the diesel-powered Armada and Nautica and the gas-powered Admiral and Vacationer. With its long history and the backing from the parent company, Holiday Rambler hopes to build its reputation.


Lance Camper is well-known for its high-quality truck campers and travel trailers that stand the test of time. REV Group acquired it in 2018. Lance produces lightweight and versatile campers that you can easily tow or mount onto pickup trucks. This allows for off-road adventures in a variety of climates. With its build-your-own Lance tool, you can customize any Lance model to fit your needs.

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Mortons on the Move Lance truck camper
We love going off road in our Lance truck camper.

Midwest Automotive Designs 

Midwest Automotive Designs is synonymous with luxury van conversions. Their custom-built Class B RVs are trendy among smaller groups of travelers seeking a more compact yet upscale RV experience. Using the Sprinter vans for their motorhomes, Midwest Automotive Designs has been making luxury Class Bs since they introduced the Sprinter in 2001. They continue to make these vehicles out of Elkhart, Indiana, under the backing of REV Group since 2017. 

Renegade RV

REV Group acquired Renegade RV in 2015. However, the luxury motorhome brand began in 1997 out of Bristol, Indiana. Renegade RV focuses on crafting high-performance Class B and Class C motorhomes. These vehicles try to accommodate various lifestyles, from family road trips to cross-country adventures. Have you ever seen a “Super C”? That’s what Renegade RV specializes in, using a Freightliner S2RV chassis and a Cummins engine with 360 horsepower and 800 lbs of torque for models like the Valencia. Check them out

Should You Buy a REV Group RV? 

To be honest most RV’s are built pretty similarly, but we do like seeing a specialty vehicle manufacturer take an interest in RVs. The company ranges in quality and innovation across its diverse lineup of vehicles. With brand purchases like American Coach, Midwest Automotive Designs, and Renegade RV, it’s clear that this company strives to invest in quality craftsmanship. So, whether you’re seeking luxury, durability, or versatility, these RV brands have something to offer for many types of travelers.

Overall we are pretty brand agnostic and think that layout and your specific needs come before the brand when choosing an RV, but service and quality can sway this. They do offer warranties and service centers around the country. 

Would you buy a REV Group RV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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